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February 8, 2015 in Baby

When i was in Japan shopping for Junya, i almost wanted to knock of the whole baby food aisle and bring it back here. It was incredibly cheap and soooo convenient. I mean, it’s made in Japan (all the yummy vegetables!) so the quality is probably better than even freshly cooked one. I was thinking, why even bother to cook baby food where there’s 50 different types of Kewpie in a jar?

I told the danna about it an dhe just said, “Make your own Rinyushoku (solid food for baby) please.” And that’s the end of it. My baby food in a jar dream was crushed.

Reluctantly, i went to search for some Rinyushoku recipe on Cookpad, i saw this.

And i thought, damn. Japanese moms are crazy.

And the next thing i knew, i bought exactly what is needed in the recipe, and…

I got hooked.

That’s pretty much how #lunchforjunya started.


Obviously you may say that for his age he has no clue whatsoever how a grey patchy looking stuff with some black spots on is supposed to be cute, so all my effort goes to waste. But to me, it makes everything so much more fun. Though it is mainly for myself, i admit. But when i enjoy meal times with him, i’m sure he would, too, and one day i hope he would learn to appreciate it. 🙂

So here’s a mini compilation of all the #lunchforjunya i’ve done in the past weeks!


1. The First Totoro

(Recipe stated in the photo hehe)

This one is perfect for young babies! Basically you mash the Shirasu (white tiny fish) into a pasty form and put it over congee. When you think about it it’s actually quite gross because to get the grey color, you would have to disfigure the little fishes and crush their guts… The tiny white dots you see are probaby their eyes T_T. But it’s very good starter protein for solid food beginners!




2. I-Don’t-Wanna-Do-Nuffin Gudetama


White Congee and Pumpkin.

Just steam the pumpkin till soft but not mushy, and shape it into Gudetama. Decorate features with seaweed. For the mouth i use a grain of cooked rice.




3. Moomin and Snorkmaiden


Moomin: Taro Yam

Snorkmaiden: Potato

Ambiguous Scarf-looking thing: soft rice

The white rice was because…. i forgot to pou chok (cook porridge) T____T. #failmom


4. Baby Onigiri

It was supposed to be a baby seal swimming in a pool T___T.


Congee and Consomme (Carrot, Potato, Onion and Tomato).

I have introduced dashi (soup stock) to Junya so that it adds some flavor to the food he eats. In here i use Wafu Dashi (Japanese style stock) which is Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) and Konbu. Wash the salt off Konbu and boil with Katsuobushi to make stock.


5. Mameshiba


Mashed edamame porridge

Wafu dashi soup with spinach

A protein lunch variation! Also i was sort of bored with all yellow and orange foods.




6. Pikachu and the Poke Ball


Pumpkin, White Congee and Consomme. Nori for decorations.


Pika pika ❤︎


Behind the scene:

This is what happens when Papa tries to feed -___-



7. Ponyo’s Reflection


(as stated in picture).

I bought a Japanese red carrot (apparently a seasonal harvest for Japanese New Year) and the color turns out super vivid coral red! So i thought of making Ponyo since Junya has a Ponyo toy too.

Brown color is always a headache cuz usually the brown in Kyaraben is made of soy-sauce seasoned rice and baby can’t take salt yet. And natto is the only brown food so… Haha.


Behind the scene:

Ponyo: HeeeeEeeEElp!


That’s all for this week!

Rushing off to the airport for my Japan trip T___T. Update again soon! ^^



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10 responses to “#lunchforjunya 1”

  1. Hannah says:

    Youre very dedicated to make meals for him! Especially cute ones! Here in England babies usually just eat ‘baby food’ from a jar and toast hahaha

  2. Joee says:

    Is shirasu the same thing is ‘ngan yu zai’? o.o

  3. Those meals look so cute!! Wouldn’t mashed up regular brown/black beans also work for the brown hair (not sure if babies can have it, I’m not a mommy yet)?

  4. yuene says:

    That’s a lot of effort for a meal! But oh, so pretty! Good job and keep on posting these rinyushoku up!

  5. fong says:

    Wow wow wow… great job there… and the wooden plate looks just like those i saw at Muji… my sister is a huge sucker for all things Muji

  6. Yuuka says:

    Cheesie!! How do u have the time to do all the food so nicely!! U’re such an amazing mum~~~!!

  7. Akari says:

    I super love you Cheesie! You’re super dedicated to baby Junya! Which I really envy. lol The effort even he doesn’t recognize it yet is 100% out of love. when the time comes for me to have a baby I would surely do the same.

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  9. jojothehero says:

    Hi Cheeser.
    Now that my baby is starting solid too,this particular post is super helful.
    But it’s kindda hard for me to find all those ingredients here in Brunei. 🙁 so sad.
    keep updating about Sakura and Junya too for now ok? and also about life here and there. dont’ stop blogging! 🙂

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