There are so many fashion parties in Tokyo it is crazy!!!

Yesterday (on an unrelated note it was also White Day in Japan) it was a non-stop party day for RinRin and me, and instead of spamming Instagram i’m posting all the pictures here!

Here’s how our day went:

First went to number76 Omotesando Tokyo for hair pampering!

Magic treatment and styling by Dejima San! You can go look for him if you wanna fix your hair in Tokyo!

RinRin highlighted her pair pink again too at 76 salon!


Yummy Mart Opening Party

And then heading towards Laforet Harajuku for opening reception of Yummy Mart, a lingerie fashion store.

Cosplay lingerie super cute!!

With a blog reader in Japan!

Rainbow Popcorn!!



lilLilly Anniversary Party

in Harajuku

Loveeeee lilLilly! There fashion stuff are getting cuter and cuter each season! This season’s theme is “Pinup Baby”, so lots of cute gingham check, pastel and pop colors!

Anniversary cake


Door gift <3 It’s Japanese manjyu in heart shape!

Love this dress!

Getting a sticker tattoo

With the Mini, RinRin, Yuri and Mayu



Maybelline Party

Next stop lol


Maybelline hot dog XD

Ueno Alisa who was DJing.


That’s all!

And even though we didn’t celebrate White Day we got tons of thoughtful gifts from many people!! Thank you everyone!!!






WeChat X Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest

While i’m partying in Japan, you shouldn’t miss out a drinking party in Malaysia!

When i say drink i mean the healthy one! XD Now you can grab your favorite Yeo’s and drink yourself to amazing prizes!!

From  13th March to 31st May 2014, the entire 80days, you stand a chance to win:

-Daily Draw RM 3,000
-Special Bonus Draw RM 10,000 once every 10 days
-Final Grand Prize for RM100,000 draw on the 80th day.

Just follow Yeo’s official account on Wechat and participate, so there will be no SMS cost! Also, there will be no long waiting, as the result is announced daily via Wechat to all participants.

These are the drinks you can enjoy!


You can watch the Yeo’s contest video here on contest mechanics!

Basically you just have to drink, snap a photo of the product code you can find on Yeo’s products into WeChat:

Make sure the photo you submit clearly shows the code and with the Yeo’s beverage either opened or consumed. Also, remember to retain winning photo as aproof of purchase to collect the prize!


If you cannot find any 7digit contest code on the pack, don’t worry! You can still join by snapping a photo of the receipt of purchase and submit both of the receipt code and photo of receipt via WeChat!

Lastly, for any queries, call the customer call line at 0377873773, or email

And Remember to check out frequently ask Q&A section at !

Good luck!!