11 years

September 9, 2015 in Senti-Emmental

Today this blog turns 11 years old.

Last year i briefly thought about not being able to have posts like these anymore. But i guess it survived yet another year.

I thought to myself, i have persisted something for 10 years, and even if it doesn’t work anymore, i considered it an achievement. It was like, 我给了自己一个交代。都值了。

During my interview with BFM last month, i was asked to share my tips to successful blogging.  I thought for a long while (it sounded like i answered effortlessly but that’s because they cut out my errrs and uhmmms lolol. Thanks Natalie.) before i concluded that it was plain luck.

It was true. I was lucky. I am lucky. Some may consider this a moderately successful blog, only because a small amount of people will occasionally google “cheeserland” or vaguely remember my make up mode + multi-filtered face, and that sometimes people want to interview me on how i become moderately successful (only because the radio announcer was a reader of this blog lolol thanks again Natalie).

But i only consider myself successful because i am happy and free now. That’s my ultimate definition of success. You can be earning multi-million dollars and be unhappy. You can have the topmost position in a global conglomerate and feel entrapped.

But i am now independent, content, and happily waking up 7am on my own terms lol. I feel that i now understand that i have something to live for.

So yea i didn’t really give an answer to the interview question. If i must it will become very pretentiously philosophical lolol.

But i guess, writing something one truly love works works for me. In the beginning it was for myself, but a while later i realized sharing what i love actually benefitted some people who share the same passion. We learn together. I get motivated to learn more, and feel thankful that they enjoy what they read. And then i share more. It’s all a very good cycle.

It’s no longer about who beats who in traffic and followers and who gets the bigger client or be invited to more events. It is about sharing what you believe and finding resonance. Even if it means you need a stethoscope lol.

Even if one day nobody reads this blog anymore, i would still continue writing here (or type, whatever it is. Who knows we evolved from writing to typing to tapping to one day maybe raising an eyebrow or telepathically speaking into the air??). There will always be someone who reads this blog. Me.

After all, that was how it all started. The first time i ever wrote for myself was in 1993. The first time. I was given a diary (brown cover, with an attached bookmark and just boring lines and dates), and i lay a pencil on the page of that day’s date.

And i was then hooked. For 22 years and counting.

The first entry. December 27, 1993.

(Yes i was Chinese educated all my life. Pardon my shitty English.)

In summary, it was about the book i borrowed from school library and some classmate who scolded me si ba po and i scolded him back si ba gong and that my aunty made a purple dress for my cousin’s barbie doll and there was a TV show at night which title i forgot but involved black people and an empty bottle fallen from the sky.

I am forever thankful for the mean classmate. If not for him i may never have become a blogger. Thank you, 死八公.

Anyway, i had to look through my old diaries (lots and lotssssss of them) to find the first ever entry i wrote. And then i ended up spending a good few hours laughing at my own jokes lolol. Apparently i was quite funny since i was a child. And racist. My apology for calling 历苏 a 黑人.

Anyway after that epic 1993 entry (Entry? Ancient blog post? lolol), this was what i wrote, on 27th December, 2013, exactly 20 years later.

My trip to Hakone to give thanks to the baby tree, 3 days after i announced my pregnancy and my 2nd wedding anniversary.

Funny how things turn out, right?

That is why, i will keep writing this blog, and view it 20 years later at night lying on a customized cloud bed (mentaiko-flavored and a specially engineered dream for that night) after Junya’s graduation ceremony, reading this entry from my contact lens.

So yea. Thank you, me in 1993.


And as usual, i would like to thank all 7 of you who are still reading here and who genuinely share my happiness and feel good about it.

Lastly, the standard blogniversary questions every year!

1.  When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

3. What would you like to see more this blog?


Thanks again, this year.

116 responses to “11 years”

  1. Paula says:

    Congrats Cheesie! 😀
    Awesome blog and posts! Thanks for everything shared and hope to keep reading your adventures and see Junjun´s cute looks with champon!

    I read every post of your blog for around 3 years i guess, but i´ve known it for around 5 years…
    favorite post probably when u showed us you were pregnant, it was very cute! <3<3
    hmm i would like to see more of the culture from Malaysia, i know like nothing about it! And i learned so much from Japan through your eyes/posts that I love Japan even more <3
    And maybe some tips to make clean make up like yours 😀

    thanks again and keep on the awesome cheeserland blog! ;D

    • cheesie says:

      Thanks Paula!! Thanks for your suggestion. Where are you from? 🙂

      • Paula says:

        I´m brazilian, living in Brazil for now, but I’ll be moving to Japan next year (!!!!) 😉

      • cheesie says:

        You know, some of my Japanese friend who are extensive travelers say that the most beautiful place they have ever been to is Brazil. Really!!!

        And OMG i feel so excited for you!!!! Isit for work?? Please update me how your life goes :))

  2. cam says:

    hi cheese!!!!
    just want to give a shout out and say hi! i love love LOVE your blog and i wanna answer your questions! :3

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    omg i grew up reading your blog! i started reading it when i was a teenager about 6 to 7 years back. i am now a young adult and have also watched you transform into a lovely mom. i remember the things you cared about were so different 6-7 years ago, waking up early to curl your hair before shopping and the best fashion. it was also heels all the way! now it has morphed into showering love to junjun and caring for your danna. you also get to cook n do what u love everyday. i hope to be as lucky too!

