Have you ever dreamt of a life where you can become more and more beautiful by just staying home and enjoying things that you like?

I have not dreamt about that, because i’m living that life lolol.

Ok la it’s a little buay paiseh to say like that, but the truth is, as a full time mom, i spend most of my time at home and i enjoy it. One would think that for the amount of time i spend in the comfort of my own house, i can’t even be bothered with my make up and dressing up unless i need to go somewhere.

That, is actually true XD. But i do think that how awesome it would be if i would be able to get a massage, a facial spa, prettier and shinier hair and a firmer body all during whatever small intervals of free time i have at home, without stepping out of the house?

And that is the aims of Panasonic Beauty.

My first experience with Panasonic Beauty at one of their roadshows held at Betjeman & Barton, One Utama Shopping Mall.

The theme is pink, girly, confidently bold, everything that spells pampering and beautiful.

Hi-tea delicacies were served too to complete the theme of the day.

Yes Panasonic is a household name, and i myself have several well-loved products sitting in my own home including the aircon, TV and camera.

But today i was introduced to a whole new different world of Panasonic Beauty. It’s not about just the essentials anymore. Panasonic Beauty wants to help Malaysian women look good with their knowledge and innovations. And i love that.

We were introduced to many products that day, but the highlight of the day for me was Hair Care.

Yves from Number76 Starhill Gallery branch was doing a demo on the Panasonic Beauty Hair Dryer and hair Straightener.

Both the products comes with nanoe technology. Yes we all have heard of negative ions. But nanoe, it produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, which hold around 1,000 more water than negative ions.

And the result of such technology is silky smooth and health hair all the time. However heavy a user you are when it comes to blow-drying and styling your hair. Oh and the straightener? You can use it  to curl your hair too! Ask Yves for tips!


Next up, we get to play with lots of other beauty tools too provided on everyone’s table.

There’s the facial steamer: It produces nano-ionic steam that penetrates into the skin for deep moisture retention. Did you know that it could also be used to remove your make up?? After i heard that i stopped using it on the spot hahhaa i don’t want to end up suppin (without make up) at the end of the beauty session XD. I’ll be sure to try it at home!

Then there’s the Facial Cool Putter. Oh how i love this. This may just be my favorite among all.

After steaming, your pores are open and this Cool Putter helps close and tighten your pores, and it feels soooooo good on your skin especially on a hot day. I was instantly sold lol.

Next product i tried on was the Eye Warming Massager. It helps to relax eyes after a long day and improves the blood circulation around the eyes area. I would want to do this everyday before i sleep. (I got one for myself after that and that’s exactly what i do now every night.)

The bloggers who were also there that day:


Chanwon who recently is a convert of Japanism (i guiltily played a part in this lol).

Povvy and Chenelle

I hope all these beauty tools will help us become more and more beautiful! <3


Here’s the price list for the products (there are more than i featured!):

Hair Dryer, EH-NA65 (RM423) and EH-NA45P (RM286)

Hair Straightener, EH-HS95 (RM412)

Scalp Massager, EH-HE94 (RM349)

Facial Steamer, EH-SA31VP (RM529)

Thermal Esthetic Roller, EH-SP32 (RM469)

Facial Cool Putter, EH-SQ10 (RM319)

Eye Warming Massager, EHSW50 (RM589)


You can read more about them at:


And where to buy:



Also, i am collaborating with Panasonic Beauty on their FB page, and i will be reviewing some of my favorite Panasonic Beauty products, do follow Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for tips! ^^