Mama & BB Coordinate Tokyo

January 19, 2015 in Baby / Useless fashion

Here’s a collection of oyako coordinate from Japan!

We tried our best to mix and match with limited winter clothing we have. Junya only has one down jacket for the entire 3 weeks XD.


Coordinate 1

One of the earlier days for shopping and lunch at a cafe!

Both went for light colors!


Coordinate 2

Road trip to Hakone, so dress warm and comfy!



Coordinate 3

For a whole day out on a rainy day T__T. Junya is also dressed up for his first date 😛

Right: the complete coordinate!

It is quite challenging to dress up in winter T__T. There are your baby’s layering outfits, your baby’s down jacket, your own layering outfit, your own coat/jacket, the diaper bag, the baby carrier, the stroller, plus an umnrella during rainy days….



Coordinate 4

Lunch date with mama. Junya is wearing the same coordinate in rotation XD.

But with extra swag lolol.





Coordinate 5

A little darker today! A happening date with papa, aunty Qiu and her baby in the belly!



Coordinate 6

Shopping at Harajuku today! All in a happy playful mood!





Coordinate 7

Earthy tone for lunch date with mama! Beige and brown base for mama, mohair fur pants and an oversized 50% off knit (18-24m) for bb from BabyGap.






Coordinate 8

Dinner date with papa. JunJun was gonna sleep in the carrier so may as well just wear his onesie PJ 😛


Coordinate 9

Knit cap for both mama & bb!




Coordinate 10

Lunch date with mama and friend! A day of navy and grey.

Full coordinate.


Coordinate 11

A lazy, relaxed day for casual dinner at a family mall nearby!


Coordinate 12

Shopping at Omotesando. And a very very warm day so only light jacket! <3

Complete coordinate.






Coordinate 13

Lunch date with mama. Edgy chic today!

(not so) *behind the scene* lolol.




Coordinate 14

Lunch date with mama & friends. Navy + Brown theme.

Complete coordinate.





Coordinate 15

Casual family day out! Minimalism day <3




Coordinate 16

Shopping at Harajuku and Bounenkai (year end party!) Color theme: Khaki & beige.




Coordinate 17

Family casual lunch date. <3


Coordinate 18

Lunch date with mama& friends. Tartan and Xmassy coordinate <3



Coordinate 19

Only one photo for this because JunJun was sleeping. This is the just-woke-up face XD


Coordinate 20

Last mama&bb coordinate lolol.



That’s all! Hope you like em coordinates <3. Which is your favorite? 🙂

Do ask me if you have any questions on winter coordinates, and do share if you have tips too! 😀


27 responses to “Mama & BB Coordinate Tokyo”

  1. Cam says:

    Hi Cheesie! I love love LOVE your coordinates! they are so adorable and stylish! Perfect for winter too! i wanted to ask do you use heat packs? Can you share some tips for dressing in winter? I visited japan last dec and only wore ‘boring’ clothes because i was freezing!! also some of your coordinates you can show your legs and i had to wear leggings + heat tech pants :’D

    ps Junya is so adorable! he is always smiling or laughing, good job on taking care of him!


    • cheesie says:

      Hi Cam! No we don’t use heat packs because i don’t find them very effective, it would be much more sensible to invest in heattech inners! UNIQLO is a must hehehhe

  2. Kat says:

    Love your coordinates cheesie~~~ and WHY your hair so perfect everytime…. Please share!!!
    By the way~ would love to know where you bought that glasses from Coordinate 4, 9, 12, 18, 20? (the round one with black rim and gold bridge and sides) Saw in your recent pics in instagram and really really love it~~~~ would love to know where i can get it! <3

    • cheesie says:

      haha because i spent time fixing hair everydayyyy T__T. Cannot afford to have lousy hair in Japan XD. The glasses are from BEAMS 🙂

  3. ros says:

    I seldom comment but i cannot resist to say that Junya is extremely adorable! Keep sticking out his tongue hahaha! My 9 mth old baby girl does that a lot too!

  4. Beatrice says:

    I love your knitted grey headband and navy blue EMODA beretttttt!!!!! But I can’t pull off any headbands/ caps 🙁

  5. Jaclyn says:

    Hi Cheesie, love all the coordinates. I’m a mum too with a 14 month old son. I wish I can match my outfits like you. Just where do you find the time? I’m always rushing to get baby things ready in the end I just throw on whatever. Maybe can share how you manage to look this good while juggling a baby in a post. Can’t wait to see more bb&mama coordinates.

    • cheesie says:

      i do my make up and hair when Junya is taking his naps, or when he is watching TV lolol. In Japan i don’t cook so i have lots of extra time to do stuff!

  6. Michelle L. says:

    This is so adorable! Junya is always smiling – and so serenely. I think the Japanese in him makes him a very Zen baby. 🙂

  7. ROSE says:

    yes i would like to know what brand is the specs too? the round one with black rim and gold bridge and sides..
    btw, all very nice coordinates…love all of it..

  8. mi says:

    Unrelated but wow i really salute u being able to bring baby out by urself with so many things in winter and still look good. I have a 4 month old now and most times i look likw i just woke up hehe.

    • cheesie says:

      I was in a holiday mood so i was very gungho to do everything XD. Back in KL i’m not usually like that. I’d just laze around whenever i can XD

  9. Peppe says:

    I admire and must commend you on how wonderful, almost effortlessly natural you make motherhood appear! I have a 4 month old (the comment above made me chuckle) and we struggle. We’re happy but living on one cycle sleeps at night! You have a natural sleeper it seems! Well done.

    • cheesie says:

      At 4 months i were quite tough for me too! I think everything got better at the 5th month onwards, it will be better and better, don’t worry!!! 😀

      • Peppe says:

        I feel ever so gracious for your reply, thank you for the kind words!
        I doubt you have sleep trained Junya, love just seeing him peacefully napping away in your photos! It’s tough when that’s the pressure these days

  10. Cam says:

    thank you for replying :’)
    i will forever buy Uniqlo for winter wear now
    love it so much, have a nice day ahead~~~

  11. Bless says:

    Hi Cheesie! Where did you get your cat ear beanie from, it’s so cute!!! Also do you think wearing a somewhat thin pair of legging (like from topshop) with shirt dress is possible to brave the winter cold? Or any tips to style like a shirt dress while staying warm? Hehe Thanks!

  12. Evelyn says:

    Hi, cheesie, I tried to comment on your insta about the clothing you dressed junya but didn’t get your reply yet. I would like to ask you where did you get the fleece type onesie pj for him? The cloud print. Can we find those winter wear in KL? May I know where?

  13. Chrissy says:

    Hi Cheesie, was planning to bring my baby boy to Sydney during winter..can i check with you where did you buy Junya’s coordinate 1&5 from?

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