3 Weeks Coordinate: Tokyo Winter 2014

January 25, 2015 in Useless fashion

Here are 3 weeks worth of coordinates for my Tokyo trip in December 2014, all 21 of them! This time without the baby XD

Brought only 1 pair of shoes, 2 maternity bags, two knit tops, one down jacket and 2 pairs of pants for 3 weeks. The rest are new shopping items  (*´艸`)


Coordinate 1

Fur hat: UNIQLO


Skirt: Santa Monica (used)

Glasses: WEGO

Bag: Ungrid

My first shopping item, the color was love at first sight!! Turned out to be one of the best purchases because it matches almost everything in my wardrobe <3



Coordinate 2


Cardi: Ungrid

Pants: EMODA

Shoes: Koolaburra

Beret: EMODA

Glasses: EMODA




Coordinate 3

Knit top: Rosebullet

Tulle dress: Rosebullet



Coordinate 4

Jacket: EMODA

Knit Top: Rakuten Japan

Skirt: Olive des Olive


Coordinate 5

Beret: CA4LA


Scarf: Vintage

Pants: Santa Monica (used)

Belt: Santa Monica (used)


Hair clip: WEGO

Glasses: WEGO

Earrings: Santa Monica (used)


Coordinate 6

Dress: Vivienne Westwood

Riders: Stolen from the danna

Bag: Kipling


Coordinate 7

Beret: CA4LA



Coordinate 8

Beret: WEGO

Top: HM X Margiela

Overall: Ray Beams

Pouch: Novelty from some magazine

Glasses: Stolen from danna



Coordinate 9

Beret: Jornal Standard


Pants: Gyda

Shoes: EVRIS

Pouch: Novelty from some magazine

Earrings: EMODA

Necklace: EVRIS


Coordinate 10

Top: Beams Boy

Glasses: BEAMS

Tote: Novelty from some magazine


Coordinate 11

Hat: Random store from Harajuku

Knit top: Rosebullet

Salopette: EMODA

Shoes: Random store from Harajuku



Coordinate 12

Hairband: WEGO

Cardi: Ungrid


Skirt & Belt: Santa Monica (used)


Coordinate 13

Beret: CA4LA

Knit top: Rosebullet

Tulle Dress: Rosebullet

Earrings: Handmade (present from Gomi san)

Necklace: Santa Monica


Coordinate 14

Knit top: Gyda

Pants: Gyda

Tote bag: Novelty from some magazine

Glasses: EMODA


Coordinate 15


Skirt: Olive des Olive

Tote: Deicy (Novelty)



Coordinate 16


Skirt: EVRIS

Pouch: Novelty

Glasses: BEAMS

Beret: Journal Standard


Shoes: EVRIS



Coordinate 17

Top: Ameri

Pants & Belt: Santa Monica (used)

Hair band: WEGO

Necklace: Santa Monica




Coordinate 18


Overall: Ray Beams

Hair band: BEAMS


Coordinate 19

Knit Top: As know as PINKY (yea, it’s a real fashion brand)

Checked top: EMODA

Shoes: Random store from Harajuku


Coordinate 20

Sweater: Stolen from danna

Denim: EMODA


Coordinate 21

Knit Top: As know as PINKY

Overall: Ray Beams


Beret: WEGO

Glasses: Stolen from danna



That’s all! Which is/are your fav? (*´艸`)


25 responses to “3 Weeks Coordinate: Tokyo Winter 2014”

  1. Carol says:

    I like overall: ray beam. check the website but seems like they don’t ship international. have to go japan then buy. huhuhu

  2. Daphne says:

    TOP: Coordinate 13 (The lavender cardigan so lovely)
    SECOND: Coordinate 8(So vintage feel)
    THIRD: Coordinate 5(The scaft and Beret are perfect!!)
    FORTH: Coordinate 3 (Just simply love the way you in SOFT pastel color)

    Ahhhhhh!!!Where is the MODE GAL Cheesie going?! Lol

  3. Jessie S says:

    Hello, Cheesie~~~~!!!
    I wanna ask you arr, how did you keep yourself warm? I wore two layer of heattech leggings during my Japan trip last week… and still feel chilly! I need to paste kairo on my thigh hahahhaa~~~ cause I wore shorts most of the time! When in Japan, have to wear nice nice mar, right…

    Please enlighten me!!


  4. mei says:

    Love all of them! <3

  5. Keri says:

    12! 12!!!! <3 <3

  6. Mich says:

    I love all your winter coordinates! I also came from a tropical country before I moved to Japan so I envy how you manage to survive Japanese winter with only minimal layering!!!

    I’ve been an avid reader of yours and i’m glad to see how drastic your style changed: from super gorgeous gyaru to a hipster mama!! Love you Cheesie!!

    BTW i also blog about Japan and I look up to you so much!!

  7. Christine says:

    Love that after being a mom, you stopped wearing those sky high heels even when you don’t have Junya around haha.

  8. Zoe says:

    Very impressed that you found your new fashion style that helps you balance your love for fashion and practicality fortaking care of baby. My baby is one years old and I’m still struggling to find my new fashion style…:(

    3,4, 10, 13 and 14are coordinates that I would wear myself. I like 5,9, 12 and 16. Guess I like most of the looks. 😛

    • cheesie says:

      so kind ah you like so many of them lol. Yea i’ve gone really casual. It’s really fun though. not really sticking to just a certain style but play around with different genre and find what works best for you!

  9. summer breeze says:

    Hi Cheesie, I’m from spore and I love the looks that you’ve carried as a mummy!

    Is it possible to do a tutorial on hairdo as I spot many different ways you’ve styled your hair. All look good!

  10. Caryn says:

    hey cheesie I love ur Nike shoes, can I pls know the name of that shoe? It was love at first sight for me as well 🙂

  11. Masit says:

    You wear everything also looks good 🙂

  12. Wendy says:

    Thanks for posting outfit ideas. Heading to Tokyo next week for the first time in winter and didn’t know what to wear!did you wear a coat over your gorgeous outfits or were your outfits as is enough?

    Thanks Cheesie!

    Ps your blog has been so helpful for me on educating me about Japan. You really are the greatest ambassador! Keep it up!

    Love from Canada

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