With love from Japan

August 7, 2014 in Baby

The danna had to go back to Japan for work for two weeks, and this time i couldn’t follow because i think Junya is still too young to handle a mid-summer trip in Japan T_____T

So this was the longest we were apart ever since we got married. My mom came to stay with me while he was away so taking care of the baby was a breeze, but i was mostly bitter about all the nice things i couldn’t have in Japan. Although it was a little worse for him cuz what he couldn’t have was Junya hehehhehe. So i win.

He would update me about his work and stuff, places he went in Tokyo, and send pictures of his room:

I see he is having fun shopping. (Although some are parcels i bought online XD).

And i would update him about… i dunno… how many times Junya pooed. And send him pictures of my room:

Obviously we were living two very drastically different lives here.



Anyway… on the last night before he flew back, middle of the night, he had to send me this

That shop is apparently one of the most popular ramen shop in Tokyo with a looooong queue outside.

I almost drowned in my own saliva wtf.

(Btw the “end product” pic is totally unnecessaryemo3)



After ramen he sent me this.


Usually in revenge for all the food pictures he send me i’d spam him with lots of smiley pictures of Junya to remind him what he’s been missing out.


(“Hi dad! Sniff me! Oh right, you can’t.” Oh My God today your son totally climbed the stairs! Something like that.)


But since he was flying back real soon, he could just tahan a bit more and could hug/kiss/sniff his son for all he wants. But i still cannot have my ramen. FOR MONTHS.

Life is unfair.


Fine. And when i thought that was the end of all the food-you-can’t-eat torture, since his flight was 10am in the morning (what else could he eat? McBreakfast? Pffftt).

(On hindsight actually he could. :X The Mentaiko Infinity Buffet at Narita Airport is no joke.)



My chatbox exploded with pictures of weird colorful edibles that would please human palate in many amazing ways.

Who would have known. I applaud him for waking up at 5AM to go to Tsukiji Fish Market. SO FREAKING EARLY. He totally deserves the worm. (Metaphorically, okay? Just in case, you know. Joke?)

Anyway here’s the complete picture collage of what he tortured me with:



So i spammed two Smiley Junya pictures in vengeance but he no layan (maybe already switched his phone off -___-).  Summore said “safe flight” to myself sien.


Anyway that is all la.

When he came back he did bribe me with ichigo and onigiri so life is all good again and i forgave everything he’s ever done HAHAHA #cheapdate

Anyway the next half below a boring shopping post! Things he got from Japan for the family (some of course i ordered him to buy wan haha)

Here goes!


For Wife & Family:

First thing was ICHIGO!!!

It is mid summer now and is almost impossible to get strawberries, but he somehow managed to find me Nagano Ichigo (altho i wanted Hakata Amao). This alone offsets all the evilishly yummy pictures he annoyingly sent me haha.

Sandwich points for this husband.

Summore got a Frozen collabo sandwich lolol. Trust Japan to monetize ALL the latest sensations.

Japanese riceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Things i ordered:

Supplement for breastfeeding moms. All my Calcium is going to Junya’s fingernails i’m not kidding.


Yakult probiotic pills for good intestines. Can never live without this now.





For Junya:

Meiji Hohoemi Formula for later use. We also bought a Meiji “Raku Raku Cube” pack earlier, which is one of those Japanese awesomesaucethingabomb invention. The formula COMES IN A BAR. Like an individually packed chocolate bar. You just break the cubes according to baby’s need and mix with water.

Huh? What milk powder case?! What measuring spoons? Y NOBODY ELSE DID THAT YET?!


Papa’s presents:

Bath time toys from Franc Franc

Papa wants a western mafia son wtf.




Mama’s presents:

Mama is more like a…. i dunno, Edo period yakuza person wtf.

Rattle toy

Swimava neck float (don’t dare to use all the made in China with fake Disney characters on it wan. They look painful and flimsy wtf)

Sunblock and some care packs. This one not really present haha.


Uncle’s presents:

Danna’s brother sent him tons of oversized clothes and i could see he has very unique taste lolol.


