Picture heavy post!

Last week we had a family road trip (on a roll!) to Penang! The danna has never been to that part of the country so i decided to let him 见识见识 some of the yummiest noms in Malaysia!

Neither of us is a good driver so by the time we reached the Penang bridge we were all like zombies -_-.

And starving. First thing was to look for makan.

Champon was with us!!

Penang people really quite friendly with pets!! Nobody gave us death stares or anything when we brought him to outdoor eating places. Only got people said “Waaaa! ee eh kao jin jia ho mia!!” (Wow! Her dog has such a good life) HAHAHHAHA.

JunJun at dai pai dong. The rotan high chair so nostalgic!! I bet i sat in one of these myself!


After that we checked into our hotel.

Wait what? Where’s food picture?


You just wait. I slow slow torture you. 好戏在后头。

Our hotel is Muntri Grove, which location is quite mysterious, but a gem hidden right in the heart of the city.

To be honest, one of the biggest reasons why we drove all the way to Penang was because the hotel invited me and my family for a stay, and i was too happy to jump at the chance because we have been wanting to travel with Champon (and not put him in a pet hotel/back to my mom’s place). Hahah very ambitious hor.

YES Muntri Grove is pet friendly!!!!! (As long as you don’t come with a giraffe.)

This is our room!! Located on the ground floor.

It feels like we came back home hahha. It’s incredibly new (only opened for a few months), but vintage at the same time with some of its antique furniture.

I was so happy!!

I mean… how often do you get to see this scene IN a hotel?

My sons.

It’s also spacious enough for Champon to run around and Junya to crawl all over.

A comfy, awesome bed for 3.

Right in front of our doorstep is a garden where we could walk Champon (and let him do his business. Of course we clean up after him la.)

In a hotel!!! In Malaysia!!!

Even the backyard is a good place for Champon to roam and sniff around.

And they also provide extra bed for Junya.



Night time, my friend Carolyn came and picked us up for a tour of the city. I was so impressed how beautiful Penang has turned into!! Sometimes i thought i was in Singapore! Not that i 看不起 K.L la. But you know la, how unsafe it is and how paranoid you have to be in KL. It’s quite hard to really enjoy the city i guess?

I love this street!



Next morning!

Breakfast by the gorgeous pool!

Matching coordinate with Junya.

He’s hungry already…

Glorious mangoessssss

Carolyn then came and picked us up again and drove us to her favorite kuey teow tng!

Hi this is her!

My baby napping under the hot sun.


My baby woke up for kuey teow tng. 😛

And then went to the sea. Penang ma.

Then the rest of the day was just eating and more eating and more and more and more. -_-. There’s no such thing as breakfast lunch or dinner when you are Penang. One meal after another back to back. I was gonna throw up but the danna was like, “Next!!” -_-. I swear after we go back home i will eat purified air for dinner for the rest of the week.



On the last day!

Upstairs of our hotel at Muntri Grove again.

Got changed and prepare for more activities!!

Penang Hillllllll

JunJun obviously wasn’t very happy that i dragged him out in the sun. He didn’t want to get a Tan. (Not his surname)

Family picture!!

In case you are wondering! We didn’t bring Champon along up Penang Hill. Obviously cannot la because have to take the cable car up. We dropped him at Carolyn’s place for a couple of hours!


Ok that’s all about Penang!






This blog post starts now.

Chicken wing at New Lane.

Random Curry Mee at New Lane. The pork intestine porridge shop was not open the first day (Thursday) so we just simply ordered some food.

Orh Jien (Oyster fried egg)

Char Kuey Kak at Burma Road. Topped with Oyster. Recommended by a Penang Lang wan. He said this is the best but it’s a road side stall.

Yes it was probably one of the best Char Kuey Kak but it also cost RM15 -___-. AND there was this longkang smell that complimented our supper -_____-.


Welcome to Malaysia.


Next was supper number 2 at Green House.

Hokkien Mee!

There’s Also Hokkien Loh Mee (?!) which is half Penang prawn mee with half loh mee sauce. It was quite weird 0.o

Supper number 3 was Nasi Kandar Beratur. No queue that night hahaha. Tak payah la ratur.

The next day Carolyn knows that i was dying for the porridge so she brought us to one near Sg Nibong.

Sg Nibong Kuey Teow Tng

Then my dream Char Kuay Teow. T____T. We went to Lorong Selamat because i wanted to show the danna the most famous CKT in the world. I know everyone has their one favorite CKT and some may think Lorong Selamat one isn’t the best. But for me this will do. Very much will do. T_____T.

Next is white curry mee! This is before adding the chili sauce! Forgot to take a pic after haha.


Laugh die me this menu XD. Very got personality hor Penang Lang. Everyone like to custmize their curry mee wan lol.


Dessert time!! We went to shop nearby for Orh Nee (yam paste with ginko nuts)

The danna die die wanted Ais Kacang so Carolyn brought us to New World. But he said the best Ais Kacang is in Kepong. I agree. XD


I’m serious. Really got next. After so much food. Can you believe it???

Carolyn insisted we try Mee Goreng at Bangkok Lane so we did.





I die die wanted to get my fix of real pork intestine porridge so we came back to New Lane. Today uncle got open.

My chee cheong chuuuuukkkkk



I already lost count. We actually went for seafood noodle after that.

Then had orh jien again.


(By this time i felt like i’m going to give birth to a giant food baby)

Various desserts are Dolce. This is just one of the many many many.

Ok end. Finally. Sleep time.


The next day we had roti canai!

And CKT again because you can never have too much CKT!!!!!!!!


Last meal before heading home! Beef noodle at beach street! Very yummehhhhh!



Ok that’s all. 😀

After all these, the danna still said KL had better street food wor. lolol. Woi Penang Lang, FASTER DEFEND YOUR HOMETOWN!!!!!