To continue from the previous post on Unzen, Nagasaki!

So the danna, Jiji, JunJun and i was on a family trip to Unzen, a place famous for its hotspring (and the volcano) in Nagasaki. And we stayed at one of the traditional Ryokan.

I looooooove Tatami.


Private onsen. There was an outdoor onsen bath connected to our room. It was freezing cold in January but was worth everything.

JunJun’s second hot spring experience! He loved it!! Cony has the same smile as Junya, so instead of Brown the danna is given a Cony face instead lol.

Family bath time <3

Shameless bath wefie XD. Danna became Brown again XD

After that we had room service! One thing i love about Ryokan is their in-room dining. You don’t order from the menu. Everything is served to you from chef’s selection in a proper dining manner!

An obasan came and served us a whole tableful of traditional Japanese noms.

The dinner spread. My god how are we supposed to finish all these food!!!

There was zouni hot pot (a traditional dish for the Japanese New Year), Nimono (simmered vegetables), Ise Ebi (lobster!!!),  sashimi, kanten jelly, dessert, and many many more which were not included in this picture.

And i felt so touched that so much effort is put into creating a nice dining experience for their guests. Just look at those beautifully carved veggies, how could i have the heart to leave anything uneaten?! T_______T


The next day, breakfast was at the Ryokan dining area.

Junya was sitting on his Richell inflatable chair. It’s super useful!

Hai ^^

i miss how round he was T_____T

Breakfast was healthy and filling! In the claypot was sizzling ham and egg.

After that we drove back to Nagasaki city. It was our last day so before we left i requested to eat our favorite Okonomiyaki.

A little shop lot managed by an obasan and her cat.

If there’s any Japanese food i don’t like, it is Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki (Osaka food lovers, don’t shoot me!!!!). What i don’t like the Kansai style sweet sauce they plop generously on the dough. But this one tasted different!! Hiroshima style!

Yakisoba with lots and lots of cabbage!

The danna used to come here when he was young, so it’s always very nostalgic to him.

The shop obasan offered to carry Junya while we eat. We thanked her and she started to talk and played with him.

Before we knew it, she disappeared.

As a Malaysian my first response was an instinctive panic. WHERE HAS SHE KIDNAPPED MY BABY ?!

Then it came to me that this is Japan. What’s more it is Nagasaki.

The Obasan brought Junya to the neighbor and for some chitchatting. I have no idea what they were talking about. Maybe about the weather, the cat, or local politics.

After that a passerby said hello and the Obasan bent down to let the dog talk to Junya.

After that more people stopped by and engaged in more smiley conversations with him.

I felt like my son is a baby koala in Nagasaki. Showered with so much affection and attention, only short of being offered Eucalyptus leaves.

Anyway my baby was returned to me at the end of the meal. We then drove around the city and went to the church the danna and i had our wedding ceremony.

JunJun, look! This is where papa and mama got married!

Family ❤︎ (Yes i am married to a bear. And my baby is a half blue bear cub.)

After that went to the top of the hill again. Blogged about it before! It’s awarded one of the top 3 most beautiful night views in the world. IN THE WORLD! (Along with Hong Kong and Monaco.)

Though day scenery was pretty awesome too.

Then back to hotel for a rest before heading out for dinner (with a sleeping Junya).

Dinner was Yakitoriiiiiiiiii (first round)

Next we went to the danna’s favorite Hitokuchi (one bite) gyoza shop. So good T___T

Grilled liver.

Negi omelette!!

We had an early flight the next day. This was at the airport!!

If you come to Nagasaki you must try their different types of Kamaboko (fish cakes).

Saraudon Choclate  (fried thin noodle in chocolate sauce…..)

We also bought sushi cake for the flight. It’s sushi rice topped with shredded sashimi and egg floss, shaped like a cake.

Flying back to Tokyo…

To entertain his son, the danna was doing some magic with a chopstick wrapper.

He said this is Ebi Fry lololol.

Junya’s first Ebi Fry.

But i think he expected papa to come up with something better than that XD


That’s all for our Japan trip in December! Tonight we would be leaving for Tokyo again for a month, so update again soon! ^^