Junya’s uncle also works in Kumamoto so he gets ALLLLL the Kumamon shirts!!!

Since i don’t have a girl i have given up hope on ridiculously cute Hello Kitty collabo items in various pastel hues. Instead i am gonna force subtly brainwash him with this whole Kumamon cult XD


For Champon:

Apparently his snacks are worth 3X more than Junya’s commercial lunches and dinners for monthssssss. Where’s your priority, dad?!


Ok that’s all.

Now let me have a “pretend in Japan” breakfast.



PS: Anyway now i understand how some of you feel when i post food pictures. 我也有今天了。

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30 responses to “With love from Japan”

  1. Anfieldyee says:

    Seeing this post makes me wanna plan a trip to Japan one day! 😀 I think my sis would do the same thing when she visits Australia this Saturday! LOL.

  2. Aisa says:

    Ever since I started reading your blog (probably late 2013 or early 2014), my interest in Japanese culture resurfaced. My boyfriend is half Japanese half Korean, but he’s more Japanese than he is Korean (I’m probably more into the Korean culture than he is right now lmao). Lately he’s been teaching me how to speak and write Japanese. I hope to be like you one day, fluent in Japanese lol!

  3. pony says:

    Hi may i ask if we can buy and ship to Malaysia?

  4. Name says:


  5. Daphnefroggy says:

    Keep laughing when reading your post ya Cheesie!!

    Want eat Japanese thing please let me know la send you anytime even ramen that you craving for so long!!!

    LINE me anytime !!!lol

  6. Jenna says:

    Your post always keep me entertained and I love them it makes me laugh I’ve always wanted to go to Japan

  7. misshermes says:

    Ohh that ramen looks familiar! Is it the shop at Ikebukuro? I went last week and the queue was like super long but it tastes super good so quite worth it haha!

  8. rei says:

    ughhh…i feel you…
    my bf is currently back in Japan for holiday too..
    he too, always sending me all the foodporns.
    I drown and struggle, and all i could do is imagine the taste in my tongue..
    since its not possible to bring it back on airplane..*cries*

  9. ahlost says:

    hehehehehe… counting down to my japan trip this year end.. this time i’m going to bring larger suitcase to go.. hehehehehe..

    i’m starting to go japanese language class too.. but it was a torture for me. been to 6 classes and I’m like the only one who cannot read words without refering at the hiragana and katakana .

    what is the correct way to learn? write them down? memorize them? T_T

    • cheesie says:

      i think i did everything cuz i was so desperate to be good lol. Ganbatte!!!! Where are you going this time?

  10. Jing Jing says:

    Can’t wait to see baby Junya in the Japanese baby clothes..must be overload with cuteness^^

  11. missironic says:

    All the presents are so niceee. And im surprised u typed in english to danna. Thought will be in japanese. Hehe.

  12. Winnie says:

    Your post made me miss my maiden trip to Japan last Spring! Love all the 7-Eleven food haul I could survive on 7-Eleven if it’s the only place left in the whole wide world.

  13. Jess says:

    You make me feel like migrating TO JAPAN nao! 😀 love you blog post a lot! And also because Japan’s stuff got QUALITY! idm paying!

    Btw Cheesie, how much does Yakult probiotic pills cost? How many pills? Xiexie ni!

  14. Min says:

    Hey Cheesie!

    I’ve once heard from the doctors that the moustache pacifier can cause breathing difficulties for the baby! It’s not design for long term used, however, it will be a great props for photos though! Just be careful using it and have fun! 🙂

  15. wanghuiying says:

    Hi cheesie! I want to ask whether if we can just buy the japanese rice and put inside our luggage? Will it be confiscated by malaysia custom? And how your danna managed to take back all the onigiris? By hand carry?

  16. Leqi says:

    Hi Cheesie, am wondering how many of the Yakult probiotic pills to eat. Online sources say 3 pills a day, which seems quite alot! How many did you take when you were pregnant? Thanks for your sharing!

  17. Jasline says:

    Hi cheesie! I will like to know where you buy all the baby stuff like the kimono romper 🙂 thanks!

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