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    your recent Mottainai blog post struck a chord with me. i was in japan recently and really felt the love and effort everyone put into making, enjoying and finishing the food whole heartedly . when i bought mentaiko, i also felt it was so wasted making it into mantic pasta. i really love it as it is, on hot rice, just as you said!! i just could not put words into it, until i read your post. i was so touched and shared it with my loved ones too. what a wonderful culture, and what wonderful intentions they have in appreciating even the smallest thing <3 thats my fav post so far. (ps before that it was the one about japan, and how you fell in love with the beautiful country)

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Jun jun's monthly updates are so fun to read! i have a few mommy friends myself now and it helps me relate to them and their babies better. #lunchforjunya is amazing because of the effort you put in, maybe share some recipes : D also, your ootds are so interesting n fashionable for a mom. keep it up cheesie.

    Lots of love, xoxo.

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Cam! Thanks for your comment! Wa wa wa so enthusaistic wan T___T.

      Yessss can’t believe i wore all those heels now lol. Such a torture!

      Thank you for loving the Mottainai post!!! I really hope i can share more of the wonders of the cultures to the rest of the world, and i guess being appreciated is the best reward ever!

      JunJun’s monthly update is coming up tomorrow hehhee stay tuned!

  3. Masit says:

    Congrats on your blogniversary Cheesie! Keep on writing~ <3

  4. Emi says:

    Hi Cheesie! Congrats on 11 great years of online blogging!
    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I answered this one before in a past year but I can’t remember it now. Maybe in 2010? I look back through some of the older entries for reference sometimes so it’s a bit blur rn lol.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    Of the recent ones, I loved reading Junya’s month-to-month posts. Even though I’m not a parent, it was still really sweet and interesting and very honest feeling. But ofc, the Japan/travel ones are great resources as well. I recently went to Japan last month and decided to go up to Sendai during the Tanabata Matsuri. Your blog posts definitely helped influence that. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but I wrote about it here – http://emiiichan.blogspot.com/2015/08/japan-trip-summer-2015-part-4-sendai.html

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Will you be blogging about your Hawaii trip at all? I live/grew up here (in Hawaii) and I would be interested to read what you did/your thoughts. Sometimes tourists experience things that locals don’t take the time for or just do more research and find better things lol.

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Emi,

      Thanks for taking your time to answer it again! I read your blog post! It was amazing! All the colors for the matsuri, so pretty! And we have something in common now since you also paste sticker on your kareshi’s face lol. And omg i miss Liz Lisa lol.

      Yes Hawaii is coming! I just edited some pictures last night :)))

  5. Carlyn says:

    Congratulations on blogging for 11 years. It is quite the accomplishment. I first started reading your blog in 2011 after stumbling onto Xiaxue’s blog. I like your travelling posts the most particularly the ones about Japan. I think the movie you saw on tv in 1993 was The Gods Must be Crazy which is a movie about an African tribesman who finds a bottle and thinks he had to return it.

  6. Sandrine says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    January 2014

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    All posts about visits to the Sakura tree and experiencing its blossoms in Japan

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    So far, so good

  7. Michelle_Miracle says:

    Good Morning Cheesie!!!!
    It is a fate that I should reply this post since I woke up and I feel like key in Cheeserland in my google to read something from your blog.
    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I cant remember. Maybe 5 years ago?

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    I think should be the “cheatone”. Haha I love how creative and humor you are 😀

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    More blogpost! XD I mean more sharing of your life and things you explore. Either Malaysia or Japan.
    More about your current fashion mood? I really miss those vain selfie you do lastime wearing gyaru style outfit !

    Lastly , I hope you continue blogging and I would love to read your blog 20years later!

    • cheesie says:

      Thank you, fate, for bringing Michelle here. XD

      Recently i don’t cheat as much lolol thoughi shall attempt again! 😀 I hope this blog can survive 20 more years too :))

  8. Stella says:

    Hi Cheesie! I love reading your blog! Congratulations on your 11 years of blogging!

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I can’t remember but I think it was in 2012. I read one of your posts on Japan and being a Japan worshipper myself, I was hooked!

    2. Which is your favourite blog post?
    I love all your Japan posts. Also, you inspired me to take up japanese classes and I am forever grateful for that 😀

    3. What would you like to see more of this post?
    More Japan, JunJun and food posts!

  9. kaitlin says:

    Hello! I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on your blog before but I’m feeling extra sociable today. Even if it’s just online lol.

    1. I can’t remember. Around the time when you joined that model thingy? I literally grew up reading your blog.

    2. The ones where you give us a glimpse of your personal life. Probably when you announced your pregnancy? 🙂

    3. Just anything really. I, or rather us as long-time readers, feel like we’ve known each other for ages now and would just like to know how an old friend is doing.

  10. mei says:

    Happy 11 years of blogging! I wish I could blog for a long time as well 🙂
    1. I don’t even remember when I started reading your blog. I already put it on my bookmark from the very first time and I also put the link on my blog xD

    2. All Japan and Junya related posts! <3

    3. Anything from you 🙂 Japan, Junya, and coordinate post.

  11. Kingsley says:

    在大學時代就已經讀你的部落格了(聽說你也是馬大畢業的?)。現在畢業,做工兩年,還是會回來這裏看看。以前學生嘛,什麼post 都會讀。現在比較忙了,所以會選topic 看。

    Thank you for continue blogging. 🙂

    • cheesie says:


      • Kingsley says:



  12. Ru Hui says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    I have been reading your blog for several years (4?) I started when I was looking for food to eat in Japan. I enjoy reading your posts because you write for yourself, and it feels genuine. Recently, I enjoy reading your posts on Jun Jun too. Please keep writing!!


