A photo post on Japan in June 2015!

It was summer in Japan and it was time to hit the beach!

The danna had surfing itch for a long long time since the last time he surfed was in Bali. Most of the NALU staff (beach boys!!!) are surfers too so the they rented a van and we headed to one of the surfing spots in Ibaraki prefecture.

We began our journey 3:30AM and sunrise was at 4AM!


JunJun with Dejima san and his surfboard!

When i grow up i want to be beach boy.

Gomi san and i and JunJun were the non-surfers so we just guard our turf lol.

Went to the nearest combini and bought lots of snacks!


Bought crabstick since we are at the beach i was totally in the mood for some seafood XD


JunJun’s lunch time!



Oh mama. I need some space!

Stop kissing me every second ahhhhhhh

Eye swag

JunJun’s crawl buffet time! (He still couldn’t walk steadily yet)

Playing in the sand

Found some gems stones!

My little turtle XD

Stroll by the beach with mama


Strutting JunJun lol with papa after he was back from riding the waves.

And then papa and JunJun had a nap in the car

While Gomi san and i went to a park!

And the rest of the beach boys!

That’s all for today!





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