Meimon Yakiniku

Some people told me before that they don’t read my blog when it is a food post, because no matter how yummilicious the food looks, they don;t get to eat it anyway, unless they fly to Japan.

Lolol true also ah if i’m my readers i will be quite pissed off also.

So if you love Yakiniku, this is to top up your piss-offness. So, feel free to have beef with me (LOLOLOL).


Anyway it is a forever unsolved mystery how i only gained 1KG of pregnancy weight during my one month stay in Japan, because i ate Yakiniku all the freaking time. Like, average 3 times a week. And trust me, that’s A LOT of meat. I probably ate accumulatively a whole Japanese cow wtf.


It was almost like i was on a Yakiniku hunt throughout Tokyo.  Just two days after Yoroniku, Omatsu san and friends brought me to Meimon, their favorite and number 1 Yakiniku in Tokyo, although he hasn’t been back there for 4 years since it is a little far out and very very expensive (be prepared to spend at least ¥10000 per person!).

And totally not atas at all. But Yakiniku is not really something atas anyway, you end up smelling like BBQ human at the end of the day.

The interior! It’s full of photos of famous people who had been here.

Including the Japanese prime minister.

An Abe figurine hahaha quite cute!

My Yakiniku buddy Omatsu san and a photobombing staff.


Meat nommers.

Yukke! The worst thing for pregnant people wtf. Raw egg + raw beef. I didn’t dare to post this earlier cuz scared kena scolded but i actually stole one piece to eat and subsequently had most of it :X. Just cannot. It was so good T___T.


Beef stomach thing, which looks like some spikey fish.

First course was this. Beef freaking tongue!!! I have never seen such a huge piece!!! Usually they are thinly sliced.

Each of us get one whole piece and it was SO GOOD T____T

I always joked that i would name my future child Gyu Tan (Tan is my surname) but guess that didn’t happen lolol. Junya, you are welcome.


Then there was Y bone.

The thing i like about the restaurant is that full service is included. Meaning they BBQ everything for you (which is great! Cuz 50% of the yumminess depends on BBQ skill!), and they are really funny (or trying to be very funny). SO yea instead of T bone they made Y bone -___-

And then there was this crazy fatty beef

Which you then put Daikon Oroshi on top, wrap it up and eat the whole thing at one go. The juice would flow out and fill your mouth and you cannot talk for two minutes (out of fullness of your mouth and also sheer intoxication lol.)

Then there was the loin steak with wasabiiiiiiiiii


Anyway i’m about to show you one of the grossest looking things you will never want to miss out eating and that is horumon. I probably blogged about horumon a hundred times already but i’ve never seen an entire horumon on its own before.

The most famous menu in Meimon. Nobody goes home without having this.

So this is how it looks.

This long!!!!!

You grill it till the fats melt and only the fattiest of fats remain lol

And chop

And i promise it is even better than the best char siew you’ve ever had.


After so much meat there was still mini ramen.

And Usagi apple.

I was so freaking full i was on the verge of throwing up but that would just be too wasteful. (Bet i’d tapao the vomit if i did HAHAHAHA ok sorry gross but that’s how awesome it was lol.)

Ok that’s all. Beef tonight?


19 responses to “Meimon Yakiniku”

  1. shao says:

    My fren brought me to Hachi Hachi Yakiniku in Hiroo when i was there in year 2011, will nvr forget the heavenly taste tht melts in my mouth!!! I personally dun take alot of beef, but after trying it, everything changed, haha..i wonder if there is anything close in KL.. Hmm

  2. TenshiChn says:

    I don’t eat beef due to religious reason but lol… Cheesie, your post looks super yummy and funny!nI’m one of those who enjoy your food post even though I can’t eat them. Haha.nKeep posting foooooddddd! lol.nn

  3. ashiyad says:

    haha just keep on ~ to post foodies and desserts etc 😀 everyone is doing it too still lol XD

  4. Myhorng says:


  5. Tiina says:

    Wait a sec. You said, ¥10000 per head ? According to converter that’s around £60. I work in one of the japanese restaurant in London, when only one portion of Wagyu costs only 10 pounds less. 😀 😀 Unbelievable O_o so Japan is not that expensive after all.

  6. Ruka says:

    Ohhh this post makes me crave so much for yakiniku! The horumon looks scary when it’s raw but after cooking it looks so delicious! I mean, if we eat pig offals I guess cow ones are alright too >3<

  7. Evgenia says:

    I’m so lucky I’m in Japan and I can eat all the yummies anytime! (That’s why I read all your blog posts lol )nAlso, I did not steal your blog name so no hate me

  8. Cheesie says:

    hmmmm but that sounds fishy! (LOLOL). Have fun in Japan!!!

  9. Cheesie says:

    Oh yes! If you eat pig offals then you will have no problem with this! Much cleaner anyway!

  10. Cheesie says:

    What! I’m confused haha. So means London is cheap and Japan is not expensive also?

  11. Cheesie says:


  12. Cheesie says:

    Oh man what have you been missing out…. Haha but NVM! They have many other non-beef yummy food too!!!!

  13. Cheesie says:

    I know right. All my Malaysian friends who are non-beef water convert after tasting it just once lolol. I dunno made how many people eat beef for the first time in their life liao lolol damn evil

  14. Cheesie says:


  15. G says:

    I have to admit that I’m not a fan of red meat, but everytime I see your posts about meat in Japan, I want to eat all the meat in the photos!. It looks so yummy and soft and the colour of the meat it’s beautiful.

  16. airmeli says:

    I cannot eat beef due to religion. I somehow always kana something unlucky if I eat beef. But the photos make me feel hungry now!!

  17. Alicia says:

    Hi, im no blogger (it was complicated somehow my pics went missing so decided to stop). Just wana say they look so yummy. Glad that im beef eater. I went japan for biz trip but only kansai area and gosh japanese food r the tastiest in the world! I miss the food so much dat i wana cry. I oni get to try abit of kobe beef at a random store below kitano ijinkan coz my main purpose dat time was to get to one of the most beautiful starbucks. Kobe beef was abit overated n expensive. Anyway im more active on insta (potatoqueen_travel). Hope to go back to jp and explore north part like tokyo and hokkaido 😉

  18. Angela says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    I’m planning my trip to Japan this November (my first time there omgomg) and I want to eat here =D But I’ve been looking everywhere for the address and this is the only place that has one:

    Is the address on here correct? Sorry I’m only asking here because I haven’t been able to find any other sources =( Even tripadvisor doesn’t seem to have it listed T_T

    Would really really appreciate it if you would reply. Thank you!

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