Tohoku Omiyage

I’m back from Japan!!! With lots of Omiyage! <3

I went to 3 prefectures this time in Tohoku, so here are all the specialty for each prefecture, hopefully it will serve as a guide for souvenir shopping when you go to Tohoku in the future. ^^

I would have bought a lot moreeeeee if i wasn’t heavily pregnant and had to lug all the stuff all over 3 different prefectures.

Here goes! Starting with Iwate.


Iwate Prefecture

One of the most popular souvenirs you can get from Iwate prefecture is Nambu Senbei. I visited their store in Ninohe, Iwate Prefecture so i bought lots of stuff!

Warisen & Kakinotane mix! Never seen an interesting combi like this. ANDDDD it is Mentaiko flavored!

Have you tried Senbei Soup? In the past, a lot of Japanese people were suffering poverty so they just make Senbei, stored them dry and eat them like rice while putting the Senbei in soup. This one is instant and i bought it for the danna cuz he is always sooooo busy and on the go. Makes a great tummy-filler!


It is really interesting Senbei can be made into desserts too!



Miyagi Prefecture

Oh, Miyagi has lotssssss of famous food. And most of them come from the capital city, Sendai.

There’s the famous Sendai Miso!

Miso tastes different through different regions in Japan. Sendai miso is probably one of my favorite!

And the Sendai Gyu. Glorious, glorious beef and Gyutan.

When the danna heard that i was going to Sendai, he was very jealous cuz he is a die hard fan of Gyutan hahahha. So i bought him lots of Gyutan products! This is simmered canned Gyutan.

Instant Grilled Gyutan

Zao Beef Hamburg. All these are instant so the danna can easily eat for supper or when his wife is not around to cook hahaha.


Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima is probably most famous for its peaches and Japanese sake. This one is an award winning sake and it is soooooooo cheap. The sall bottle for 300+ yen and the big bottle for 1000+ yen @.@

Anpokaki is another Fukushima specialty, it’s dried persimmon and a very prestigious gift and was meant for the royalty in the past!

Aizu is a beautiful city in Fukushima, although i didn’t visit, i heard it’s famous for Asparagus! This is Asparagus Pasta from Aizu city.

This is Cream Box from Koriyama city! It’s apparently the soul food of the people from the city.

I brought it back for JunJun. It’s just plain thick white bread with a thick layer of cream on top. It was so, so simple and good!!!


Yamagata Prefecture

I didn’t get to visit Yamagata this time, but this is what i bought! It’s a Spring Ichigo and Raspberry juice. Looks super yummy <3


Tohoku Limited Edition

These are some of the general Omiyage you can get at most souvenir shops in Tohoku region.

One of the most famous local specialty is Zunda, (especially in Miyagi prefecture). You can find lots of Zunda (sweetened edamame paste) limited products like Zunda KitKat, Zunda Pretz, etc. Another Tohoku limited edition is Ikayaki Kakinotane!



Gotochi Kitty

I am obsessed with collecting Gotochi Kitty and these are one of my happiest buys!

New comers to the collection.

Kappabuchi Kitty from Iwate.

Wanko Soba Kitty (soba noodle from a small bowl) from Iwate Prefecture.

Sendai Tanabata Festival Kitty from Miyagi Prefecture.

Michinoku Kokeshi Doll Kitty from Miyagi Prefecture.

Peach Fairy Kitty from Fukushima Prefecture.

Akabeko Kitty from Fukushima Prefecture.

And…. that’s all for Tohoku Omiyage!

I will be blogging in details each prefecture i have visited this trip. Hopefully Tohoku will be on one of your future travel destinations too! 🙂


Other Omiyage

Here are some of other stuff i bought that’s not produced in Tohoku, although i did purchase most of them when i was traveling in Tohoku!

Some yummies for my own kitchen.

Souvenir from Yumi, who coordinated my Tohoku travels and brought these from her home town, Kumamoto! Junya loves Kumamon so he’ll be real happy!

Compulsory drug store shopping hahhaha. Bath salts, water-proof wound-care cream…

No.1 and No.2 ranking Japanese toothpastes.

Banana flavored liver oil + vitamin gummy for kids!!! So happy i found this!! Giving Junya sweets without guilty XD

Energy bars. Bought these because you get a free magic pen per bar XD.


Narita Airport Souvenir

Sooooo. This is the time i answer my friends’ requests. I happily do so cuz i am too happy that everyone is willing contribute to Japan’s economy XD.

Hibiki 12 years for a Whisky maniac.

11 boxes of Royce Nama Choco for a Royce Choco maniac.

Royce Nama Choco Yamazaki Limited Edition for the both of them LOLOL.

When i sent the picture in group chat, they went crazy. They were like BUY!!!!!!!!! And i asked, how many? And they replied, “AS MANY AS A PREGNANT WOMAN CAN CARRY!!!!!!”


Jagapokkuru and other Potato Farm souvenirs. Everyone is so in love with it even my helper requested for two boxes XD. Spread the happiness!!!!!!! 😀




Taste of Tohoku

I remember when i was younger, my family would decorate “mei hua” (Plum Blossom) for Chinese New Year.

In Japan, the Tohoku area has Hana Mochi, fancily decorated trees for the new year!


Soooo beautiful!

The reason is that in Tohoku areas, lots of snow falls from December to March, and the ground is covered with snow. There are no flowers during the winter.

There were no decorative flowers for New Year’s, so local people had the custom of making ‘hana-mochi’. And… you guessed it right! It’s literally made out of mochi (rice cake), and hang it on branches for display.

Although it is not edible, it sure makes a beautiful deco in the house! It’s like Christmas tree, but girlier ^^.

During my visit to Nanbu Senbei factory in Ninohe, Iwate prefecture, I spotted the cutest Hana Mochi tree in the store!!

The mochis were not just pink and white in round shapes, but in multi-colored fish and other cute shapes!! I wish i could just pluck one and eat it XD.

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!

13 responses to “Tohoku Omiyage”

  1. V says:

    You can get the No2 ranking toothpaste here in Singapore! 🙂

  2. Joys says:

    Zhen de~~~~ spread the love!! I also almost buy the whole Japan back ~~~
    and the Jagapokkuru!!! even opening the box (just that action), hearing the poku poku opening sound is like walao~~ music.. I mean why your quality of box also this good?? It feels like a crime not keeping them in the museum!!!

    • cheesie says:

      Hahahhaa you are too cute!! Yes my family loves Jagapokkuru, Junya also finished one whole pack till i have to hide it from him XD

  3. Yumi says:

    OMG how did you pack all of these omiyage?? Magic hahaha thank you to introduce about Kumamon too!! Hope to see you soon :)) Yumi hugs

  4. Jessie S says:

    Yerrrr Cheesie, why u like that one??? I hate you haahhaa!!! Why must you let me saw that Royce and Yamazaki combi???? OMG!! I must get them!!! Must contribute more to Japan’s economy! Hhahahahahaa~~~ Thank you for sharing with us!!

  5. Adeline says:

    Love your travel posts as I’m going to Japan with my family soon. How do you know what are the best omiyage to buy from each city? E.g. Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto?

  6. Huai Bin says:

    The Royce x Yamazaki line of chocolates looks really awesome! Too bad I didn’t see it when I was in Japan, maybe it was a limited edition since the ones coming out now are for White Day. T_T

    I saw (and ate) a Royce x (some crepe or cream puff manufacturer which I totally forgot but I took a photo) though and it was nice. I love how Japan has all these special collaborations. It was delicious, but priced higher than other similar items at the kombini at around 500 yen. Worth it though, very chocolatey.

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