I’ve never had so many friends all at once in Tokyo before!!!

Team Number76 in Tokyo!!!

Back in June Number76 had a company trip to Tokyo, and since there are more than 60 staff now they had to split it in two groups, 30 each week and i joined both group for their outings XD

People like Amy and Steve are Tokyo experts now, but there were many staff who set their foot in the land of Japan for the first time, so it was all very exciting!!!

It was Junya’s first tme seeing so many cute fashionable girls at once too lol. On the left side is Yui chan’s (NALU assistant) blond tresses and on the right is Sue Ann’s purple locks. XD

Junya was very, very, very sleepy at that time (his nap time was 10am but it was almost 12 noon then!) but he couldn’t stop entertaining all the girls’ flirting lolol.

Ta-ta-touch me like you do. Come on, baes.

Sleepy until cannot move but still entertaining Yukali (NALU stylist).

Wa wa wa so amused by her XD

Gomi san (NALU stylist)!

Wa entourage! lol


76CAFE omotesando

Of course our lunch was at 76CAFE! The basement floor was newly renovated, now it can fit a whole big group for parties and nomikai (drinking party)!

This is the ground floor cafe. There were a lot of customers so i didn’t take a picture of the interior.

Basement floor!

The entire basement was reserved for Number76 staff!

Plus a little one who already dozed off by then. XD

Spacious seats. This used to be NALU salon a few years ago. They now moved to second floor and the basement salon was turned into an extended cafe from ground floor to accommodate more people.

I kinda miss the bright red paintings and the “accidental” salon concept cafe (some people thought it was purposely deisgned that way haha), but i love the newly renovated ambience more. Cozy and warm <3

Lots of wood and a little green. Just like Number76 in Kuala Lumpur.

My lunch was Loco Moco rice (the Hawaiian version of hamburg topped with sunny-side-up).

If you ever visit 76CAFE, no worries about the whole tourist anxiety about ordering the wrong thing. The full menu is all written in English so you will know exactly what you want!

Junya woke up mid-lunch. And there our matching shoes 😀

Not only that we also had matching tattoos! Gomi San bought everyone some, so i picked pineapple because we were going to Hawaii soon, and Junya had “ohana” (means family in Hawaiian! You will know if you watch Lilo and Stitch!). Ohana also means flower in Japanese haha.

The only pair of sunglasses he couldn’t take off XD




We also made a visit to GARDEN hair salon in Harajuku. It’s the top salon chain in the entire Tokyo, and this education trip was specially arranged by Number76 so the staff could learn how the best salon in Japan works. It is every aspiring Japanese hair stylist’s dream to be able to work in this salon.

First impression: I was in awe by the sheer spaciousness of the salon. (You must understand how space is an extremely limited commodity in Tokyo)

Second: They had 8 (??!) receptionists and 3 cashiers.

Third: The stylists have headphones and walkie-talkie (?!)

It was like entering a different world of the hairstyling industry.

After all appropriate aisatsu (greetings), the salon was swamped with curious staff from Malaysia peeking in amazement XD.

We even get to visit their store room/pantry. It was spotless. And every staff eat their lunch in the salon because they are so busy they don’t even get a lunch break. There are two rice cookers to make onigiri for the staff.

With everyone’s name on each onigiri.


Monjayaki Cruise

Eat, learn and play. (And eat more.)

That’s what you do in Tokyo.

It was a beautiful sunset evening.

Took this picture just so i can prove i didn’t steal it from stock photo haha.

We were on a cruise!!! Not just any cruise but a Monjayaki cruise!!!

Here’s yet another interesting actibity you can consider doing while in Tokyo, if you are bored with the shopping and sight seeing already (but… how can you???!).

You go on a cruise that brings you from Tsukishima to Odaiba, while you make your own Monja and eat and drink and parteeehhhh.

(You will notice that my outfit is inconsistent during the cruise, it’s not that i’m a speed-change master but i actually attended twice with both the Number76 groups lol).

This must be the first group since Sue Ann was there hahaha.

76 BINGO!!

Thank you NALU staff for the awesome entertainment!! I won a packet of miso soup XD.

Junya at 12m. Just realized he has so much more hair now than in this pic! XD

Junya on a boat

With Jonas (Number76 assistant) who has the same skin condition as Junya T___T

With LINE bear papa.

With Dejima san.

Yukali was making Monja for us!

It’s just like okonomiyaki, except it when it is done, it doesn’t look like it is done at all XD

Mentaiko Monja, done.

Okonomiyaki cooked by the danna. Wa wa wa got mayo pattern wan!!

We then docked at Odaiba and here’s the view from the roof top!

Family <3


After the cruise, everyone received a small gift packet from NALU staff. The origami ribbon brooch is handmade by NALU staff, overnight and sleepless after the salon work, before the Malaysian staff arrived the next morning. That, is true omotenashi spirit.




Actually there are more to it but it’s getting lengthy so i’ll post i tup tomorrow!

If you wanna visit 76CAFE, now it has a FB page in English!

76CAFE omotesando FB page

76CAFE Full English Menu