If you follow me since last year, you would have read about my Weddingmoon in Santorini!

It remains as one of the best memories ever in my life, because it was just simply perfect. A few friends of mine also went to Santorini for their weddings after seeing all the amazing photos, and all of them told me they had the time of their lives.

To refresh your memory, here are some of the pictures of my Santorini Weddingmoon journey:

What is this!!!!!!!!

I thought this experience is only available in heaven or something!

Quiet time, peace, the sea and good wine (and finally a wife HAHAHA), that’s the danna’s perfect relaxation moment.

Our private villa. Apparently this picture was re-posted on Instagram a lot of times and everyone is in awe!!!!

Also, our wedding was incredible.

It was as romantic as how i imagined it to be.

Felt truly blissful and thankful to be given the opportunity ♡

And it was really like a dream escapade.

With the one whom you will spend the rest of your life with ♡

Recently Xiaxue also went to Santorini for her wedding photoshoot too with the same wedding planner, and she told me it was super fun!


Of course none of these would come true if not for Sunrise Greece and Memoires Aboard, exclusive partner of Sunrise Greece in Malaysia.

Memoires Abroad help facilitate overseas wedding planning, both legal/symbolic wedding. They also do:

  • renewal of vows
  • pre-wedding photography and videography
  • anniversary arrangement
  • honeymoon arrangement
  • guest arrangement
  • sale / rent of wedding gown and bridesmaid dress

Basically a one-stop destination wedding company based in KL so you can meet up with the planner and discuss your dream wedding in details.

For me i had to communicate via email with Amie from Sunrise Greece everyday, sending images and photos back and forth. Although she did a perfect job crafting the best wedding for me, it was kind of exhausting for the both of us, what’s more battling the time difference lol.

But now you can just relax and let Memoires Aboard help you with all you need!

For my weddingmoon, i had to source for my own wedding dresses (one is from blogshop, another one is just a casual dress from EMODA lolol). Now Memoires Aboard is selling and renting gowns and dresses in a wide selection!

They actually also lent me a few so that i can reminisce the sweet memories of my Weddingmoon.

Here are the coordinates of some of them!


Coordinate 1

If you prefer minimalist and mood-matching, this is very Grecian and totally suit the ambience!


Coordinate 2

This convertible dress comes in like a thousand colors and you can also wear it a million ways so good for those who want variety, and also a great choice if you are inviting your bridesmaid over! I picked blue because that’s Santorini’s color 😀


Coordinate 3

If you love something romantic/princessy, this sheer, flowy dress with empire waistline encrusted with diamantes  won’t go wrong!


Coordinate 4

Elegant and classy is in the collection too!


In full view:


Close up:





Anyway i really really miss Santorini and would definitely want to go back! I love it so much i would like to get married every year there! (to the same man la hahahha.) Hopefully next time i can bring Junya there too and perhaps have a family photoshoot!

SO….. i decided to dress him up matchingly and took a few mama and baby photos lol #shioksendiri

Can’t wait to travel with him!! 😀



Anyway, for those of you who are planning to have a wedding or a romantic getaway in Santorini, the awesome people from Sunrise Greece is coming to KL!!!


Last year they did the same thing too! I was there as a guest to share my experience:

With Amie (Sunrice Greece) and Betty (Memoires Aboard).

Accident matching coordinate hahaha.


They are all really nice people! So don’t miss the chance to talk to them and ask them anything you have in mind.



Reservation method:  – info@memoiresaboard.com / 03-6211 6655

Website: www.memoiresaboard.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/memoiresaboard

Instagram: memoireswedding