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Announcement of winner:

The winner goes to SLEO! I’m sorry i had to pick one person only , i wish i could pick all. SLEO gave so many reasons so i think i’ll let her have it la lol. Enjoy your ride with your parents!

Please email me by 3th Feb for prize redemption ! cheeserland@gmail.com.


The other day i was wondering how i had survived those days without GPS and Waze. I used to do some part time event jobs during collage days, and i always had to drive to the most remote place for interviews and stuff. I am not a KL local (from Seremban!!), i was young, timid and new in town. Now that i think of it, that was quite some achievement to venture alone and drive to places totally strange to me!

And now, if my mobile signal goes off when driving on Waze, (“establishing a connection…”), i am dead. I can pass through the same roads over and over and over again and somehow managed to memorize it none of it.

How frustrating and panicky it is if your GPS suddenly goes offline and there’s a big junction in front of you? XD (Admit it, nobody looks at signboards anymore! And if they are even reliable to begin with!) Happened a few times to me and i was always late for appointments T__T. (“Recalculating….”)

To have a strong and stable mobile connection and data coverage is super important if you are on the road all the time, especially for those of you who drive long trips and are always on the phone. How many times do you drive through areas of poor coverage and your call drops?

And that’s where weBoost come in.

Just as its name suggests, weBoost is a cellular signal booster designed and tested in the USA to bring reliable and seamless connectivity to Malaysians.

I was there at weBoost’s launch!

With blogger Huai Bin whom i have not seen since our last media trip to Australia!

For a gadget launch, i think they made it very interesting and engaging for the guests with live Sand Animation projected to the big screen.

I wish i had taken a video, i was so amazed by the artist’s performance! He was basically telling us a story (the frustration of weak mobile signal) through the works of his finger on a box placed with sand.



With weBoost, i am happy working. Chatting. Dating,. Bonding with family….” -translated by me. Lolol.





Anyway, i got my own weBoost Drive 3G-S device and tried it out myself!

The device installation is incredible simple! It basically consists of a cradle (shaped just like a mobile phone holder, with adjustable brackets that suit all types of phone sizes) , an antenna and a couple of cables. You place the antenna outside your car, connect the cradle to power supply.

Once your phone is placed into the cradle, your cellular signals will be automatically boosted. No paring, no password, no manual configuration whatsoever.

I tried it in an indoor car park, where cellular signals are the weakest.


No more fearing for dropped calls and crappy data coverage on the road!

And i like that it also doubles up as a mobile phone holder. Easy for Wazing!

And… ready to go!


And if you are wondering if using the device would drain your battery (i did!), you will be happy to know that it actually preserve your battery life because it feeds your device with signals, so your mobile now can rest peacefully while being spoon fed with consistent, strong signal, without having to frantically use up all its energy in search for stronger signals.


In summary, the benefits of using weBoost booster are

1. Increase cellular coverage signal.
2. Fewer dropped calls and lost connections.
3. Clearer voice quality.
4. Faster data download speeds.
5. Increase battery life for cellular devices.


Other than the Drive 3G-S that i have shown above, there’s also Connect 3G, another booster designed for those who depend on reliable connectivity indoors, for home/office use, etc. Same concept, it works by capturing the outside, usable signal, amplifying it and redistributing the boosted signal throughout an entire home or office.

Drive 3G-S is sold at RM389 and Connect 3G at RM1145. For more information, visit: www.weboost.com/my


This product will soon hit the shelves in Malaysia and if you want to be one of the first few Malaysians to own it, good news!

weBoost is giving out 1X Drive 3G-S mobile booster for you all!!

