Junya turns 11 months today!

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The 10th month had been a month full of new outdoor adventures! He goes to the pool, saw some mountains, touched the sand, felt the sea water, piggybacked his mom and climbed Mt Fuji…. All is true except the last one which happened only in my head.

So here’s what happened in the past month:


For Baby

1. Surfing lessons!!!

No la actually is just float around in the pool and check out girls in bikinis lolol. But yea the papa is all in the mood of training his son for the upcoming surfing trip in Hawaii!


2. Happy Meals… not. -_-

I already expected this to come sooner or later, but when it happens it was still such a bummer. My baby who would happily chow down everything i fed him/within his grasp, is now spitting out things that are not up to his standard -__________-.

First of all he wouldn’t even sit in a high chair. The high chair is his dance floor -____-.

And then he has like negative appetite. Everyday i was like “huh i thought you liked banana?” “??? but yesterday you ate pumpkin like it was your favorite!?” “So you didn’t mean it when you told me you love blueberries.” *death stares*

So yea that explains the lack of kyara plate recently because i end up having to feed him every 20 minutes to see if he changes his mind about what he likes or dislike again -_-.


3. He has a point

So last month he learnt how to use his finger to point. But this month he was like a Chinese Zombie with only one active arm. Whenever it crosses his mind (which is every 5 seconds), he would point at something. In fact, the first thing he does the moment he wakes up (still groggy) is to point at a random direction. XD

“What is it JunJun? Sky? Steering?? That lantern? Trees? Champon? Where? Oh, the gear? You mean my feet?” Yeap.

Half the pictures we took together are pictures of him with his arm and index fingers stretched straight out.

See my point??


4. Press

So since there’s an index finger, it’s time to put it to good use.

He ditched Champon and found new group of BFFs called “buttons”. He would press anything pressable AND unpressable. Remote, appliances (of course under supervision), elevator buttons (his favorite because we would happily ask him to press lolol. I mean, what a good way to learn numbers?), shirt buttons, Champon’s water bottle nozzle…

So one day he was digging into the danna’s navel. Then i realized because i told him it is a belly BUTTON.

I don’t blame him.


5. Destructive hands

Other than press, he could pinch, punch, hit, slap, smack, wham T____T. Every time i try to tell him something he be like TALK TO THE HAND. T__T


6. Dimsum Pushcart

He now can walk around pushing chairs/stools like he’s selling siew mai and har gao. Well at least he won’t be jobless when he grows up.

Sometimes atas a bit got steak also lolol.


7. Out of the bed

I used to have nightmares of him tumbling down the bed (he rolls like a boss on the bed) and we would build pillow towers to barricade him. Every time he gets on the bed he wants to get down. Like dive head first onto the ground. But one day he just decided that he is smart enough to go legs down first. And now he could climb down the bed like a pro.


8. Protests

Nowadays, the only times he cries for real are when he knocks his head or bumps his bum. Other times it is because i don’t let him do things that he wants (eat a make up brush/shake a snow globe/hold a table knife…). But when i tell him NO after he punched me in the face, he just laughs. -_____________-.


9. Stranger Danger

He likes strangers now omg. He flirts with strangers -_-. Since he is randomly pointing at people, naturally he gets a lot of attention. A hello, a wave, a smile back… and he would ask for more. The entire flight back from Bali he was entertained by the passengers behind us lol. Good la the mama and papa gets to rest a bit.


10. Teeth grinding


Now that his two top front teeth are starting to sprout out, he’s finds it very interesting to gnash his upper and lower pearlies repeatedly. And the sound is. driving. me. crazy. T________T



For Mama

Well, yesterday was the first time i celebrated Mother’s Day as a mother. I waited the whole day but my son didn’t give me any presents. (Some glittery hand made cards with origami flowers, Junya? Hello?) But when i went to bed looking at his sleeping face, it’s just the most cliched type of Mother’s Day sentiment… my baby is the present for me.