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When you travel with a baby and out the whole day, for sure you will have to change a few diapers/nurse or feed the baby, and even just get yourself and the baby some rest.

Here’s a blog post on where you can find a baby room/nursery/nursing room and its facilities!


Before that there are a couple of tips for a smooth travel experience.

1. Always always bring a soft fabric that could be a changing mat.

As mentioned in previous post, a lot of Japanese toilets are cover-less T___T. There will be no space whatsoever you can put your baby during emergency diaper change… and the only way is… down on the floor. Icky i know… T__T. But since Japan has world-class toilets (though avoid train stations and toilets at tourist spots at all cost!!!), so it’s really isn’t that bad! I have tried a few times, usually i use his blanket/my down jackets. Bring a stroller if you can because it can be an awesome changing station on the go!

2. Stay near departmental stores/family malls

According to my experience, Shibuya is one of the worst places to stay in Tokyo if you travel with a baby. The subways are waaaaaaay huge, confusing and inconvenient with infinity stairs, there aren’t many big malls with nursery rooms (the only one i could think of is Shibuya Hikarie, and perhaps Parco). I mean, you can’t really expect mommy and baby friendly facilities in Shibuya 109 can you XD.  Also, baby items are no where to be found in Shibuya. Plus it is crowded to the point it kinda makes you feel uncomfortable. During my entire stay in Japan i have only been to Shibuya once this time. And it was without Junya (for a quick meeting for 2 hours while danna watch Junya at home). Omg i have officially graduated the gyaru stage and turned into an aunty T_______T.

I would recommend staying in Shinjuku, near all the major departmental stores like Isetan and Takashimaya. We stayed in Ikebukuro this time around, which is quite far out but i was so so glad we chose that place, because it’s a family area and alllll the malls are super baby-friendly. If you wanna get some baby essentials or do a quick dinner with your little one.



So! I visited Harajuku/Omotesando almost every day because it is simply my favorite place on earth. Harajuku can be a little inconvenient, but at least when you need a rest, you can always walk towards Omotesando and get into Omotesando Hills.


Omotesando Hills Baby Room

Omotesando Hills has a shop called Kids No Mori at B2F, it’s a baby store that sells baby items, and they also have a rest area for both parents and baby/kids. I went there many many times to feed and change Junya.

It’s pretty spacious to me, they have 4x changing stations and 2 nursing rooms. Very peaceful and quiet right? However during weekends, it actually looks like this:

lolol. Haih want to change a diaper also have to queue T____T

All baby rooms in Japan has this formula-maker thing, i have not used it because Junya refused formula, but it’s so awesome!!! That means you no longer need to bring a flask of hot water and a bottle of cold water anymore!

They also have vending machines selling baby-wipes, diapers and some drinks (for kids).


Changing station is awesome! There are changing sheets for you to place on the cushion, as well as plastic bags for you to tapao you soiled diapers before disposing.


The nursing rooms are individual private rooms with two chairs, so the husband can go in and rest together too. (Some shared nursing rooms are strictly female-only, so just take note of the signs.) Although they spelt nursing wrong lolol.



Isetan Shinjuku Baby Room

Isetan is probably one of the most atas departmental stores so naturally the facilities are also top-notch! There are vending machines for both adults and kids (coffee, juices…), formula maker, microwave for baby food… etc.

Your baby’s instant lunch! Vending machines are usually a bit more expensive la so you can buy yours at baby stores and always bring with you.

There’s also a feeding room that looks like a restaurant for babies lolol.

Toilets in departmental stores are the most awesome!!!!! See how spacious it is! Can fit like a quadruplet stroller in it XD


Ikebukuro Seibu Baby Rest Room

Seriously, after visiting multiple baby rooms in Japan, i am so glad that i have a baby lolol. I even got addicted to visiting baby rooms because it means relaxing time for me! Before baby: usually after whole day of shopping and when you wanna sit down, you can only go to a cafe, which are often packed and you have to spend money for drinks. But post-baby: Tired? Baby Room. Want a snack? Baby Room. Wanna chat with friends without paying for cafe drinks? Baby Room lolol. Your baby is your best excuse.

And… Baby Rooms are SO AWESOME.

It’s like a theme park!

The colors are just too pretty!!! Although a little too girl-biased.


Even the vending machine is pink!!!

The garbage bins are pink.

Nursing rooms are pink. You even get to choose the shades. Either in baby pink.


Or bright pink.

Kids toilets also pink.

Why the designer so biased????? haha.

Ok at least the feeding stations have equal boy’s and girl’s color.

Junya loves this baby room!


Play area also pink.

Junya doesn’t seem to mind though.

There are also baby scales in the baby Rooms. He weighed 7.04KG and he is still the same now T____T.

Ok that’s all about baby room/nursing room! Let me know if you have any questions or have any tips to share. ❤︎