Simply tell me: why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

Winner will be selected on 31st Jan, and do provide your email address so that i can contact you!! :))





17 responses to “Weboost”

  1. Furby says:

    Seriously I’m having the same issue with u T_____T Waze is my life saver now, I’m 100% rely on Waze even from my house to office and from office to my house -_____- I have zero sense of direction despite I’ve been using the same roads for countless time. My biggest frustration and afraid is if I have to cross through the road under the big flyover. Without fail the signal gone for sure!!!!! And I have to turn round and round to find the correct road myself n when signal comes back it directs me to cross the same road under big flyover -______- fml max!!!! So I really need this weboost gadget badly pls T_T

  2. Constant & quality cellular internet connection is so very important to each and everyone of us these days.We need it for our communications needs,work needs and most of all, to keep the kids entertained at home and whilst travelling. 🙂
    weBoost is definitely a must have in this technological age! 😀

  3. Jessica Ong says:

    Me and my husband love to travel in Malaysia by car using Waze apps, however due to the poor internet connections and data used we usually have problem have way the ought he journey and usually end up arguing !
    I think this Drive 3G-S Mobile is absolutely a cool gadgets that everyone should have!
    If I could win this, I will be a perfect valentines gift for my husband! :)))

  4. Marie says:

    WeBoost Drive 3G-S would totally be a life saver for noobie like me who is relatively a new driver (coz I have not been putting my license to use for a few years and circumstances have forced me to put it in good use). Being a passenger all this while has certainly make me very ignorant to roads but with Drive 3G-S, I am confident I will have no problem getting me from A-B safely even if it means going to very ulu places. I am almost handicapped when my waze shows “establishing connection” which makes ladies even more vulnerable to crimes.

    Thus it would be a good accessory on my car!:) last but not least if I am the chosen winner, thank you cheesie!

  5. Michelle says:

    I need weboost because I’m always on the go. I depend on Waze for my appointments a lot. Once, the signal was crappy at that area and I lost at least 10k worth of sales. Weboost will help me a lot in my career for a direction idiot like me.

  6. Enrico says:

    I’m always on the go, and signal and battery life of phone always my major concern, so if I’ve given a chance to own it, I will never get lost and get to appointment on time.

  7. Jolene says:

    I would like to win a weBoost mobile booster for my boyfriend who is from Malacca but now based in KL. Due to his job, he needs to travel around Malaysia, mostly South and East Coast regions, where some secluded areas could hinder him from receiving signals for Waze. Not only that, it’s really dangerous once he loses mobile signal cause he can’t make any calls! So, I hope that I could win a weBoost mobile booster for him this Valentine’s Day to make his travelling less hassle! You know what they say; a happy kareshi, a happy kanojo! Thanks, Cheesie! 😀 😀

  8. Yee says:

    OMG! This is totally what I had been imagining to exist in my life! I am a paranoid driver, so I always always make sure to have WAZE on all the time if I am driving to a place that I am not familiar with. I also feel you Cheesie, when the application said “establishing a connection”, I always felt like pulling out my hair in fear of going to wrong way.

    I will really put it to good use if I have the chance to try it out! This is totally the device that I always envisioning ever since I started driving. Thanks, Cheesie!!!

  9. Amane says:

    Ohai Cheesie-sama! m(。・_・。)m

    I would really like a Weboost mobile booster in my daily life because… I’m really frustrated with the weakkkk data coverage in Malaysia. Hubby and me travel constantly North and South of the country, and most of the time we are like in a black hole of data coverage!

    Worse still when you’re driving in an unfamiliar territory and Waze keeps blinking “Searching For Network…Searching For Network…” [○・`Д´・○] Damn kancheong one.

    Also, we are planning to go on a Treasure Hunt this year! I’m absolutely positively sure the Weboost will be a boost to our team when we go along the track searching for the check point! I really hope I can win this >_<

    Thanks Cheesie-sama, wishing you and bb Junya happy and healthy always! Love the baby food you made for him, so kawaii!

