This is not a pretty post, but a pretty upset post.

Today the danna took a day off his super busy schedule so that we could go buy some baby products we needed. We wanted to get something from Combi so we went to Mid Valley.

We always wanted to try out Combi because it is a reliable and very popular brand in Japan. I didn’t even think of other brand options. We went straight to Combi and expected to get what we wanted.

Have you ever given up what you wanted to buy in a shop because the attitude of the shop staff suck SO MUCH? (Like you really need to buy that item so badly but they piss you off so much you would rather go through the trouble to buy it somewhere else then to let them earn money/get commission?!)

In this case, Combi, you just lost a customer because of your horrible choice in hiring albeit having rather awesome products.


First of all nobody was in the shop.

Then i noticed there was a poorly written piece of sign on a poorly located standie outside the shop that says “BE BACK TO TOILET!!” (?! So do you work in the shop or in the toilet?)

Anyway, we really wanted to just get it done and over with, so we waited in the store.

After about 5 minutes, still not a single soul was seen so we went around for a walk aimlessly and time-wastingly, only to come back and realize the “BE BACK TO TOILET!!” sign was still there. It must have been a helluva difficult toilet visit.

I was getting annoyed at this point, but not anymore when i realized that the shop staff was there the whole time.

I went from annoyed to fuming and shocked.


Know why we didn’t know he was there?


He was hiding behind the counter sleeping.


Means all these while he was pretending to not be around with the BE BACK TO TOILET sign permanently displayed outside SO THAT NO CUSTOMER WILL COME IN AND DISTURB HIS BLISSFUL NAP.

(Wonder why your sales dropped lately, Combi Mid Valley?)

So i guess we woke him up (by walking around and *ahem*ing), and he very very very VERY (i cannot emphasize the word “very”enough here) reluctantly walked towards us, bleary-eyed, letting out a cold and dull, “yes?

I had to garner all my tahan not to slap him and to maintain my cool to tell him politely what we wanted to buy.

He pointed away to some products, with absolutely no intention to elaborate whatsoever. His face expression said “fasterly get the hell out of here so that i can go back behind the counter and be invisible again“. Perfect salesman.

We then asked him a few more questions like, “are those the only colors available?” and “what’s the difference between this and that?”, he was mainly just giving answers in a maximum of two syllabus.

I was in such a dilemma. We needed the item, and if we don’t buy it we were just gonna trouble ourselves more. But i really really couldn’t stand looking at his face a second longer without having the urge to splash tabasco on it. Then the danna said if we buy the product and if something goes wrong with it, this is the attitude we are going to get when we come back to the shop to ask for repair/exchange so there’s really no point buying it there. (The danna is always right. I mean for real.)

So as much as we love Combi, we left and went to the shop nearby and bought a competitor brand.

When we left and passed by the store again, the fella was awake this time, and happily playing games on his mobile phone (i know it is game and not text cuz we all can recognize that frantic hard taps on the screen lol).

a couple walked in to the store, so i was observing what he was gonna do. He stood up after like 30 seconds (since the customers didn’t leave as he wished), eyes and fingers still glued to his phone, occasionally looked up to see if the customers have left or were gonna open their mouths to trouble him again. They left.

That is when i couldn’t tahan and decided to snap pictures and blog about this.

So no offense Combi, but you basically just eff up your own sales by hiring an incapable scumbag. Such a shame, Japanese products Malaysian service.

I would have written in to Combi to complain about this incident but why waste my time? Their human resource is such major failure i doubt even with this post i will get any kind of customer service, if it even exists.