I know i know. I never thought a camera could be such a craze until people have to line up for it. Anyway everyone knows about Casio TR15 and those who don’t would want one, baaaadly (yes i have one myself!).

But today i’m introducing another camera from Casio, which is EXILIM ZR1200. At half the price of a TR15, i was super amazed by what it can do!!

It is available in pink, yellow, black and white. And i got the one in pink!

I’ll just let the photos do the talking. I brought my pink ZR1200 to Japan, and i was so so so glad i did because here are the amazing photos i took.

(None of the photos here are edited, except the filter functions in the camera itself, so you can see how it is like, 原汁原味!)


Here are some of the important features:

Wide Angle Lens

For selfies, the most important thing is wide angle! The mirror is about just 3 feet away from me but i managed to capture the whole body! Perfect for #ootd shots!


Flip screen

And what is a camera without flip-screen! It has a tilt display from 0 to 180 degree, so you can use it for low angle/high angle or waist level shooting. And of course, endless selfiessssss.


Skin Brightening

Of course the next level of taking selfies is skin enhancing. Needless to say you all know important it is. (The scary thing is, once you have used cameras with skin filters, you will never ever go back to normal cameras again :X. So buy it at your own risk lol.)

So the make up mode comes with Skin Brightening from level 0 to 12. 0 being zero filter and 12 being the brightest/smoothest.

I’m demonstrating level 0, 6 and 12 respectively. (Not Gwiyomi.)

I usually use level 6 cuz 12 is a little too over. Ok la so now you know why my skin looks so nice liao. My skin care is called Casio ZR1200 haih.

Taken with level 6 make up mode. No other filter!

Outdoor shot with skin brightening.



Powerful Anti Shake

You know how you yourself are forever your own best photographer in the world, (hence the five thousand selfies on your instagram. Daily.) and you never trust anyone else to take photos for you because 9 out of 10 end up blur??

This picture is taken under dim light, at a party, probably by a tipsy friend.

Even with slow shutter speed, dark scene, or shaky hands, it is still super clear. Super impressive!




As good as it sounds, ZR1200 also comes with so many filters i am spoilt for choice. One of my favorite is HDR-ART.

You can instantly transform any boring pictures into million-dollar art paintings without any editing. The best thing is, it also saves the original pictures in case you want to keep it.



This is taken at Omotesando, Tokyo. It’s my favorite place because it’s so quaint and classy and a little hipster. I love this picture enough already.



Check. this. out.

(I love super dramatic effects. I mean, either don’t or go full out!! But if you prefer a more natural effect, there are 5 levels for you to adjust too.)

One more!


A little cafe at Omotesando also. I can walk forever along Omotesando and not get bored.


I should print this and sell as art.

Another one using the same filter.


Other Filters

Under ART and BEST SHOT mode, there are many other cool filters. I’ll just show you some sample pictures.

Fish Eye Mode.

Little Champon ♡


Flower mode.

Close up of skaura ♡


Children Mode.

Little Himari chan. Sooooo cute!

Light Tone Mode.

This is taken at Q-Pot cafe. It’s a little dreamy, washed out, perfect for that artsy ambience.


Blurred Background Mode.

Perfect for food shots. Our little sakura macaron and tea set!


Soft Focus Mode.

Sakura at Yoyogi Park. So romantic, so dreamy.


Sunset Mode.

Took this during sunset and it was one of the most liked pictures on my Instagram.


HS Night Scene Mode.

Took this at Disneysea. Turns out incredibly clear under low light!


More HDR-ART at Disney.


So magical!!!


HAHAHA probably not the best way to use HDR-ART but i am sooooo addicted to it!!!



Ok that is all!! There are actually more awesome functions about this camera, but it’s getting too long so i’ll cover it in my next post.

And that’s not the best part.



You won’t believe it.


RM1499 plus free Toshiba Flash Air WiFi Card.

(Yes this camera is without WiFi but with a WiFi card it works exactly the same.)
Go read about it more on Casio Exilim Malaysia FB page.

And follow @casioexilimmalaysia on Instagram!