I’m really lucky to have number76 take care of my hair all the time, and i sort of take it for granted and think that i can do whatever i want and they will fix it anyway. So i actually neglected the very important home care and just use random shampoos sold in drugstores.

Did you know?? Most of the shampoos in the markets contain silicone because it gives off a smooth and less frizzy finish, but is actually harmful in the long run because it can cause hair follicles to clog and result in unhealthy scalp.

And therefore it is actually very important to reset your hair condition with non-silicone hair products. So today i am introducing: Bene Premium Bluria and Bene Premium Rougeria!

Finally, the highly recognized award-winning Double Non-Silicone Shampoo and hair treatment formula in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan has made its way to Malaysia, and i have attended their launch event.


It was an afternoon tea party which theme was elegant and romantic floral!

MoltoBene group has nearly 40 years of expertise of introducing professional salon products as well as premium retail hair care products. Executive Director Tsutomu Watanabe san flew from Japan to attend this launch event in KL.


Odera San from number76 Starhill gallery branch was also there to demonstrate hair styling using Bene Premium Range products.


With Odera san and his hair model, whose frazzled hair was rejuvenated back to health instantly under his hands.



So, i brought home the whole range of products to test for myself.

Never did you expect such a healthy-sounding hair product to look so fancy did you? Usually all the non-silicone/organic shampoos look rather boring and clinical. But not Bene Premium range! Japanese packaging for the win. Always.

Not only that. Did you know that the whole range of products, from the ingredient right down to the final packaging, are all made in Japan? (Think all the delicously nutritious fruits and nurturing vegetables in Japan!)

It comes in diamond-cut crystal clear bottles in romantic violet and sweet pink. The blue range, is called Bluria.


Bene Premium Bluria

Super love the scent of the Bluria range!! The Bluria shampoo focuses on restoring damaged hair back to health by providing the scalp with the help of rich enzymes.


It uses the purifying power of green enzymes found in kiwis, green papayas and avocado (yummy!) to bring back refreshing lightness to the hair. It also contains 30 mineral and sea salt from the Dead Sea to thoroughly remove all trace of grease and impurities.

There’s also the Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment, a non-silicone cream-based treatment to go with the shampoo.

You can also use this Bluria Delicious Spa Hair Mask 2-3 times a week to give your tresses intensive hydration and shine.

This is Bluria Delicious Spa Night Care Milk, which nourishes and repairs hair as you sleep! I actually use it before blow-drying and styling too.


I usually separate the hair in 3 sections and just push a pump of Night Milk on the palm and apply it to dry or half-wet hair.


Bene Premium Rougeria

This sweet pink ranges focuses on providing intensive moisture to rejuvenate damaged hair with the power of red enzymes and strong antioxidants such as…

Red apple juice extracts (ahhhh so yummy!), tomato juice and carrot extract.

Other than that, the Rougeria range also contains natural organic oils like argan oil from Morocco and moisturizing oils from apricots, jojoba, etc.

There’s also a Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment that is of course, non-silicone, to nourish your hair silky and supple.

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Hair Repair Mask that helps to repair and smooth even the most damaged hair!

Lastly, it is the Rougeria Delicious Hair Oil to provide deep conditioning from root to tip!


Just like Bluria Hair Milk, you can use it before blow dry and styling. I always apply a pump especially on dry ends to give it moisture and shine!


Which one should you get?

Since there are two different ranges. I would advise to get both, because they both cater for different needs of our hair! Bluria sets to restore healthy scalp while Rougeria is to rescue damaged hair. For me i use them alternately so that both my scalp and hair are nourished!

Also, initially i thought that non-silicone shampoo/hair products could be quite drying (as i have tried with other products), imagine the effect of washing your hair with soap!! But…! It works so well and is surprisingly super moisturising! Love it!

Not to mention it makes my bathroom super duper pretty <3

You can get Bene Premium Bluria and Rougeria at all Watson Malaysia, at the price of RM43.90 for each of the products. Granted that may be slightly higher than the usual drugstore products, but they come in rather big bottle (530ml for Shampoo!!) plus it is of professional salon quality so it’s well worth it!! <3

Do check out their FB page and support! 🙂