  13. Lyxxaa says:

    Congrats on your 11th year of blogging cheesie!

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I’m not really an old reader, discovered your blog through xiaxue’s hongkong disneyland post in 2009 I think. Started to read your blog more & more & it eventually becomes the website I have to open at least once to check for update every single time I’m on my laptop.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    Everything on Japan & Junya! Your writing got me so, so in love with Japan, even though I’ve never been there before. It is now my number #1 dream country to visit! I still can’t afford to go there right now but I’m really look forward to graduating & working full-time so I’ll have the money to experience the magic too. There’s still more than a year to go, but I’ve never been so excited & enthusiastic about wanting to plan a trip before. Thank you Cheesie, thank you for your stories & experiences about Japan, for making me fall in love with a country I’ve never been to, for giving me something to look forward to. (:

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    More on Japan & Junya please!

    • cheesie says:

      Lyxxaa, 6 years is looooong!!! I’m really glad that you loved Japan because of this blog. It’s amazing! I really really hope you get a chance to go on your dream vacation. And hope when you finally visit Japan, it will blow you away even more!! 😀

  14. Ace says:

    Love reading about your travel, LOOOOOVE it! Your food posts are also awesome, keep them coming. 🙂

  15. icha says:

    WAAAAAA! i’m touched :’) i read your blog when uh i don’t know! but i read it religiously since your pregnancy just because i was pregnant too. junya and my baby only is same age. separated by 3 days. 😀

  16. Bahiyah says:

    WOW! 11 years! Congratulations! It was 4-5 years back when I first started reading your blog, I don’t even remember how it all started! But, I totally got addicted! I looooooove all your puns! Bring back all the food puns please!Can’t wait for NAPBAS too! Reeaalllyyy looking forward to your outfit! ♥‿♥

  17. Yumii says:

    Happy anniversary, Cheesie. I don’t know if you still remember me, but I used to comment excessively and basically your white knight lah, coz I always defend you from haters with my sarcastic remarks lol.

    I’ve also hung out with you once in Tokyo, you brought me to Omotesando in 2012, a week before you got married I think hehe. Sorry for being a weirdo at that time. I just felt so out of place coz you and your Japanese friend were so fashionable in Shibuya 109. I swear I was SUPER happy that you showed me around. I was (and still sometimes) very socially awkward.

    Anyway, I am so happy for you now. I remember all the good times and the bad times in your life. Feels kinda weird to think about it, being a stranger yet feels like your friend in some ways.

    I haven’t been commenting, but I still read your blog. Not as religiously as before, not as fanatic before. But your blog is still my favourite all these years. Not a lie!

    Don’t know why but I feel so happy for you now. I am so happy when you found danna (then kareshi). I am so happy when you married him. So happy when you had Junya. You deserve all this happiness after all you’ve been through.

    Anyway, I’m so longwinded ahh!!! I wish you and your family a happy and healthy life. Thank you for being a joyful part of my life.

    To answer the questions:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I think it has to be around 2006? I remember my cousin mentioned you and saw you from Kenny’s blog hahahah. I was 17 when I read your blog. Now, old liao. 26. No longer sarcastic. No longer annoying (I HOPE). Walao almost 10 years! Do I get a prize for being a 10-year reader next year? Muahaha

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    OH god. I’ve no idea, man. I have to say, I have such guilty pleasure from your MDG posts. I wish you could write more on those. HAHA. But for now, Hair posts and Junya posts are my favourites. I like to see the motherly side of you ah! Seriously, I never imagined you being a mom lor! Also, I went to Number76 to do my hair twice ok.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Ahh, I would say more of your family life but I don’t wanna pry bah. You are doing great, I’d say! Keep it up lol

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Yumii,

      Of course i do la!! Thank you so much for feeling happy for me! Hahha ok if you still around next year i give you a prize lolol. I also never imagined myself being a mom omg i had irrational fear that i will pop my baby’s head into an oven wtf. And who is your stylist?? 😀

      Anyway tell me more about you?? How are you doing? Are you happy? Ya ya i remember last time you and your sarcastic comments for the trolls hahaha. It was adorable though. 😀

      • Yumii says:

        Wah, so happy that you remember me!!! I guess my teenage angst and sarcasm paid off muahah. Also, YAY looking forward to the prize next year lol!

        Junya already came from an oven, Please don’t pop him back in there! XD

        Oh my stylist was Emily! I dyed half my hair purple. The colour is going strong still! Only started to fade this month. I dyed it in first week of June!

        Me? I guess I’m doing alright, I suppose. Ups and downs! Especially with imbalance brain chemicals, a bit harder to stay optimistic. But guess what!!! I am engaged! Can you believe it? Me?! The socially awkward penguin??? But it’s a long distance relationship. So yeah… I’m sure you understand it.

        I’m actually working in Singapore now! That’s why I haven’t been able to go back to Number76 to trim my hair. Tell danna to open in Sg please!

        Also also! Since I last met you in Tokyo, I’ve been to Japan three more times. All three times to Osaka/Kyoto lol. Once on my own, once with my dad and once with my fiance. Obviously, cheaper flight is the excuse haha. Still so many places in Japan I’ve never been to. Still so much more to see!!!

