On the second day of my Kanagawa trip, we went to Miura and Kamakura.

This post is a guide to Misaki Maguro Kippu. It literally means, the Misaki Tuna Ticket. Huh? Now what’s that about? Whatever it is, sounds delicious. 😛

Let’s see.

But first let me take a selfie 😛

(In the purest sense of the words lolol)

Coordinate of the day.

A ticket denim jacket because it’s gonna be a windy day!




Ok we can continue now.


Did you know? The train companies in Japan offer a lot of super value discount packages for day trips, and a lot of tourist may not know as they don’t usually advertise it in English.

That’s why you read this blog hehehhe. If you are tired of the overwhelming crowd in Tokyo, sick of being squeezed around in a sardine-packed train and want to break free just for a day, you may want to try Tuna, this time around.

Misaki is a small port area in Miura, which falls along the coastline, so there is sea, and more sea. And Tuna is a specialty in Misaki (well, Miura in general). If you want a mini get-away to a relaxing quiet little town not too far away from Tokyo, and happen to love sushi and seafood (particularly Tuna), bookmark this page for your future reference!

So yea, Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket is offered exclusively by Keikyu Line, which is the same train i blogged about in my Yokohama post.

Just go to any Keikyu Line station (except Sengakuji and Misakiguchi), you will see pamphlets of the said day trip. Sometimes they have the English version, but just look for the pamphlet with massive chunks of Maguro on the cover 😛

So here’s how you can purchase the ticket!

You select English, and it falls under “Special Ticket” category. It’s regrettable that after all the promotional effort, the last step wasn’t translated into English lol. Anyway, the Kanagawa tourism board said that they would fix this! And if you have any doubt, the staff in train station will always help you out. But i’m sure you know that already 🙂

Anyway, we bought the ticket from Yokohama, so it costs 2,960 yen, which is about RM85. If you come from Shinagawa, Tokyo it is just like 100 yen (RM3) extra. What does it include?

1. Keikyu Train round trip ticket

2. Keikyu Express Bus Unlimited rides

3. Maguro Meal Coupon (the highlight of the trip!)

4. Activity/Entertainment Ticket

You will get 3 tickets, one for transport, one for your lunch/dinner, and one for the trip activity. Keep them safe and don’t lose them!

This is the Keikyu red train!


Yeap, that’s me, getting really excited to visit the countryside hahaha 😀

See how different it is from Tokyo subways????

Such a nice change of mood! I really really love trains if it wasn’t breathlessly packed and i wasn’t pregnant 😛

This is not related to the post but i noticed that the whole train was full of this poster ad. Curious, i studied it, and it turned out to be an advertisement for the Keikyu train itself. It says, “Speed Up!!! From Haneda to city center (and vice versa) via Keikyu”.

By 1 minute.

You may be like yeah that’s how long i take to Instagram a selfie/take a dump. Big deal. But big deal it is. Maybe i have already gone mad, but i actually felt very touched when i saw this poster. I mean, these people, they are forever churning their brains to come up with better and better improvements to their already amazing services/products (mainly because if they don’t, somebody else will). Even a train that is 1 minute faster. Is a big big deal for many of its passengers. I mean, after all, you now get to take one extra dump.

Which is why this place is only getting forever awesomererererer. And it’s just one of the littlest things i appreciate about this country.


Ok back to main topic.

Where was i? Oh right, i love trains.

Yea, i mean, A FIELD FULL OF DAIKON?!?  (Daikon is another specialty of Miura. There are white radish farms everywhere, apparently.)

Can you even begin to imagine the sheer magnitude of awesomeness?? Just try to picture the soft, richly dashi-infused chunk of juicy, translucent daikon swimming blissfully in hot Oden stock (alongside its sidekicks Ikaten, Konnyaku and Tsukune)….. And now multiple it by tens of thousands. That’s… roughly how awesome it is lolol. I want to unearth all of them now.

So with the Misaki Maguro ticket, we reached Miura Kaigan, and then a transfer to Misakiguchi.

After that you will have to take a bus to the sea port. Taking bus may be a little challenging for foreigners (even for the locals sometimes!), there’s a tourist guide in English, and it all else fails, you just have to ask to bus driver. 😀

Misaki port!!!!

It was a windy day no doubt!

But a  sunny day!

This is Miuratsunanosuke lolol. Bet you can’t pronounce that XD. It is the mascot for Miura, and it is, of course, a Tuna.


So getting back to the second ticket of Misaki Maguro Ticket, it is an entertainment/acitivity coupon, you can choose your favorite from:

1. Rainbow Glass Boat, a boat with glass glass panels inside so you can see the fishes swimming beneath you!

2. Kirari Glass Craft and Art

3. Hot Spa at Keikyu Hotel

I think there are a few more amusement parks and hotsprings, you can find out more from the brochures!


I really wanted to go on the glass boat but they stopped the boat due to strong wind T____T

So we went for Kirari Glass Art instead!

Iwate san and i going to decorate our little glass art!

It’s actually very very simple, you get to choose a couple of glass ornaments, and your choice of colored sand to decorate your own glass.


I picked a doggy and a seashell. Obviously for my Shiba Inu 😛


Pour the colored sand (you can make patterns with it too, but i’m not too good!), and place the ornaments the way you like, and done!

She shop staff would then pour hot jelly into the glass, and it takes 15 minutes to cool off, so you can wait there (while shopping!), or go for your lunch first.

Our glass art, done! 😀

They also have super amazing glass desserts that could be used as jewelry boxes <3


After that, it was lunch time!

Haha no this wasn’t our lunch.


There are many many restaurants you could choose from the brochure, and all of them are of course, Tuna dishes. Be it tuna steak or sashimi,  it’s all Maguro!!!

We picked one that is located just by the port.

Our tuna set meals!

Iwate san has the Maguro Steak set

And for me the Maguro Don.

I haven’t been back in Japan in a while, wanted to cry at how fresh it was T____T

And i finished the last grain in my bowl. Being away for so long made me appreciate it all the more T__T.

At the end of the meal, you can just pay with the Misaki Maguro coupon!

The meal itself costs about 1,500 yen without the coupon, so it’s a big saver!


There are actually a lot more to see and do in Miura and Misaki, but we had to head to Kamakura in the afternoon, so that’s all for now!

If you have been to Miura/Misaki before, do let me know if you have any other tips! 🙂