Finally! It was time to bring to Junya back to Japan for the first time ♡

The danna and i had been feeling nervous about this for months, since we have heard many stories about how difficult flying with a baby could be. And admittedly i have also had the urge to strangle a few wailing children in the plane before i had one myself T__T. So while very excited, i was also dreading it.

Since we would be away for 3 weeks, we had to send Champon back to Seremban to stay with my mom.

The danna couldn’t go with me so it was also my first time driving such long distance with Junya alone. He was just spacing out/dozing off the entire time so i considered it a success, and hoped that it was a good start to level up to a much longer flight.

Mom sent me this picture later on. Apparently Champon was waiting at the door all the time after i drove away (!!!). Hachiko in our house???


So… the flight!

We always fly JAL so it was a night flight (22:50). The timing was actually just right, we go out about 20:30, when i put Junya to sleep and wore him in a baby carrier. He always sleeps quite well in the baby carrier!

Reached the airport, checked in and he was still sleeping soundly.


The moment we boarded, he woke.Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.10 PM

Wide awake Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 7.43.10 PM

It was really bright in the plane so i think maybe he got confused and thought it was already morning T___T.

And suddenly gotten very excited *__* (Yes i know baby, we are going to Japan!!!!)


I have heard the worst part of the flight is take off and landing, when babies cry the most due to the air pressure causing discomfort in the their ears. I have also read that nursing the baby will help “pop” their ears so i was all prepared, wearing a super loose top and kept him close to me.

But then he fell asleep during the entire take off! I think it was because they dimmed the light so he dozed off again.

But then wide awake again when they turned on the lights again T___T.

And then he couldn’t fall asleep anymore T____T.

The cabin attendant set up the bassinet for him, but he just couldn’t get some shut eyes. Mostly because the bassinet was placed right under the brightest lights, and for safety reasons they couldn’t let him sleep on the other side (head on the right and feet facing left).

And i couldn’t cover his face with anything without suffocating him T____T. And then he started to fuss because he was so tired yet couldn’t fall asleep.

But JAL really has the bestestest cabin attendants ever, because they are just super super super helpful and kind.

She was so patiently calming him down i may as well hire her to be my babysitter for the entire flight.

And zzzzzz finally.

And i had a couple of hours to get some shut eye myself.

Also received free diapers from JAL!


And after 6.5 hours or so, we landed in Narita yay!!!!! So the first flight for Junya went rather smoothly!

First selfies with Junya in Japan!


Hi ♡




Took the airport limousine bus to our apartment.

This time we stay at Ikebukuro, it’s quite far from all the places i usually hang out, but i am very glad we picked this place!

Very very spacious too!

This is my 6th day in Japan and i finally have time to blog. (Yes Junya is sleeping ^^)

So far we have brought him to Hakone (to touch the tree that made him a dream come true), i also had him go on an outing with me one whole day in a carrier. In winter. During a non-stop rainy day. On a weekend. By train. At the most crazily crowded place in Tokyo.

I survived. My baby did, too. (My shoulders almost didn’t, though.)

Anyway life with a baby in Japan is completely different from what i am used to back home, but i am very inspired and really enjoying it so far. I’ve got so much to share so let’s hope i have time to update again soon!

Let me know if you have anything you would like to read about (regarding traveling with a baby in Japan), or share some tips if you have any!! 😀