        Anyway, I deactivated my twitter back in 2013. Telling you now coz you used to follow me lol. That’s how we planned to meet up in Shibuya. Only started an Instagram account in May this year. I’m following your IG! ( OF COURSE! STALKER HAVE TO STALK OK?) So, if you wanna keep in touch with me, I can send you a direct message via IG! (I’m so shameless lol)

  18. Yeo Siew Chin says:

    1. Start reading your blogs about 3 years ago. Hooked ever since and will continue reading
    2. Junya growth ! Because my girl is exactly 1 month younger than Junya.
    3. Grateful for what we have. When we appreciate what we already have, life will be much prettier.

    Love you, Cheesie !

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Siew Chin, thanks for your comment!! Awww yes it’s so fun to know other moms with babies of similar age right hahah. Thanks and good health for your cute little girl!!

  19. bulats says:

    wow! congrats! your blog is now in std 5! 😀

    my yearly answers haha ( or maybe i just answered once before)

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    ever since kennysia blogged about…..the stellars haha

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    this is a difficult qn…so i shall just skip it 😀

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    anything that makes you happy ^^ always always enjoy your posts

    • cheesie says:

      Bulat wa want to say until liddis lolol. I raised a kid until std 4 hor.

      You very happy go lucky hor lolol. Ok la i shall listen to you and blog more of what makes me happy 😀

  20. Iman says:

    Hi Cheesie! Congratulations on your 11th year of blogging! I really enjoy reading your blog from time to time 🙂

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    – Hmm, I think I started reading your blog around 5 years ago. I was 17 back then & came across your blog, talking about your travelling experiences. I Hehe

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    – Any post related to Japan because the posts are very informational & it helps me in planning for my Japan trip 🙂

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    – Nothing in particular since I enjoy most of the posts. Just keep writing & inspire people like me who are interested in blogging too 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Iman, yay i’m glad some of the posts help you in your travel planning. Where did you go (or going)? Share with me more! 🙂

  21. Mary says:

    Hello Cheesie!

    This is the first time when I am commenting although I have been reading your blog maybe for 5 or 6 years (?). I’m interested in your posts dedicated to travelling and Japan in particular. I wish you more travelling with your family because it is truly makes your life more interesting and exciting.

    Keep on writting!

    From Russia with Love ^^

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Mary, thanks so much for your comment!! I don’t usually get flags from Russia so this is quite exciting! I bet the culture there must be so different 🙂

  22. curryegg says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    So happen that I decided to give my blog another start of life, hence I signed in to my blogger account and see an update post from you! I can’t believe that it has been 11 years for your blog, Happy Blog-Anniversary! I also want to thank you for the motivation to continue writing, especially when you pointed out – “There will always be someone who reads this blog. Me”

    I noticed how I felt the pressure of needing to chase the number and please readers/companies back then which resulting in losing the real love of writing. You have pointed a good reminder.

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I can’t remember but I get to learn about you in one of the Nuffnang’s very first event at PWTC. Since then, I followed your updates.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    I don’t have 1 particular post but I love your sharing about travel in Japan, love life and fashion.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    To continue be yourself and write more 😉

    Take good care!

  23. CWL says:

    Hi Cheesie! Congrats on your 11th year of blogging anniversary! I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I can remember tbh. Ever since I found out about blogging and started my own blog, I’d been reading yours and it had always been one of my most favs! You’ve never lost your own touch to blogging and being a blogger who’s so down-to-earth. Most importantly you’ve never lost your punniness haha! I’ve always loved your Cheat One blogposts 😀 I would want you to just do whatever it is that you’re doing to make yourself such a lovable blogger. Love you!

  24. Jaslyn says:

    Hi cheesie!

    I’ve been a reader since 2009 haha
    I remember how I used to love ur random makeup tutorials and Japan blog posts!
    Nowadays I look forward to you telling us your life with your family and also the blog posts about Japan’s culture :>
    Thank you for starting this blog, it has been a joy to read every single blog post you write!

  25. Christine says:

    1. A couple years back.

    2. Your daily life and travel posts.

    3. Nothing in particular but I really love your jokes. Overall, I am happy with what you’ve shared thus far.

    Congrats for the 11th year in the blogosphere.

  26. Emily Chia says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I can’t exactly remember when. I know I first visit your blog while I was google-ing Dolly Wink and from then on. I followed you ever since. Then I find that you are the person I was to be. Go to Japan, understand Japanese culture and love Japan.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    Anything related to Japan. Food, Fashion and makeup.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Hope u can do a daily skincare or makeup tutorial after having baby.

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Emily! Thank youuu T__T. I hope you get to visit Japan and be more in love with it! As for skin care, it’s pretty much the same as pre-baby hahahah. Make up is much lighter though! 🙂

  27. yuene says:

    Congrats on 11 years of blogging! Definitely looks like you have more than 7 readers 🙂

    1) I started reading your blog about 4 years ago, I think.
    2) I don’t have a specific favourite, though I like the heartfelt ones.
    3) More of the same!

  28. Kimberly says:

    Hey, I just started reading your Blog a few months ago when i found you on instagram. I love your posts about Japan. And mostly the ones about babyfriendly restaurants and nursingrooms, since i have a little babyboy who is 7 weeks old and my boyfriend and I love tokyo. We hope to visit japan again in the future with our little boy. So,thanks for the tipps.
    Congrats to your Blog!
    Greetings from germany… Kimberly

    • cheesie says:

      Alright!!! We will be back again soon i’ll be sure to hunt down more baby/kids friendly places! 😀 (PS i love Germany!!!)

      • Kimberly says:

        That would be great. I am looking forward to read about your journey. A tipp about a cheap hotel where you can stay with a little child would be great…:)

  29. Hayley says:

    Cheesie!!! Congratulations on eleven great years 😀 I think I say something to this effect every year, but I’ve been your reader for so long that feel like we’re school friends who moved apart or something. I still read every new post beginning to end (though I’m really bad at commenting on blogs these days) and I’m so grateful that you’ve kept blogging all these years. Onto the questions!

