Junya didn’t have a stroller until he was almost 2 months old. His mom simply could not handle the information overload when it comes to baby stroller shopping. I do salute parents who can make up their mind after being handed 300 brochures from different brands and 500 different opinion from friends.

(When i was 7 months pregnant. Leaving the stroller decision to the very confused danna lol)

Some say, you will never go wrong with a sturdy one with large wheels! Some other say, get the lightest one or you will regret that thousands of bucks spent! Some say, just get a in-between so it’s a balance of both! Some say, just get two lah!!!



In the end i just decided Junya was to live without a stroller until he can walk lolol. Anyway, my Ergobaby works really perfectly with short outings and stuff.

Until… Orbit Baby sent me one. Air flown from Hong Kong. And i was probably the first ever person in Malaysia to get it. Lucky you, baby Junya!!


I have never used any other stroller since i got my Orbit Baby G3, so i cannot really do a comparison and say that it is the best stroller i have ever used. But what i do know is, i started using when he was about 2 months old, it’s been 4 months and to me, it is indeed the best stroller i have ever used lolol.

I have never heard of Orbit Baby before, mainly because it wasn’t available in Malaysia yet.

Orbit Baby is designed in California, and it is one of the few stroller and car seat companies that still custom design every single one of their products, always change and adapt to keep up with today’s family needs.

There are so many innovative features of an Orbit Baby, but the best thing is that it is customizable with mixable G3 products.

You choose your base, then seat, and lastly style (color and accessories), and it becomes a unique Orbit baby for you and your little one.


This one for Junya is a stroller combo. When he was younger it was his day bed. I love how state-of-art solid and stable it is, it’s like first class flat-bed lolol. Fully reclinable for long hour nap. XD

We just cushioned it and let him sleep in it. and it’s super convenient because i could just push and stroll him if i go to study room/kitchen/bed room so that he could always be next to me.


Champon also can always nap underneath XD


Junya’s first outing at the park.

First restaurant outing. The G3 UV sunshade provides nearly 100% UVA and UVB protection, and also keeps the lights away so your baby can get a good nap.

The Orbit Baby G3 is also the first stroller in the world that allows your baby to go from facing you to facing the world, 360 degree in one effortless motion.

Just like this!


See! You can actually rotate the seat 90 degree so that your baby is facing you while keeping the chassis out of the way. It is SO AWESOME! I was at Number76 Starhill Gallery fixing my hair, and Junya was next to me all the time.

It doesn’t take up much space this way so you own’t end up annoying the customer next to you. Although the customer is actually my mom and would very much liked to be annoyed by her grandson lolol.


There are many more awesome features and other different travel systems from Orbit Baby, including bassinets and infant car seat. Do go over to Orbit Baby to have a look! You can get it at Mothercare, Bebe Totz and Bebehaus

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