  10. Jamie chaw says:

    Would love to get this for my parents who are always driving to remote places coz they love to explore new places to cari Makan (especially my dad)!!! Need something realiable so that both my parents won’t end up arguing on whether they should stop to ask strangers for directions!!! Hehehehe… This will definitely be their lifesaver aka marriage saver 😉

  11. Why I need mobile booster in your daily life?

    My phone is my life. There were a few times I was lost in KL because of the sudden cut in signal and internet service. With mobile booster I bet, I could drive anywhere without fearing for low line reception or coverage. This would also be especially useful when I am on the highest/lowest floor of the building need to text, call, instagram or facebook. Especially for events when they have a “post a picture” contest and you can’t participate because of the low line reception you have. Definitely a mood killer. So hopefully, with Mobile Booster, 2015 would be a connect-astic year for me 😛

  12. Karh Mern says:

    My dad need a weboost. He travel very often down to KL from Seremban due to his business purpose. But he is over 50years old and his memory on the confusing routes in KL is getting more challenging to him. Often he uses Waze to guide him, but internet coverage is not stable and it eats up the battery quickly. What worst is due to his work, he needs to constantly pick up calls even while he was driving. This is even more dangerous. There was a couple of times, he got himself lost and battery was dead, he ended up asking people all around for directions and it worries me a lot. I used to be able to accompany him and be his guide but since I left home to pursue my studies in UK, he was left alone to find his way. With the weboost he would be able to get himself there safetly and coming home on time. hopefully weboost can stand in for me to protect his journey while I am away.

    Thank you Cheesie :))

  13. Vanjack Koh says:

    I need it,my uncle is working at the carpark in The Spring Mall Kuching Sarawak.He can hardly go online due to the weak connection in basement summore the company didn’t provide wifi to them.He can’t even make calls no matter is DG,MXS or CLM..The phone is basically useless for him,he often lunch in the mall and the bad news is even the foodcourt is low with 3g signal coverage.You will know it if you’ve been to this small.

    The worst news is when there’s emergency things happen in the family and the family trying to reach my uncle and it would be one of the impossible thing in life.They can never reach him except calling to the office that make things weird and awkward that the family keep on calling.

    I sincerely wish to win this to give it to my uncle!because he himself ever told me why noone create something to boost the 3g etc….now reading ur blog make me haappier’i’ve even print screen this n show it to him later.(but seriously not everyone afford to buy it since it’s not cheap)i hope i can win this. please !

  14. SLEO says:

    Hey Cheesie ! I’m a fresh grad that soon gonna start working after cny. WEBOOST would be really helpful !
    Reasons as follow :
    1. I only know the road within klang valley area because that’s where I travel from home to uni. Outside this area, I’m a total noob. T-T I’m generally have oa k driving skill just that my poor sense of direction and also finding driving at day time is totally from night time. Just like ant lost it’s way on the human hairy leg.

    2. I can’t live without GPS. the newly bought famous GPS brand that starts with G just fall off from the car screen while I was driving and it has cracked. T-T #moneyflyaway Replacement cost rm 400 itself but not only spend that money, really no money and cause Waze is so much reliable with its instant life time updates ESP accident police rain report !

    3. I always need to carry portable charger. ESP using Waze draining out my batt so so quick.

    4. 2 weeks back, my parents and I went to publika for 1600 pandas and dinner. That was their first time visiting publika . One wrong turn took us 1 and half to reach ! I was telling my parents that: pa and ma ! Give me 3 months I will be your driver, drive you all around to explore new places ya ! They were like : ahhhh. Sit your car is like roller coaster ride, short trip also become a very long trip with your no sense of direction one. I was like why said like that !

    Pls pls with WEBOOST, no more worries! can conserve more phone battery, feeling extra safe and secure when I travel to ulu places and in carpark ESP when I m a girl and alone. Drive safely and confidently! This is really what I need and all I need ! A very very perfect and gift to celebrate my new employment and cny ! Please CHEESE ME CHEESIE!

    Baby Junya is so so cute with his smiley and I really admire your creativity and all the effort you can put to make always pretty and appetizing Bento and beautify them with cute icons before posting! And always be effortless pretty and so fit after giving birth and now in your motherhood !

  15. cheesie says:

    Announcement of winner:

    The winner goes to SLEO! I’m sorry i had to pick one person only , i wish i could pick all. SLEO gave so many reasons so i think i’ll let her have it la lol. Enjoy your ride with your parents!

    Please email me by 3th Feb for prize redemption ! cheeserland@gmail.com.

  16. battery says:

    Thank you for sharing such a good post, hope to see more post weiahflrygds.

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