    1. Since the Stellars. I’m reluctant to work out when that was because I think it will make me feel quite old :/ must be 10 years though.
    2. I was really moved recently by your itadakumasu/mottainai posts. I also really enjoy your everyday life posts tbh, because you have such a positive outlook.
    3. Cheatone answer – more of whatever inspires you to keep blogging 😉 Also I hope to have my own baby soon so I enjoy reading about your experiences bringing up Junya.


    • cheesie says:

      Hi hayley, so you are still around T_______T. Thank you so much. It’s me who are grateful that you still continue to come here these days. T_T Thanks for dropping by and letting me know. :’)
      When you have your own baby, be sure to let me know!!!!!

  30. Bayya says:

    Greetings from SG! To answer your Qs:
    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    – Got to your blog through Kenny Sia, since you both went travelling together (was it to Down Under?).

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    – Lots! I love to see you with your ‘gyaru’ fashion back then. Then all your travel posts with the gorgeous pics. And you make me looove Japan, too! Now a mum myself, I enjoy ur motherhood posts. Esp. when my 2nd child and Junya is only 1 mth apart!
    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    More travel & Junya post with lotsa pics! And lots more ‘cheesie’ humor (yes, I appreciate ur puns)!

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Bayya, congrats to motherhood!!! 😀 wa wa two kids already!!! And thanks for sharing with me :)) I’m glad that my nonsense were appreciated ahaha

  31. JAY says:

    First thing first, how can your English considered as shitty English! I sometimes read your blog and learn new vocab hahahha. Really think you’re so talented in languages how can your brain manage to store so many words hahaha

    I guess I’ve read your blog for… 5 years? Knew your blog randomly when I saw you got the most fashionable blogger or sth like that from nuffnang. Btw I think you’re really smart because your puns are out of the world HAHAHA. For now I really like your blogposts about every monthsary of Junya! Can really feel your love towards him <3

    I don't think readers should have anything to request from bloggers to post about because as you said, it's your dairy! :p but anyway throughout these 5 years i still feel like you're quite mysterious though, would love to see more posts about your everyday life! 😀

    Happy 11th anniversary cheeserland!

    • cheesie says:

      what! lol i think i haven’t used any new words in like 15 years lolol. Thanks for loving the monthsary posts! One is coming up tomorrow!! But yea without readers who appreciate this blog it can’t survive so long also, so yea i do care what people enjoy reading 🙂 Thank you!!! 😀

  32. Pam says:

    Congratulations Cheesie! I love your addictive, witty and punny blogposts! I bumped into you once in Village Grocer few years ago and I remember I was so happy until dunno how to react ahhahah.. So here are my answers to your blogniversary questions!

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I read this blog since 2008 or 2009. Don’t really remember. Stumbled upon it when researching about Japanese makeup I think..

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    From your older ones, I love How To Write A Resignation Letter and the ones with Japanese makeup bits. My latest favorite would be the Itadakimasu post. I tell everyone what Itadakimasu means now. When telling, starts tearing up wtf whats wrong with me hahaha.. In between, I love all your Japan and gratitude post. I want to go to Japan so bad. I promised myself I must go one day..

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Japanese trend, culture and way of life..

    • cheesie says:

      Really ah!!! Please bump into me again! Hahhahaa. Omg the Resignation Letter was like one of the earliest posts ever.

      And actually, you are as crazy as me lolol. Sometimes i also share about something Japan related to people and i will tear up too lolol. But it’s so nice of you to share it!! 😀 Ok please promise me that you will go to Japan one day. Soon. 🙂

  33. AikoRini says:

    Congrats Cheesie!

    Thank you for continuing to write your blog! I can’t believe you’ve been at it for 11 years!
    I probably started to read your blog at 2009~ your love for Japan is so GREAT I hope you keep on blogging about it and introduce us to beautiful and amazing things! and of course blogs about JunJun 😀

    I always look forward to your posts ^^


  34. shu says:

    Congrats cheesie!
    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    2009 or 2010. Probably some hair cheat one. Wow it’s been so long already.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    The japan travel and fashion posts! They make me so tempted to go to japan again. You also made me get into mode gyaru!

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    more ootds and japan. ^^

  35. 留学生 says:


    I don’t usually leave comments in blogs, but I’d like to write one as appreciation, too.

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I can’t exactly remember when I started, but probably, 3,4 years ago?

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    To be honest, among all the bloggers whose blogs I read, Cheeserland is the one I would like to read the most. It feels that the contents are really original, special, interesting and not just something that everyone is also blogging. I feel that Cheeserland has its own speciality and character.
    To say my favourite blog post(s), I can’t really pick any out, because they are all special in their own ways.

    3. What would you like to see more in this blog?
    More original posts! About anything you will want to rant! From food to Japan to family, looking forward to them all ^^

    • cheesie says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. I appreciate your appreciation <3

      You are very kind!! It's really to hear from a reader sometimes, becausei cannot appreciate what i write myself or differentiate what is funny or a good read, because everyone interprets it differently. So, thank you. I will jia you 🙂

  36. Laura K says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    I think somewhere in 2009! I’m not quite sure 🙂 I was lost on the internet one day and stumbled upon Xiaxue which then somehow magically caused me to stumble upon you. That was the first time I heard about Singapore and Malaysia! Now I’m 23 and living in Singapore O__O THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY! (no but really I am serious when I say that in the end I live here because of you two…..)

