I’m probably considered quite open-minded when it comes to trying new fashion mix and match and coordinating, but one thing i’m still not quite good at is accessorizing, especially watch wearing.

If you scroll through my coordinate pictures you will probably see that i am mostly bare-wristed (bangles or any arm wear is almost impossible because of my chicken skinny wrist T___T). Also because watches can be an expensive accessory compared to necklaces or earrings so i thought i couldn’t afford a whole drawer of collection for all the different styles i have.

But i changed my mind after getting my first Sheen Watch from Casio!!


This is the one i’m having!!

It’s from the Cruise Line, comes with genuine leather band, 50-meter water resistance, illumination index and a really really convenient one-touch 3-fold buckle (once you adjust it to your wrist size, every time you just need to press the buckle to snap it open!)

Fits perfectly on me!

I was quite surprised because i could never wear a watch without having to alter half the bands and then have it look ridiculously disproportionate.

Also, to be honest i didn’t think that i would ever get a watch that looks so elegant and smart (for work or formal wear in my impression) but i’m really loving it lots!!

It just has the right amount of blings to give it pretty shines without looking tacky at all, and i just have a favoritism towards white watches 😀 (although it comes in many other designs and colors, which you will have a quick look later).

And the magic thing is that it miraculously matches almost all the outfits i am used to wearing.

I could imagine pairing that watch with any of these outfits above!

Trying another image for the watch.

Full body coordinate:


Even suits casual wear lots!!




Here are some other series from Sheen!

I personally also love the last Gold/Black combination one. So retro yet classy!!!



If you are looking for a gift to pamper yourself or for your loved ones because……

Valentine’s Day is coming!

You can also get pair models for the both of you!

So if you want one all you need to do is hint hint your BF to read my blog post la HAHAHAHA.


But anyway!

What’s fun without a little reward! Here you go, Sheen is giving out 3 beautiful watches for your Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure you have many many lovey-dovey pictures of you and your BF/GF, it’s time to actually put them to good use instead of spamming on Instagram making all single people jealous lol.

Contest is until 28th February!

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