A little late but here it is, tons of pictures!

So Junya turned 1 month on 11 July!!

Which is, coincidentally, his dad’s birthday as well. Anyway i am totally not a party sort of person (thanks to my major socially awkward character, and also because i am sooooo bad at planning parties, and also mostly because i don’t even have enough friends to have a proper event lolol), and this is probably the first ever time i initiated to hold something akin that of a party, because one bird two stones la (eh wait. i mean one stone two birds) and i felt a little bad i didn’t do anything for the danna this birthday (although i just could just chuck my son at him and say nah! Happy Birthday and this is your present lolol).


He was sleeping a lot a lot that day, which is a good sign. I had the time to actually draw a decent eyeline and put on a skirt.

Mama & baby selfie

Anyway Xiaxue, Shuyin and Huiwen came visit again!!! All the way from SG!!! Super super thankful that they came so far away to visit me and keep me company and babysit Junya so i could put on decent eyeliners on the other eye LOL.


Mc Selfies


And then i chalked up a birthday card… on our wall wtf.

Xiaxue said my doodles were too ugly so she deleted it wiped it off and re-write “Happy Birthday Papa” for me again XD


Junya’s fullmoon coordinate. Denim jacket is a present from Aunty QiuQiu 😀

Party guests!

Thank you to everyone who decorated the hall/bought stuff/helped in general while i went milking self multiple times.

And found my two baby sitters Amy and Yoshi.

Junya was in such an incredible good mood that day, (mostly because he was drowsy all the time hahaha i hope someone didn’t secretly feed him cough medicine wtf) and let everyone carry him for years and years!

Thank you Yummyflowerz for sending the cutest Baby Fruit Basket ever!

Comes with a real pacifier HAHAHA how cute is that!!!!!


And yummy too!


Thank you Eric and Ika

Who was trying to get Champon drunk wtf.


Posted Ivan’s photo on Instagram and somebody asked whether i had 品冠 at my party LOL.

Amy with Cheddie.


The full moon boy!

It was the busiest day for him too! Had to look at so many different faces and listen to so many different voices XD

And then slept soundly ever after XD

Thank you Eve for buying the yummiest cake ever!


“Happy Birthday daddy”

This party is also the most worth-it party ever cuz we also celebrated 6 other people’s birthday (July babies!) haha.

Number76 team After Party ♡


Anyway it was a super fun night, i was so glad i decided to have one, and of course the party wouldn’t be as awesome if not for Yipee Booth and SMC Fullmoon Monogatari who sponsored the event!

Yippie Booth

They contacted me awhile ago but i only decided to have a photobooth a few days before the party!! The Yippie Booth people are so nice and super efficient, after a quick meeting they came up with the theme, props and came over to do the booth set-up before the party. There’s even a red carpet!!!

The props they provided.

Love the customized signage especially the smiley Junya-Cut-Out lolol!

Yippie Booth fun!

Junya for his first red-carpet glamor shot hahaha

Here are some of the instant print outs given to us on the spot:

And then some soft-copy i downloaded from their FB page:



You can go to their website and FB page  to check out their packages and find out more!

Also, if you decide to go for it, do use this promotion code “CheeserlandXYippieBooth” to enjoy RM700 off on the original price!!!




SMC Fullmoon Monogatari

SMC = Sekmechoy, and it actually started out as a restaurant selling Pepper Bakuteh, and i got to know when in a pregnancy workshop where they were promoting their fullmoon gift packs. But instead of individual gift packs for friends, they catered for Junya’s fullmoon party!

Cute cupcakes and the signature red eggs.

Some of the food! Cold soba, lemon grass jelly and Angkoo kuih.

I love how stylish it is! Everything is served individually so it’s really neat and easy to eat, no more messy paper plates with sauces dripping all over haha.

Chicken wing, potato salad and the signature pepper soup BKT! I loooooove the BKT!!! It is served with an induction cooker so it remains hot all the time.

You can check out their website for more info♡