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    This. is. gold. XD http://cheeserland.com/2009/02/tragic-experience-in-a-porn-theatre/

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Random Cheese and sightseeing cheese is so much fun <3 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the years of bed time/waking up stories!! I love your blog and I hope we meet again some day in the future 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      Lauraaaaaaaaa. Now that you live so near, i’m sure i will meet you again. I go to SG quite often, let’s catch up! Thanks for liking that very, very old entry hahah.

  37. Erica says:

    I would really love to see more blogposts about random things in your day! Random thoughts or something you found mildly interesting 🙂

  38. PriscilliaTsy says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    Several years ago I guess.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    Post related to Japan, food and your family.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    I would like to see more post regarding Junya & champon.

  39. Carmenxtoycar says:

    Hi Cheesie! I am your fan since 5 years ago and this is the first time I am answering your blogniverasy question! Time flies, but I read every blog post from you and being a girly girl my favourite one gotta be Useless Fashion! But the most memorable post ever that still crack me up until today will be the ‘ Argument with British bitch ! ‘

    What Would I like to see more in this blog? Well, as long as it is from you, it I would like to see more about anything you’re happy with! I like to see Cheesie being happy heh.

    • cheesie says:

      Wa wa wa the arguing bitch!! lol I almost forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me about it 🙂

      And your comment made me happy!!! You like ma? 😀

  40. Daph says:


    1. Like, 5 years ago I started on a Cheesy journey and never looked back.
    2. How can I decide which is my favourite? Your witty humour and personality is amazing.
    3. I love what you’re doing on this blog, so I don’t really know what to tell you but what i love most is your balance between ads and personal stuff and fashion etc.

    I don’t even know if you’re going to see this. But your english is really good. I compromised a lot of my chinese education for my english because I didn’t like chinese and now I can only speak really basic 10 year-old chinese, mostly to my mum.

    • cheesie says:

      WHOA OK OK OK.

      Thank you T______T. And of course i am going to see this. Hey 10 year old Chinese is not bad ok. At 10 i could curse already lolol. Secretly la.

  41. Liz says:

    Hello Cheesie!

    I started reading your blog from about 7 years ago!

    I really enjoyed all your old cheatone posts and gyaru fashion posts!
    But of course, I love ‘growing up’ with you as you transformed from a fashionable youngster gyaru into a gyaru mama!
    And you definitely do not have a poor command of English! On the contrary, I’m always impressed with your writing skills and your sense of humor! I still remember one of the older times when you were so hooked on making puns and even made blog posts about competing with your friends haha.

    I love reading your travel posts as it taught me a lot about Japan but more than anything, I love reading about your personal life (buying a house, living in it without proper furnishing for years, getting married, new life with Junya and Champon).

    I hope you wouldn’t stop sharing about your life with us and thank you so much for bringing us readers so much joy with your blog! Here’s to many many more years of birthdays for your blog!

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Liz!! Oh man i miss punning too lol. And i miss a punmate too lol. No, thank YOU for staying here and reading all these years 🙂

  42. Carol says:

    チージーちゃん、ブログ11年 おめでとうございます!!

    I am all about Japanese culture but not so die hard fan like you. hehehe
    I majored in Japanese language in Malaysia local univ, after graduated in year 2005 I worked at various Japanese company, that not enough I brave myself to go 留学 at Tokyo, Japan (stayed at Ikebukuro) for one year. During I was in Japan, met my husband (unfortunately not Japanese 🙁 hehehe) registered our marriage in Japan and now I’m a mother of 2 yrs old daughter. So Japan is part of my life.

    I love your blog about your daily life with Junya, Malaysia & Japan blog.
    Also I like your fashion blog, really give me some idea what to wear on some occasion.

    Hope one day I bump into you and we can speaks in Japanese. Now working in Singapore and Japanese company but no chance to speak Japanese 🙁 I wanna go back to Japanよ~~(^_^;)

    • cheesie says:

      Oh wow see you even more brave than me! You probably stay in Japan longer than i have in total! Hahhaha. Thank you. I’m sure i’ll bump into you some day. My family has plans to visit Singapore very often in the future 🙂

  43. veincalpis says:

    HEHE, of course there will be viewers on your blog
    i am too shy to say this to you in rl but you are the one that influenced me to start up a blog. before i found out about you i am all about writing on a notebook / simple diary.
    i still do write on paper but nowadays its all on blogs.

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    7 years ago
    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    too many to list but if i have to pick… overseas reviews… japan , korea ,
    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    any vlogs?

    • cheesie says:

      Calpis lolol. You like it? I was just drinking a premium Hokkaido Milk Calpis today.

      I’ll try vlog but i’m a little camera awkward lol. But challenge accepted!

  44. Michelle says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    Congrats on your blog! I have been a long time reader and this is my first time commenting!

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?
    In 2010 I think, I found this blog when I was researching about Japan hahaha

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    All things Japan!! I’m also a die hard fan of Japan! Everytime I go to Japan, I always think ‘Ah, how can I love a country so much!’ I just love the people, the culture, the food, and everything! I am always very happy to read your posts about Japan because I can feel your love for Japan and it makes me love Japan even more! This year, I am planning to go to Japan again (5th time! I’ve been going Japan every year since 2011! Hope to keep doing that haha) in November to see the momiji 😀 One of my favourite post is definitely the recent one about ‘Itadakimasu’, which was so touching!

