So i have been living my new mama life with Junya in Japan now for about two weeks.

Before we came to Japan i was really nervous and worried. He has just turned 6 months and is reaching a lot of new milestones, like getting more and more mobile, being more curious about the surrounding, having longer periods of waking time, and most importantly, has just started solid. There are so many new changes that could making traveling intimidating, let alone to have him adapt to such drastic environment and weather change.

As for myself, i was prepared to compromise most of my outings/meetings/shopping with friends for family time, and have also set a realistic itinerary that revolves around having a baby with me 24/7.

But two weeks has passed and i am pretty much settled down and have also gotten used to living a family life here. So this blog post is about how i typically spend my days in Tokyo!


First day


This is right after we landed in Tokyo and arrived in our little apartment in Ikebukuro. First thing first, lunch for the hungry mama at the nearest combini!


And dashed over to the nearest UNIQLO for Junya’s winter apparel (we didn’t buy many back in KL).


 On a usual day

Junya wakes up 8am (which is 7am in Malaysia, the usual time he wakes up).

(Where are we going today, Papa?)


He will then have his solid breakfast in a jar.

Papa will bathe him while mama tidies up the room.



And then papa goes to work and buys mama her breakfast from the combini.



Mama will then eats her breakfast while JunJun gnaws on his cloth toy (usually. Sometimes the bedsheet. Sometimes his sweater. Sometimes mama’s arm.)


Evil mama sometimes tempts him with adult food he can’t have.



After that JunJun has his music book time while mama cleans the house.

Usually in the morning the house looks like this:



After 30 minutes:


And then repeats the again the following day lol. The house magically has the ability to resume to its “before” state by the end of the day without fail.


And then JunJun is put to watch the TV (usually about politics) while mama does the laundry.



And if the current affair seems to catch his attention, mama will have some good extra minutes to do some work. Depending on how serious the political debates are, the time mama is allowed usually ranges from 1 Instagram post to 1/5 of a blog post if lucky. More the better if the TV is so boring JunJun falls asleep, then you may see a blog post like this.

After JunJun’s nap, mama will bring him downstairs to buy lunch.


Today it is take-out Ramen from the combini.

After a good nap, mama sometimes will go on dates with her friends by train.


At the subway.


Sometimes JunJun sits in the stroller.



Sometimes he sleeps on mama’s chest.


Sometimes the both have to brave the rain >.<



Sometimes it is a short meet-up at a cafe nearby. JunJun will sit next to mama and plays with his toys and grumbles when bored lol.


Most of the times he gets to be included in selfies.


He also goes shopping with mama.


GAP Baby 50% off storewide!!!!!!!

Sometimes JunJun gets to go on dates too ^^ With Anna who was born on the same day!


Oppai time lolol.


And go home to wait for papa to come back from work. Our usual night is combini dinner and TV sessions.


As we got used to living in Japan, i have also level-ed up and am more confident to bring him out the whole day. When he gets tired he could just nap in the carrier or in the stroller.

Happening days

Sometimes JunJun gets to hang out late for dinner at Yakiniku restaurants.



And on papa’s off day everyone goes family shopping!

This new year we would be back to Nagasaki so it’s gonna be a mini holiday within a long holiday! #holidayeption

In a short couple of weeks, i have learnt so much about traveling with a baby in Japan. I have also experienced Japan from a whole new perspective as a mother. Instead of looking out for discounted kickass high heels in Shibuya, the priority now is to look for a subway exit that has an elevator.

I am also greatly inspired by other moms living in Japan, and plan towrite a more detailed blog post about traveling with a baby in Japan. Well, at least wWhen Junya is not sitting on m      y lap nsmlike this and  typing onmy balajgnb behalf.