To add on to the list of restaurants i have brought Junya to in Japan (read Part 1 and Part 2), i am writing about MIZUcafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, which is produced by Cleansui Japan.

I have blogged about Cleansui before, which is a water filter series by Mitsubishi Rayon Japan i got for my house.

Anyway i heard that they had a concept cafe in Tokyo, so during our December trip we paid a visit to the cafe.

It’s located at Jingumae, 6-34-14, Harajuku, if you want to know the location! It’s quite near the Lotte building if you are familiar with Harajuku. Not hard to find!

The concept of the cafe is to provide a comfortable environment using the element of “water”, and of course to utilize the technology of Cleansui for a more wholesome dining experience with their Cleansui food and drink menu.

It was just after Oshougatsu holiday (most Tokyolites hadn’t gotten back from their hometowns maybe), so it was rather quiet. Even if it is full house it would be quite comfortably spacious still for dining with babies/kids.

To further promote the Cleansui concept, there’s also a free hand spa! It’s a warm Tansan (ie sparkling, which is the super trend for beauty products, hair salon etc) experience if you have a few minutes to spare.

For diners, there are even free water for you to take home!! There are tree types of specially selected water:

1. Normal Cleansui 2. Alkaline Cleansui 3. Sparkling Cleansui.

All kiasu Malaysian can just bring a whole bucket and fill it to your heart conscnience’s content, since bottled drinks in japan can be quite pricey.

Of course there are also Cleansui water filter products for purchase! <3

And of course, free refill of clean water throughout your meals.

Apparently Cleansui water that is served is also “chou nan sui” (超軟水), ie “super soft water”, which in my opinion is the most delicious water in the world XD

Our pre-lunch! (After that having a lunch date with Yuria at Omotesando)

My Vongole Pasta

The danna’s curry rice. Simple and yummy.



Back to Cleansui Water filters!

At home i have a Z9 filter, two pitchers, and a shower head filter.

I use the filtered water to cook, to drink, to make formula for Junya, to fill up the danna’s to-go water bottle for work, and the shower head filter for Junya’s bath.

I think that is pretty sufficient for my family.

Like i said previously before, i never believed in those fancy water filteration systems that cost thousands or even above five figures. Most of them are just marketing gimmicks. Like RO water whose hype has long gone, most people now know that it is actually water that could be dangerous to your health.

But Cleansui’s concept is very simple, it just brings water back to its most natural, purest form. Like that of the spring water from a beautiful river in Japan.

In the future perhaps i don’t mind to invest in a main filter that could let me have cleaner water even for the laundry, toilets and whole household uses. I mean, you can never be too careful! But for now i’m happy to provide the family with pure, clean water.

If you are interested to get Cleansui water filter for you house, you can now purchase it online via Cleansui Malaysia! Everything is super simple, all you need is a couple of minutes to install the counter top filter.

Also!! Exclusively for Cheeserland’s readers only, if you purchase a Z9E counter top (RM989) filter you will get a CP002e Pitcher worth RM239 for free!! While stock lasts, so order now fromCleansui Malaysia!