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    I would like to read more about life in Japan! Mainly about places that not many people knows about. Actually, I like all your posts la, so random cheese also fine hahahaha

    Congrats again! *hugs*

    • cheesie says:

      Thanks for your first comment!
      Please let me more about your travels!! 5 times!!! Where have you been :))
      Yes me too, more will come soon! I’m going off to some secret places this Sunday 😛

      • Michelle says:

        I’ve been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Beppu, Okayama, Yokohama, Enoshima, Chiba and Kamakura! Last year’s trip was the most memorable one as it was my first time traveling alone and it was one of the most fun trip I’ve ever had in my life! This year’s trip will be with my mom and sister and I hope to bring them to see the awesome momiji sights!

        Can’t wait to see your blog post about the secret place! 😀

  45. fong says:

    Many congrats cheesie on your 11th anniversary. .

    1.i found out about this blog when i was looking for a good salon in kl. Google searched and it led me to Number76 and your review on the salon. It was few years ago when they had 2 branches and i still go to Amy for my much needed hair care. I thank you for introducing such a good place ..
    2.loved all your Japan posts. .who wouldn’t. Loved how u posted fr a local vs traveller viewpoint of things.. although I’m no momma, i still love your posts on Junya.
    3. Would love to have you add how to go to info on the places you’ve been to. Although I’ve seen you’ve been doing so on more recent posts. These info on how to access the places are very useful. . And much appreciated

    P.s. will be going to experience Autumn Japan in November. .would like to tag u in Instagram on places I’ve been following your posts about Japan…

    Best regards

  46. WP says:

    I won’t be answering your questions because I honestly can’t remember how long I have been reading your blog! 😛 (I did answer the question several years back though…)

    I also continue blogging because I love how I rediscover old memories when I go through my old blog posts. It doesn’t matter that hardly anyone is reading my blog any more; I just want to keep storing memories for myself!

    • cheesie says:

      I remember hehehhe. It’s a good sign cuz so many years you don’t even remember how many anymore XD

      Yes absolutely right! So glad that blog exists cuz i can’t be having all this space to keep my diaries lol

  47. Fluffy says:

    Hi cheesie I started reading your blog from the 2000s – linked to you via Xiaxue and Kennysia. Was living in SG but now have moved to the U.S. .
    My hubby is half Japanese but that was a couple of years after reading ur blog that I met him lol. I really enjoy your blog because you are very pretty and fashionable and I also see the hard work and sincerity you put into your entries and outfit combinations. I didn’t know too much about Japanese culture but your blog really helped me to have topics for discussions with relatives on the Japanese site. I enjoy your travelogues the most. And also your heart to heart posts that you share with us regarding just anything. I’m glad your blog has so much quality content and your adverts are always well written and fun to learn about. Also I watched Malaysian Dream Girls just because u were in it and I really enjoyed it every moment. I do think you’re very camera-friendly or 上镜 as we say in Chinese so it is always a pleasure to see you in video. Can’t believe you are married with child! You’ll always be gorgeous sassy friendly kind and sincere to me. And young!!! You don’t look a day over twenty *hugs*

    • cheesie says:

      Thank you! You over-praise so much until i paiseh hahaha. But it really means a lot to me although i don’t think i qualify to claim all your points XD. Thank you. :)))

  48. Yuxing says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

    I came across your blog as and when but never really started till I saw a Japanese programme about Gyarus in KL.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

    This is my favourite post!! http://cheeserland.com/2013/01/what-have-you-done-to-me/ Really thank you for writing it coz I FEEL THE SAME!! It really gave the courage to really let loose and go 走火入魔 about it.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?

    Just anything about you. Love you!!! <3

  49. yumi says:

    i have been reading your blog since 2010 i guess. im not quite sure. but it’s been a long time. 🙂 congratulations!!! happy blog birthday!

  50. Natha says:

    1. I think I began to follow your blog in 2007 or 2008 (I remember that I was still in highschool at the time). I really liked to follow all things gyaru back then.

    2. I’ m especially fond of your travel posts (very inspiring) and I also enjoy the ones about food, they way you write about food is very entertaining and you usually add very nice photos as well.

    It’s also interesting to read about your daily life. One can tell that you have a sense of humor when reading your posts^^

    3. Nothingt in particular. Just keep up the good work 👍

    Greetings from a Swedish reader

  51. Mary says:

    1. I think I started reading your blog since 2012 and I love it!
    2. My favorite blog posts are those Japan related.
    3. I would like to read whatever you want to share with us.
    Reading your blog makes me so happy. Going to Japan is one of my dreams and I like every advice that you share about going there, where to go, what to do. I write everything on my agenda, so in the future (hope near future) when I were able to go to Japan, I will not skip anything that you have recommended in your Japan’s blog posts.
    You definitely have to pardon me for my English hahaha and that’s because I speak spanish. But that’s other thing that your blog helps me with. Improving my english.
    Please, never think about quitting your blog. Never stop writting.
    Think that there always will be someone in Latin America wanting to read everything you want to tell. No matter if it’s about Japan, your beautiful baby, beauty products, or stuff that happens to you.

    I will always read. ^-^

  52. Deena says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

    Five or six years ago.

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

    I love your posts about your family. I have three children, and it is fun to see how families live in other places. I also really like those about Japan, and Malaysia.

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?

