(This post is written quite awhile ago, i think when i was still pregnant! I only get to publish it now XD)

It’s been a long time since a make-up tutorial!

The last time i blogged about Candy Doll (a lip, cheek and foundation series produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa made for gyaru make-up) was in 2011!

I am sure you have seen Candy Doll series online and in SASA, and to add to their latest collection, they have a brand new packaging with new colors!


Here they are!

The foundation series.

And the lip and cheek series.

In this post i will review some of the foundation series, 2 lip gloss and lip color, one lip treatment, and 3 new cheek colors.

First of all there’s the make up base!

It’s slightly pinkish in color, and i find using fingers to blend gives it best natural texture.

And then there’s the liquid foundation. I’m using Natural Beige here.

Using a sponge for an even spread on the face. I feel that the texture is a little lighter than the old series, which is good because it is less heavy!

The concealer now comes with two colors, the lighter for face (blemishes, spots) and the darker one for the under eye. Also slightly lighter in texture than old series (which had insane coverage but tend to cake a little) but still very good coverage and smooth on skin!

And then there’s my favorite: Loose powder!

Marshmallow (matte) and Crystal (pearly) are two choices, i prefer the matte one! Apparently the loose powder is also the best sellers among the foundation series. It really gives your face a silky finish!

And… foundation done!


As for the lip and cheek!

Anyway to be honest i’ve got some feedback about the old Candy Doll series that while the colors (especially the super opaque nude and light colors) are really pretty, they were a little bit drying, which i agree. But it’s so hard to find anywhere else the kind of colors Candy Doll carries, especially if you’re into Tsubasa-lookalike dolly-make.

But the good news is! The new lip color and gloss are not only super pretty and sweet in colors, they are also very, very much improved and moisturizing. Totally different!

So here i’ll demonstrate 3 different looks using different combination of products.


1. Sweet Dolly

After 3 years, Japanese make-up style has also changed a lot, and recently it’s been more natural spotting a light texture.

For the cheek, it gives a very pastel soft pink, you can apply it on the apples of your cheeks, and use the Aurora White part to highlight the under eyes and chin. You can complete with natural-looking false lashes.


Lip Color: Ramune Pink

Lip Gloss: Strawberry Milk

Cheek Color Duo: Aurora White and Candy Pink



One coat of lip and gloss, a very sweet and natural color!




2.  Blush Baby

This make-up takes a step further by going for mostly nude tones, leaving just the baby-like pink cheeks as the highlight.

For lip i only applied the Moisture Lip Treatment, and i LOVE it!!! It smells like sweet peach which is so super delicious, and it is really really moisturizing, giving you protection and gloss.

Lip: Moisture Lip Treatment

Cheek Color Duo: Marshmallow Purple and Strawberry Pink


This cheek color is super intense so you can just dab little by little on the cheeks, and then brush it lightly with Marshmallow Purple around it for a soft look.



3. Princess Pink

Time to be innovative with cheek colors! Other than for the blushies, who says you can’t be creative and double it as eye colors too?

This is perfect for a spring look that’s a little daring and different. Pink/red eye make up has been trending for a while now!

Lip Color: Pink Grapefruit

Lip Gloss: Macaroon Pink

Cheek Color Duo: Cream Beige and Pink Flamingo



You can use cream beige as a base, then apply Pink Flamingo boldly on your eyelids, and extend it outwards and under your eyes, the tip is to blend it well so it is a cheek/eyemake in one.


Alright that’s all for today! In summary, i would say that the new series is really an improvement from the old one!

You can get all Candy Doll new products at Tokyoninki.com!  & selected Alpro Phramacy (Mid Valley, Bukit Jalil, One Avenue, Jaya 33).

Also, the good news is the price is even lower than the previous series! Lip colors are priced at RM58, glosses are RM48 and lip treatment is RM38. Cheek colors are the same price RM59 but now it’s more worth it cuz it’s duo colors ma 😀