Bloom & Grow celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Bloom & Grow is one of Asia’s largest maternity and baby product distributors with many brands under them! I blogged about how B&G helped me set up my baby room!

I was at their launch party with B&G’s celebrities and friends!

Other mommy bloggers are there and we had so much in common to talk about! I usually am the super socially awkward one, but it’s so surprising to know that becoming a mom actually made me more sociable!! (With people who can relate la ^^)


There are also many new product launching on that day! Including:

Grohush, a baby calming device that safely delivers soothing white noise directly to your baby. It looks like a powder puff, super convenient for travel to comfort your newborn baby!


There are also new items from Oxo, including an On-The-Go Potty.

Next comes one of the most important new brand, Orbit Baby! Orbit Baby is a premium stroller brand B&G has recently brought in. It’s also Junya’s first stroller he’s ever slept/sat in, will talk about it more later!

You can check out Orbit Baby for more of their travel system, i personally think that it is revolutional. This is a stroller seat cum car seat for infants i really wish i have gotten (they haven’t launched then, and i had already purchased brand B, which turned out to be a headache).

You can just take it out and attach it in your car, and the installation is nothing i’ve ever seen before. (The danna and i spent nearly and hour to install the brand B child seat -______-)

You only need 19 seconds to install the base!!!!!! And then you can move the infant seat from the stroller to the car seat base.

At the end of the event, there was also a fashion show. With the cutest models ever!!!

Little models on the runway with SkipHop’s new apparel and accessories!

Here’s me, a fake baby and a borrowed toddler lolol. I didn’t bring Junya along because i’ve got back-to-back event that day. And as you can see, next time Junya can just stroll along on the Sidekick Stroller Board when i push my newborn daughter (very optimistic HAHAHHA).


Also modelled new mommy bag by SkipHop.

That’s it for the anniversary launch!



Now i’ll share some of the baby products i’ve gotten from B&G’s brands. In fact, 90% of the baby stuff in the house is supplied by B&G XD

This area used to be Champon’s house, but now that Junya has start to become mobile (rolling in the deeeep), i have kicked Champon out and barricaded Junya in instead XD

And every single day he would just wait on the other side hoping we would let him in to play.

Sometimes they do get to play together. The alphabet play mat is from SkipHop!

Then sometimes they go for walks together! In Orbit Baby! Really love this stroller!

It may not be super lightweight (8KG) but it’s a perfect first car, as it is super sturdy and stable, Junya sleeps through the whole outing sometimes when he was younger XD

Sometimes it was also his bed at home hahaha (when he was smaller!)

Also used to swaddle Junya with Bamboo Bubble Wrap, now it has become his comfy blanket to sleep ♡

And then there’s GroBag for safe sleeping. Junya was 1 month old back then! He could barely fit in it now!!

Of course then there’s the ever popular ErgoBaby carrier! AHHHHH i miss Junya being so little and so niap!!!

He was just a few weeks old and i was using an infant insert in it. Now he likes to be carried forward-facing!

B&G also has many other awesome products that help make a mommy’s life a bit more convenient! Like the CuddleDry bath towel, and HippyChick hip seat.

Just got this today.

Hug&Hide Monkey from Skip Hop. And a very very whiney Champon emo1


That’s all!! You can buy all these items at major baby stores in Malaysia :))