Here’s a collection of oyako coordinate from Japan!

We tried our best to mix and match with limited winter clothing we have. Junya only has one down jacket for the entire 3 weeks XD.


Coordinate 1

One of the earlier days for shopping and lunch at a cafe!

Both went for light colors!


Coordinate 2

Road trip to Hakone, so dress warm and comfy!



Coordinate 3

For a whole day out on a rainy day T__T. Junya is also dressed up for his first date ๐Ÿ˜›

Right: the complete coordinate!

It is quite challenging to dress up in winter T__T. There are your baby’s layering outfits, your baby’s down jacket, your own layering outfit, your own coat/jacket, the diaper bag, the baby carrier, the stroller, plus an umnrella during rainy days….



Coordinate 4

Lunch date with mama. Junya is wearing the same coordinate in rotation XD.

But with extra swag lolol.





Coordinate 5

A little darker today!ย A happening date with papa, aunty Qiu and her baby in the belly!



Coordinate 6

Shopping at Harajuku today! All in a happy playful mood!





Coordinate 7

Earthy tone for lunch date with mama! Beige and brown base for mama, mohair fur pants and an oversized 50% off knit (18-24m) for bb from BabyGap.






Coordinate 8

Dinner date with papa. JunJun was gonna sleep in the carrier so may as well just wear his onesie PJ ๐Ÿ˜›


Coordinate 9

Knit cap for both mama & bb!




Coordinate 10

Lunch date with mama and friend! A day of navy and grey.

Full coordinate.


Coordinate 11

A lazy, relaxed day for casual dinner at a family mall nearby!


Coordinate 12

Shopping at Omotesando. And a very very warm day so only light jacket! <3

Complete coordinate.






Coordinate 13

Lunch date with mama. Edgy chic today!

(not so) *behind the scene* lolol.




Coordinate 14

Lunch date with mama & friends. Navy + Brown theme.

Complete coordinate.





Coordinate 15

Casual family day out! Minimalism day <3




Coordinate 16

Shopping at Harajuku and Bounenkai (year end party!) Color theme: Khaki & beige.




Coordinate 17

Family casual lunch date. <3


Coordinate 18

Lunch date with mama& friends. Tartan and Xmassy coordinate <3



Coordinate 19

Only one photo for this because JunJun was sleeping. This is the just-woke-up face XD


Coordinate 20

Last mama&bb coordinate lolol.



That’s all! Hope you like em coordinates <3. Which is your favorite? ๐Ÿ™‚

Do ask me if you have any questions on winter coordinates, and do share if you have tips too! ๐Ÿ˜€