We often want to pamper ourselves to body massages or spa once in a while when we feel tired, but have you thought about giving your head a well-deserved pampering spa session too?


I was invited by MoltoBene (company who producted Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria hair care series i blogged about earlier) to try out Moe Moe Spa Treatment at their office salon.

Unlike the usual hair treatments that focus on repairing the hair, Moe Moe focuses on a relaxing experience as a whole. It sounds very Japanese (as it comes from japan, of course), but it is actually Hawaiian themed (knowing how much Japanese people love Hawaii!), and the word Moe Moe means “to rest” and “to relax” in Hawaiian.

Speaking of Hawaii, this year we may have a family trip together with Junya to Hawaii

And i am so excited!!

Back to Moe Moe!

The packaging is also super sweet and pretty!


That’s the Moe Moe Spa Treatment product series. If you look carefully, there’s a sequence to it, from fresh green leaves to blooming flowers, i guess it represents the unfolding of a woman’s beauty!


MoltoBene’s products are always very wholesome! Moe Moe is silicone and ethonol free, and contains certified organic ingredients of Neroli, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang essential oil, blend with the scent of Jasmine flower. Sounds just like a Hawaiian vacation!

The features for Moe Moe are:

  • special care for root volumization
  • special care for scalp odor
  • special care for colored and permed hair


Other than that, one of the most important routine for the spa treatment is the specially customised massages.


So many steps!!


So that day i get to experienced first hand this brand new Moe Moe Spa Treatment, serviced by MoltoBene’s very own educator from Japan, Suzuki san. Here are the steps of Moe Moe Spa Treatment:


1. Spume Soda

The first step is soda cleansing for the scalp.

A rich bubble foam is sprayed onto your scalp (you get to choose non-minty or minty. I chose the minty one because i love the cooling effect it has on scalp!), and even the hair, to give it thorough cleansing with gentle massage, at the same time giving nutrition and balancing pH to hair and scalp.


2. Volumy Gel

After that there’s the Volumy Gel, which is a cleansing gel with fine vitamin A & E beads inside to cleanse dirt and also to volumize roots of hair as its name suggests!

It is done with massage motions again by the deft fingers of Suzuki san. It feels super good!!!

The massage in this step is very important to promote metabolism.


3. Care Keeper + Care Serum

Triple cleansing?? This was the first ever time i’ve done any hair spa that has 3 cleansing step! Usually when you wash your hair too much, your scalp feels a little tingling and sensitive, but i’m surprised that after so many different types of cleansing, it is so gentle that it feels completely comfortable. (In fact i wish the massage can go on foreverrrrr T_T)

After that a hair treatment is applied to make your hair soft and moisturized.



4. Vita Drop

Now that your scalp is completely clean, you can give it a little boost with multivitamins to help moisturize scalp.

It could also reduce unpleasant smell of scalp, especially in a hot country like Malaysia.


And the treatment part is done!

Next is blow drying.

After that Suzuki san then help me check the condition of my scalp.

Can you see that??? Sparkling clean!!!

And lastly, styling.

With Suzuki san and Moe Moe products. Although they are mainly for professional salon use, there are several products you can bring home too for daily usage!

Very light and fluffy hair, and i indeed see the volumized effect 



Also, the good news is, although it is a professional range, Moe Moe is not only available in salons, there are also bring-home products you can purchase for home care!


Moe Moe Shampoo & Daily Serum

Moe Moe shampoo washes hair thoroughly for a lighter texture and prevent hair discoloration and curl keeping at the same time, perfect for colored and permed hair!

The Daily Serum is a daily hair treatment for continuous soft and volumized hair even after you come home from salon treatments.


Moe Moe Repair Aid

This is a leave-in treatment with watery milky texture to keep hair even softer and moisturized! I apply a pump or two to towel-dried hair after shower.


Moe Moe Fragrance Lei

Lastly, as you can see on a bottle a beautiful floral Lei, it is a hair fragrance spray with a sweet sweet scent reminiscent from the earth of Hawaii.

This is not just a hair fragrance, it also comes with UV protection, and serves as a protection for your hair against unpleasant smell like tobacco or smoke. So if your working environment has a lot of smoker, or it’s a clubbing night out or a BBQ party, do have a quick spray before you head out!


For more info, do visit MoltoBene Malaysia’s Facebook page and Instagram account: @moltobenemalaysia