Dieting and better skin!

January 19, 2015 in Commercial Break

Beauty post!

For those of you who want better skin, a healthier body, today i’m introducing two products from Japan, and they are Fine Green Smoothie, and Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Uniquinol.

First let’s talk about Fine Green Morning Smoothie.

Anyone of you are having dilemma on dieting? Somebody in my house is. The danna gained 5kg since he stopped exercising (too busy with work) and has been bugging me to cook him healthy meals and bento.

I now make him a glass of smoothie every morning, and a light bento for him to bring to work. Instead of messing up your kitchen by chopping fruits and veggies and go through the whole blender trouble (anyone here likes cleaning up a blender?), now all you need is just a glass and water. Maybe some ice cubes if you like.

4 steps only!

1. Get a glass.

2. Use the measuring spoon provided in the pack and add the smoothie in powder form into glass.

3. Add water (about 100-200ml).

4. Add in ice cubes for best flavor and stir!


There are two ways to consume the smoothie!

1. As a DIET MEAL: Add 2 spoons and 200ml.

2. As a NUTRITIOUS DRINK: Add 1 spoon and 100ml water.

Now what’s so great about this smoothie that is ranked No.1 in Rakuten?

The main benefit is the 219 kinds of food enyzyme. (Did i see it wrong?! Two hundred and nineteen!?)

It contains 9,500mg of dietary fiber, one glass is about 50% of one recommended daily intake.

Also, two of the highlighted fibers are psyllium husk and glucomannan, which gives you the feeling of fullness, yet a glass has only 55kcal, a perfect meal replacement.


This is a chart you could follow if you wish to use it for dieting, either to replace a meal in the morning or during dinner time.

For me, i take it every morning as a health supplement (1 spoon) with my usual breakfast, and the danna takes it as his breakfast (2 spoons).

How’s the taste??

I have tried various smoothies and shakes, usually i’d have to pinch my nose and take a few quick and big gulp and finish it up in a hurry.

This smoothie tastes amazing! The texture is similar to fresh smoothie sold outside, i am so impressed that tastes almost like freshly blended mixed juice! Albeit the rather turn-offish color, it has none of those raw grassiness (think wheatgrass!) but refreshingly mild and sweet!






The next product i’m introducing is Premium Fine Hyaluron & collagen + Ubiquinol. I have actually blogged about it 3 years before, but now this is a newly improved version!

I’m sure you all have heard and are quite familiar with hyaluron and collagen now.

This latest improved and upgraded version contains Kaneka Q10 (Ubiquinol), which is a coenzyme that stimulates the cell to produce energy and to promote rapid rejuvenation of cells. Its antioxidant effect can also help boost body immune function.

So basically Q10 is a “booster” that further enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients, which means that the latest version is twice more effective! It also has 90mg additional Hyaluronic Acid so its moisture retaining ability is even higher now!

Some of the benefits of Premium FINE include reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and to restore skin elasticity, it can also promote fairer and brighter skin and at the same time speed up wound healing and cell regeneration. Other goodness are strong nails and hair, and even healthy joints and eyes!

How to take Premium FINE:

1. I usually mix it with milk, you can also replace milk with soy milk, plain water, yogurt coffee, or even add it into pancake or blend it with fruits if you like.

2. I usually pour about half a box of milk (Meiji Hokkaido Milk is the besssssst)

3. Add a spoon of Premium FINE. The one i have is a refill pack. If you buy the canned one, it comes with a measuring spoon too!

4. Stir well!

Now you have super collagen milk XD


It’s super yummy!!!! It tastes like creamer, so when you add it into milk, you have super kao cream-like milk! I guess if you use local milk it will end up tasting like Hokkaido milk lolol.


Lastly, you can also mix Premium FINE into FINE green smoothie to have a fruity milkshake. I haven’t tried it yet, if you do let me know how it is like! 😛

You can get both products from SASA Malaysia, and if there’s no SASA nearby.

Whats more, promotion now!!

FINE Green smoothie 200g: Best buy RM88.00 (Usual price RM118)

Premium FINE Hyaluron & Collagen + Q10 Buy 2 at RM368 (Usual price RM238 for one)


12 responses to “Dieting and better skin!”

  1. carvynism says:

    lol @champon XD

  2. jessica says:

    i want a body like yours T_____T

  3. Vic says:

    lolol champion look like he want some as well 😛

  4. hayley.c says:

    i really want to try that hokkaido milk one day!!! hope i can find it in KL here! Collagen milk sounds yummy 😛

  5. leng says:

    Hi cheesie, for the collagen drink, how much gram is a packet and how long can a packet lasts? Thanks!

  6. Scarlett says:


  7. lee zz says:

    Hi! Can drink if I’m breastfeeding?

  8. Joey says:

    Can BF mother takes it? I bought it but instruction on the pack said not suitable for BF and pregnant mothers

    • cheesie says:

      I am guessing as it contains many types of natural plant extracts, that’s probably why it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as a diet replacement. If you only take it one spoon for nutritional benefits, it should be safe! But if you are concerned, you can call Tokyoninki for more info!

  9. Natasha says:

    Is it selling anywhere in Singapore? Went to SASA and the salesperson said that they do not carry it. Is it available through online means?

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