    Maybe more entries on Japanese & Malaysian culture, but your blog is great and you really do not need to change a thing. <3

  53. Lee Jin says:

    Congratulation Cheesie! it’s been another year, I remembered I start writing diary when I was in primary 3, but I am not as consistent as u, it went on and off n totally gave up after I married 7 years ago, That’s why I truly appreciate a blogger like you, I remembered I started up not really kind of your fans, cos I don’t particular fond of fashion n make up, but than I gradually like the person who is writing, I felt the sincerity, the blessed attitude and the humor of this little woman. Watching how your life changed from single happy lady to a mother of a cute little boy, I felt that you are someone that is very close yet far away, it’s a very special feeling.

    I can’t remember when did i start reading your blog, but i remembered i linked from Kenny Sia…another blogger who almost drop out, so I guess I had been following you for more than 5 years? I like most of your post cos I love to read your writing, no matter it’s commercial or reflection of your life, (that’s mean fashion n make up is the least favourite :P) , just keep writing from your heart.

    Your reflection brought so many memories back to me as well, when i start reading your blog, i think i just got married, and now i am a mother of two. Even we don’t know each other, but feel like u r a companion along the way.

    All the best to you Cheesie! and i shall continue reading until Junya graduate from university.

  54. Jenny says:

    First started reading your blog way before you were married, so it must’ve been a long time huh. I enjoy reading the posts when you talk about the intimate things about Japan and its household habits etc. And now, I think it is interesting to see your son’s growth as well.

  55. Rosa says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    Just so you know: The movie you were writing about is called “The Gods Must Be Crazy”- it’s from my country, South Africa, and is considered a comedy classic. For the people who don’t know, it’s about how someone dropping an empty coca-cola bottle out of an airplane over a rural Khoi-San (Bush people) community who has never had contact with the outside world leads to an adventure to return the bottle from where it came from and friends are made and hijinks ensue from all the misunderstandings.
    I’m actually really surprised that it was showing in Malaysia, and kind of makes me really happy because I work in the film industry in my country.

  56. Marie says:

    I stumbled upon your blog just tonight. I clicked on a link from one of Xiaxue’s post of a trip to Disney with you back in like 2009. I have no idea why, Just curiosity and I saw you were a mother so I kept reading. Mommy bloggers in the US are just not real. They are very conscious of their audience and try desperately to be as perfect as possible. So imagine my surprise when I came across Xiaxue’s blog. She loves her baby and blogs about him but also has her fun quirky or honest entries. Motherhood changes you because it changes your priorities but it shouldn’t change who were are completely. It’s not like this beautiful miraculous being comes out of your womb and suddenly one ceases to exist as a sentient being other than becoming mommy. But you do learn new things and like I said your priorities change.

    Since I’ve only started reading your blog tonight, obviously, this is as far as I have gotten going back to previous entries. You are more my style type and I enjoy your posts on baby and food. My favorite so far is the one you posted of your son’s meal. OMG it looked amazing! So as of tonight I am happy to add you to my repertoire.

    I would love to see more posts on baby’s meals with recipes and/or instructions. My 18 month old daughter is getting picky and I would love to find new thing to offer at meal time. ALSO please pics of the presentations. So cute the star carrot pieces and just the overall plate set up!


    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    3. What would you like to see more this blog?

  57. Grace says:

    Hi Cheesie
    I only read your blog when i am super free occasionally…but i have been following you in Instagram. Coincidentally, i saw you in my dream last night, as a wisdom teller. The story is like this:

    You sat with a cute little unhappy girl ( who kept 5 or 6 kittens at her back which tails exposed through end line of her top ) She has mermaid curls ( you make me think that mermaid curls are heavenly pretty for girls!), and a loose blouse and a striped skirt on her. With a smiley face, you asked her:” You don’t seems to be happy, do you?” She kept quiet. You asked again:” You don’t want to be unhappy for the rest of your life, do you?” She looked at you as if you read her heart. And, you told her ” Everyone has the right to choose to be happy.” ~end~

    You are inspiring…

    • cheesie says:


      Thank you so much for sharing your dream with me!!
      It sounds like a nice dream 🙂 And so vivid and detailed! You must have an awesome memory and creativity.

      I sound so much better in your dream XD

      Thank you again Grace 🙂

  58. Elle says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog? – when xiaxue and you went on the disneyland and hongkong trip. both of you are really cute xD i hope to travel like you two one day..
    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)? – everything related to japan! including that squid eye xD mad props to you.
    3. What would you like to see more this blog? – everything related to japan!

  59. Li Shan says:

    1. When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

    Not sure of the date, but when you were featured in Nuffnang, seems quite long ago. The blog design when I first enter this blog link is your face in the middle with some flower design or something surrounding it. ( if I remember it correctly )

    2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?
    ALL your travel post! Especially Japan ones! Because of you I am able to know more about JAPAN and still hoping to go more parts of Japan, currently I only been to fukuoka once and all the things and people there is really nice !!

    3. What would you like to see more this blog?
    Even MORE post about Japan 😀 and not forgetting updates on yourself, Junya and cheese and champion! 😀

    I don’t really leave comments on blog, but I feel you’re one of those really nice blogger that takes time to read comment on blog and your insta and even replying them! I was really happy when I see that time you replied to a comment of mine in insta xD
    Hope to see you in real life one day 😀 P/S : Im staying in SINGAPORE. I know you travel here occasionally. Hope organiser can ask you to attend event here so we readers can meet you 😀

    Thank you for all the blog post you had written over the years 🙂

    Support you always~~

  60. Keih says:

    Hi Cheesie!







    • cheesie says:

      谢谢你的comment! 要说感恩的应该是我。没有你们读我的blog,我也不会blog liao 11 years lolol.

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