This was on 2nd January, 2015, Nagasaki.


I have never ever thought that there would be someone reading my blog in Nagasaki. But there was.

When i posted pictures of my journey on Instagram, a follower, Agnes left me a comment and invited me to drop by the little patisserie she was working at.

And we did. It was just within walking distance from our hotel.

The shop is called “Little Angels”, and is owned by a French lady who has been staying Nagasaki for a long time.

The patisserie is a lovely pastel pink from outside in. And i heard from the locals that this is a pretty popular shop in Nagasaki city!

The decor was just too pretty. Yes it’s a little too girlish, but it makes a perfect spot for an afternoon tea, catching up with friends and a date, if your bf/husband doesn’t mind XD. Mine didn’t!

A mix of Japanese Kawaii + Parisian chic

We were gonna go for a heavy lunch (too much good food in Nagasaki!!!) so we had a light tea time in the cafe.

With JunJun.

The strawberry shortcake was just perfect. T___T.

Agnes was really busy as it was a weekend, but she came over and thanked me for coming. (Oh my god you really came by!!!) I thanked her for inviting. Or else i’d never discover such a lovely cafe in town. The danna and i typically go for the unswanky hardcore street food XD

Thank you again Agnes.

I’m so thankful to be able to meet people like this all around the world. It makes an ordinary trip to much more memorable and special! 🙂

An abrupt make-of-the-day picture. Didn’t want to put it as the opening picture because i didn’t want to scare off you all AHHAHA.



After that it was lunch!

Danna was craving for Champon (not our Shiba inu, i must clarify again) so we went to a Chinese restaurant.

Subuta (the Japanese version of Ku Lou Yok/Sweet and sour pork).

Sara Udon (The Nagasaki version of Cantonese Yee Mee with extra veggies?)

And finally, Champon. It has no resemblance whatsoever to our pet. XD



In the afternoon, we dropped by Jiji’s shop house again.

Jiji doesn’t talk much. He was as shy as a little kid. Very much like his youngest son, who is also Junya’s father. I wonder if the genes run in all 3 generations?

He’s not the kind who would plant kisses all over the baby and play peekaboo in an animated voice. But when he saw Junya his eyes sparkled at an instant, and smiled to himself. I guess that’s how he expresses his unspoken love for his second grandson.

Junya also met his cousin for the first time! Who was also super shy lol.





In the evening we went back to our hotel for a short rest.

We changed and went on over to a shrine for our Hatsumode (first visit to the shrine of the year).



It was my first time! A little shrined located up the hill overlooking the beautiful city. Even in Nagasaki it was quite crowded.

Everyone came to pray for a good year and give their thanks.

Junya was fast asleep.

Hello Kitty Omamori of the year of goat! Obviously i had to get one T_T

For the family!

During Oshougatu (Japanese new year) there will also be Yatai (mobile food stalls) set up around the shrines selling food and snacks and even some games. It’s like the Japanese version of a Pasar malam 😀


Very happening!

Maneki neko and daruma for the new year.

Omikuji (Japanese fortune strips).

And a serene pond nearby.


At night, we went to our all time favorite, Shianbashi Ramen.

We were quite lucky there wasn’t a line cuz it was usually quite popular! Probably one of the most famous food shops in Nagasaki. Cuz Fukuyama Masaharu goes there. And and and!!!!! He was the danna’s senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok i think i said this many times before lol). So i just come here and tumpang some glory also quite happy la hahah.

Bakudan Ramen. Bakudan means bomb. And the bomb is the little mountain of garlic paste topping. Hmmm. Not the ideal romantic date dinner.



More odeeeeen.


Before heading back to hotel we went shopping in a drugstore.

Cold medicine for kids.

Wa wa wa medicine also need so cute anot!!!!!!!!!


But yea maybe My Melody will do a better job at convincing little kids to take their meds then a naggy mom. Ok i buy.