New nails!

Guess when was the last time i had my nails done??

2 years ago. For real! Ever since i got pregnant, i haven’t been going to the nail salon. At first it was plain laziness (pregnancy fatigue, anyone?), and after Junya was born, there simply wasn’t any time. Sit at a nail salon for 3 hours?? I could have had built Junya a castle lolol.

Some of us just don’t have the luxury to spare a good few hours apart from the baby just to do nails! But… what if you still can have fancy elaborated nails done all at the convenience of your own home, on your bed even, if you like?

Serious! Guess how long it took me to do that?

10 minutes.


What’s the magic??

Introducing Love Nail, the DIY Instant Nail Applique!

I know there are some nail seals/stickers out in the market, but what’s so special about Love Nail?

Love Nail is made of 100% real nail polish, which means it is extremely realistic that could compete with professional manicure art!

These are some of the designs that i got. AREN’T THEY CUTE!!!!! On the bottom rows are all Sanrio characters (certified and licensed of course) including the popularly loved Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars.


Here are some of its features:

✦3 in 1 Nail Polish (Base coat + Color coat + Top coat)

✦ 10 designs (in 10 sizes), 2 sets. Total of 20 nail strips per pack.

✦ Comes with tools (nail file, double-headed wood stick, zipper bag)

✦contains numerous invisible pores, which allow the nails to breath.

✦ Perfect shiny nails, and easily removed in short time using nail polish remover



How is it done?

It comes in 20 stripes, so you’ve got enough for 10 fingers, and even your toes!


1. Peel of the protective sheets on both sides, and place the right size on your nail.

2. Use the nail file to file the excess off.

3. File the edge for a smooth finish.

4. Done!


It’s really really easy! Instant pretty nails in just minutes.


Pink nails to match my pink outfit!

It lasts about 14 days, and can easily removed with nail polish if you wish to change styles!


Some of my other favorite designs:

This one is so pastel, perfect for spring mood!

Hello Kitty Seaside Holiday theme




There are many more designs, and here are just some of the examples:

Tropical Hello Kitty

Fancy Party Hello Kitty


Or if you prefer something more subtle, classy and pretty


There’s even french manicure!


Here’s a tutorial video (on French manicure) to help you further understand how it works!


You can get it from all SASA outlets in Malaysia!

The prices ranges from RM49.90 (normal) to RM54.90 (Sanrio characters), and now Tokyoninki is running a promotion: Buy 2 at RM88 only!!

Go get your favorite sets for this coming CNY! 😀