The danna and i have quite different views on education when it comes to raising a child together.

I studied hard (half voluntary half reluctant) and got straight As throughout my student life (paiseh to boast like this but really wan), graduated from a local uni, never even stepped my foot in the corporate world, ever, and ended up a sort of, kind of, not really working mom at home who takes selfies for a living. True story. But in my heart i wish i had played harder, taken more plane rides, seen more of the world, made more friends, done more crazy things… instead of wasting my time memorising formulas and names of dead people that didn’t help my selfie taking skill.

On the other hand, the danna who didn’t even finish junior highschool took the job as a construction worker building apartments before he picked up the scissors and made friends with human hair for the rest of his life. He envies people who hold fancy certificates and speak like a thesaurus.

I admire the husband for his hands-on-everything talents. Give him a couple of chopsticks and he could probably build a castle. Give him a fish and he could ask the fish to fish for him lololol. There is no problem he cannot solve. He is my hero. I want Junya to be just like him. My son doesn’t need to score any As or go to any expensive schools, because life experience is his best teacher. But the danna thinks that if Junya can study, he should study as much as he can, because that is what he himself could not do when he was young.

Despite the quite extreme takes on child education, we actually are in the same direction. In the end, we just wanted our child to have the desire to learn, academically or otherwise, be happy during the learning process, and see lots and lots and lots of the world.

I don’t think i am one of those parents who send in multiple applications to the most sought after schools the moment they receive an obstetric ultrasound scan. I thought Junya will forever be homeschooled. By Champon lolol. Then  his father will teach him how to fish lolol. But anyway, what prompted me to start looking for a play school/play class was when he was going through stranger anxiety. I couldn’t even put him down and step away. And that was when i realized maybe i indeed, needed to bring him out to meet people and socialize. So i started visiting baby gyms and playgrounds, but i could not put up with the hygiene level. And then i received Daisy’s email.

I actually met Daisy before, when i first had Junya but it was just a brief encounter. When we crossed path again this time it was the perfect timing. She needed someone to try out her program, and i needed something new for Junya. Daisy started Malaysia’s first right brain play school: Brillkids Family and Trinity Kids, and as if she has heard me telepathically, she invited me to try out their programs.

A little bit about the programs:

1. Trinity Kids Malaysia (non-parents accompanied program)

It is a Nursery, Playschool, and also a Preschool all in one center, led by a team of teachers and nannies. It’s a program that offers a holistic activities and curriculum, whole hearted care and even down to a wholesome diet.

They have been voted by Malaysia parents as ‘Best Baby Development’, ‘Best Playschool’ and ‘Best Preschool’ and featured on Business FM 89.9, The Star, The Edge and NTV 7.

I went to Trinity Kids at The Verve, Mont Kiara to see it for myself, this award winning early childhood education center.

 First glance and i was smitten. The facility is spotless and they have a strict level of health policy. Whatever it is, safety and hygiene comes first. You can have a million dollar education program but if your kids constantly get sick in school it is as good as useless.

(Guest appearance of random Hello Kitties for privacy reasons.)

Daisy brought me on a tour, to the nursery, the classrooms, the playground, the kitchen… I also met her two adorable kids at there. Daisy told me that when she first moved here from overseas, she couldn’t find any daycare of preschool that met her standards in KL. So she started one herself that she would send her own kids to.

Little basin for little hands.
The boy’s toilet.

Kitchen area. They use fresh, quality, organic, free range, anti-biotics free ingredients to ensure a wholesome and balanced meal for the babies/kids.

Daisy has shared with me many other things, other than education. She has sort of become my baby encyclopedia. I texted her to ask the silliest questions about Junya. And she always has just the right answer for me. I’m starting to wonder why i need a paed for.

Anyway Junya doesn’t need to go to Trinity Kids nursery (2-12 months) since i am a stay home mom, but he is too young to enrol in the playschool (18m onwards). But Daisy had a perfect alternative for me.

2. BrillKids Family (parents-accompanied)

BrillKids Family is an all new concept club which is a collaboration between the awards-winning right brain program BrillKids International ( and Trinity Kids. The objective of BrillKids Family is to offer awesome early learning programs whereby children can maximise their potential while having fun. And… the mommy and/or daddy gets to be together with the child. That sounded just about perfect for me and Junya.

Brillkids is located at Publika, and i attend their classes with Junya twice a week, 1 hour per session.

Junya’s classes are for babies from 4-14 months old, where he learns sight reading, vocabulary, chord and notes recognition, numeracy… etc. Of course i didn’t expect him to be able to solve calculus problems and write poems within 3 months of learning la. Most of the time he just wants to crawl over the toy box and try to pry the lid open -___-.

But what i did notice was that he has opened himself up to strangers. Maybe the separation anxiety phase is naturally fading off too as he grows to be more sociable, but i can see that he is having fun. And every mom will agree with this: seeing your children’s happy faces, you will continue to do whatever made them so, and it’s all worth it.
Gym time after class.
Obstacle course challenge. And sorry if i scared you but no the teachers in Brillkids do not leave babies on the floor and neglect them like that. That is Ahmad, the pretend baby.
Junya also gets to make friends with other babies.

He likes his teachers too! (I assume so since so far he hasn’t bit them.)


So yea we are in Japan now and we will skip classes for a whole month, but when i come back i plan to let him continue the classes, maybe even a more advanced one!

Anyway there are too much to speak about Trinity Kids and Brillkids family. If you are a parent with young kids and are interested in finding out more, you can check out their home page, and also Facebook Page. They have trial classes too!


BrillKids Family | Wholesome Possum
Publika Shopping Gallery, level G4, lot 2


Trinity Kids
The Verve Shop, Level 5, 8 Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara KL 50480, Malaysia


And and and!!! I am so excited for Daisy because they have just been nominated in 11 categories for BabyTalk Reader’s Choice Awards 2015! You can go cast your vote on your fav brands too!