Haven’t done coordinate post in a while!

Lately there’s a shift in my coordinate preference, as having a baby does does more change to your lifestyle than you imagine, including your wardrobe. Having to carry him and take care of his needs, i have been opting for the more comfortable, casual outfits. As high heels is almost impossible now, i’m also big on sneakers and loafers these days!

Here are some of my coordinates recently trying to blend into the autumn scene. In Malaysia. XD


Coordinate 1

A more casual MODE using mostly EMODA’s items.


Coordinate 2

Comfy casual accessorized with #Chambomb.


Coordinate 3

Not a big slogan tee/shirt fan (especially with such angst lol), but thank you Jac Vanek for sending the awesome stuff!


Coordinate 4

Have also been secretly wearing a lot of danna’s items lately XD


Coordinate 5

Half the items are are also the danna’s XD





[Sponsored Coordinate]

Tokyo Corner

So! I am so happy to discover Tokyo Corner, an online shopping portal on Japanese fashion/items! They products they carry range from women and men’s clothing to household accessories, and even manga/anime collectibles!!

I placed my order on some items and i am really impressed with their service!! Excellent customer service and quick delivery!

Coordinate 6

Side Mesh Top/Dress is from OMG, a street style brand.

Love how simple casual yet funky their items are. They also have Izu (Izuoka Misaki) as the model! I love her fashion sense <3

Browse more on OMG’s items here.


Coordinate 7

Chillin Tokyo Tee too from OMG. It’s free size so i can also share it with the danna XD


Close up!


Other than that, they also carry many other brands of different themes. Like Galaxxxy:



There’s also Supreme Lala, Kokokim, Fig&Viper, and also Esperenza, one of my fav foot wear brands in Shibuya 109!


The antique book cases are also from Tokyo Corner!

Perfect for space saver and to keep small accessories!

Hop over to Tokyo Corner for some fun shopping!  Or just click on the Tokyo Corner banner on the side bar!

Also what’s worth mentioning is that they also do free shipping worldwide for clothing & apparel!! The site is in English, it requires no proxy companies and has a 28 days return policy. Sounds awesome to me!


Follow them:

Instagram: @tokyocornershop