I haven’t done any make up tutorial in a long long time!

For about two years now my make up routine has been simpler than ever. I focus on usually a lip tint and rosy cheeks for an instant perk up. Usually i will forgo eyeshadows or even eyeliner and with just a good coat of mascara, a little brow color, and i’m set to go!

But of course, a good foundation is very important because that’s the base of your make up. I have come to ditch liquid foundations because it requires long, careful application to avoid unevenness, and usually i end up looking too made up.

And then i was introduced to Lancome Cushion Compact, a quick secret to achieving a dewy rosy look!

I was invited to the brand new Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact party, where the guests could  be the “Cushionista” and personalize our own bejeweled cushion compact case!

Compact case can’t look any cuter! <3

The theme was “Be Dewy Rosy, Be A Cushionista”, so everything was in sweet pink, including the yummy Lancome macarons!

Lancome cushion comes in 8 different shades to suit every skin tone. The Lancome make up artist helped me pick out the shade that suits me best.



When the Lancome make up artist did the make up demo, it looked very effortlessly perfect, but i thought that’s because it was a professional doing it. Only when i brought it home and tried it for myself, i realized how easy the application is!! I will later show you how quick and simple it is in the video tutorial at the end of this post. Everything is done under a minute! That’s how long my daily base make up takes.

That’s my customized compact case!

See the spongey thing? That’s the “cushion”! It is specifically developed with 800,000 holes to provide a high level of comfort upon application.

Then there’s the puff that gives the most velvety, silky feeling ever.

To apply, you just dab on the cushion to pick up the formula, and then apply it by tapping on your skin.

Just light taps to apply and blend.

I have to say that the sensation is really unique! Firstly the formula you pick up is liquidy, but once you apply it on your face with the puff, it is a cool, minty powdery feel! The puff picks up just the right amount (you can adjust by your own pressing pressure on the cushion), and it’s very lightweight! I could wear it for a whole day and there’s zero cakiness.

It also comes with UV protection so that’s another bonus!

Before and after a very light application. I like to go over my lips if i wanna wear a lighter color lip color. Neck and ear too if i feel generous haha.


Some brow tint, rich cheek colors and fresh lip tint, and you are set for that dewy rosy look!


Here’s the video tutorial to show you how simple it is, step by step!!

That’s all for today!