If you love music, you will be happy to know about Jaben, the most complete headphone specialist in Malaysia.

Jaben spent years to develop a full range of products suitable for each country, providing th emost unique and exclusives pieces in the market.

I had to honor to try out one of their signature headphone: Aedele VK~1.

Unboxing the package.

The headphone is hand-assembled in France and it comes in a luxurious pouch that keeps it safe and scratch-free.

This is the VK-1 Classic edition, i love how minimalistic and refined the design is! The metal card is printed with your limited edition number on it.

Of course it is of top notch quality with titanium drivers, genuine lambskin leather, Aramid Fiber cable and T6066 Aircraft grade Aluminum.

But the ear pieces are soft and ergonomically comfy!

And of course brings you the most surreal music experience. It’s grainlessly clear without being boomy (the bassy toom toom toom when listening to loud music).

My favorite playlist is of course everything by Nakata Yasutaka, (Lots of Capsule!!) and if i want some more relaxing time i’ll put on Joe Hisaishi. ♡♡♡♡♡

Not only it is a great music accessory, it can also be an awesome fashion accessory with how stylish it looks. Here are a couple of coordinates with Aedle headphone:


Of course a 5 star headphone like this does not come cheap.

Order now with Jaben to enjoy the special deal!


Jaben now is available at its physical store in SS15, Subang Jaya, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang, One Jaya Lifestyle Mall, Kuching, and the latest new outlet at NU Sentral, KL.

Check out the exact location on their website.

This is how it looks like! A vibrant, bright little store with a myriad of headphone, speaker selections and other music accessories.

Premium earphones from Final Audio Design.


Give your music more life, by visiting Jaben!


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Jaben on Instagram: @jabenmy