Part 1 here!

Is post is just mostly photos as most of the things i wanted to say about Paris was in part 1. XD

French Poodle?


She is crazy hyper! And i much prefer poodles this size i think they are waaay cuter 😀

Cold with red nose and hair buns fell down XD

Paris cityscape!

The danna really love the architecture there but i’m not so much an old building person so pretty much every city in Europe was kind of the same to me.

Gelato. What do you call Gelato in French? XD I’m so so biased towards Italian when it comes to food!

Gelato and a map in Paris.

Seine. The color of the river is kinda too unromantic to be romantic.

But i’m sure to most people Paris is still the most romantic place on earth because all i saw are couples smooching at every nook and corner in the city.

Young or mature.

I regrettably wasn’t feeling much of the romance vibes with too many tourists around. T_T

And all i took was self shots XD

Also i forgot how long and blonde my hair used was and start to miss it a little!

Hi. I would love to have your liver.

Love lock bridge.

I just love the steering wheel lock idea XD

When in Paris, buy overpriced macarons!! (But it’s overpriced anyway everywhere else in the world!)

And then totally forget to eat them and have them squashed to mash in your backpack.




My shop


Also i used a short afternoon in Paris to meet up with Amandine, who was my roommate during NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV filming!

Went to a sports bar at night to eat pub food while the danna watched football wtf. He really wanted to go to a live game but all our timing was not ngam.

Fresh grapefruit and lemon. I have no idea why they don’t use a smaller glass.



Oh the next day already!

Strolled along Champs-Elysees, which Tokyo’s famous Omotesando is modelled after! It’s much much bigger and wider and longer of course, we walked one end to the other end and back.

Feel free to mentally cut the aunty out lol

And for the no-planners we were sort of running out of things to do XD

Am not a big musuem-goer, wouldn’t mind a city-bus tour but apparently the buses routes were disrupted due to some demo/protest again (which happens to every. freaking. European. city. we visited. We have our flights delayed, bus tours canceled with no refund given, scheduled messed up etc etc etc).

Also when in Paris, of course eat Italian food!!!!!

Sigh for lazy no-planners like us, we just had to give up eating entirely and went for pasta which i thought couldn’t really go that wrong but wrong was i lol.



Better stick back to macarons. And pouty aunty is pouty XD.


Went to the Louvre since we had some time!


Da Chiji Code. (LOLOLOL geddit geddit? Code is erm… co-de as in coordinate/outfit in Japanese.)

(Ok sorry.)


Chilling at the fountain with many many other highly chillable people.


Went back to the Arc de Triomphe for some artsy shots (the danna, not me.) (just the arc. not me also.)


Oh and then! Before we left, we actually had time for one last meal, so the danna suggested going to Cafe de Flore, which is really really famous in Japan, which apparently also has a movie made after it.

And it’s famous for famous-people/celebrity watching etc, and the internet has more negative reviews about it being exceptionally snobbish than anything good (then again, what doesn’t, nowadays?). I was quite intimidated because i hate going to these places and be judged or discriminated. But it was okay, nobody was exceptionally rude or anything and we got ourselves a table pretty quick.

It’s famous for its apparently world-best hot chocolate.

At first i was like meh, what can beat the thick Ciocolata Calda i had in Venice (again, see how biased i am towards Italian!) or even from a nice cafe in Tokyo.

But i went ahead and ordered one, which was something like €6.80.

But man, i was wrong.

It was the best hot chocolate in the world. Or at least of all parts of the world i have visited so far.

Also, i think i got the whole “Hot Chocolate” concept wrong my entirely life. Because this, is Hot Chocolate. To me, it is always so diluted it tastes like milo-flavored milk, which what i think is bad Hot Chocolate (like every single one you get in a Malaysian cafe). And i always thought the good ones should taste so kao, literally milk-less like hot fudge (the ones i had in Venice) and so thick you risk choking on it in your throat. But now i know those are not Hot Chocolate. It’s called Hot Cacao.

The real Hot Choc is a perfect blend of choco with the right amount of milk. Like the one in Cafe de Flore.

Other food in the cafe was not really as impressive though.

But i was so happy that it was a perfect ending to our trip in Paris.

Next stop: Barcelona.

It was one of my favorite cities so far and we really want to go back just to eat the food again. It was sooooo goood!!!

Blog soon!