Today i’m introducing yet another beauty product from Tokyoninki, and it’s a beauty and health drink called Vegistock.

From the name it already sounds very healthy!

It’s a smoothie drink in powder form, and there are two flavors you can choose from!

Vegistock is a smoothie that supplies enough nutrients of fruits and vegetables needed in your every day life. So if you are one of those who are concerned that you don’t eat enough greens, or simply have no time to cook healthy, and at the same time want to reap some beauty and health benefits, well this is just for you!

The best thing is, all you need is just 10 seconds for a healthy smoothie to start your day. No buying mixed fruits and vegetables, no blender needed. Of course, if you don’t even want to wash up, just use a paper cup XD.


Green Premium Smoothie

The first flavor i tried was Apple and Mango.


You just need to mix 1-2 table spoon (10-20g) of Vegistock with 200ml of water.

I use cold water, and if you like you could add ice and put in a shaker! I didn’t have a shaker so i simply just stir it lightly.

It tastes very refreshing just like mixed fresh fruit juice!

One serving contains 197 types of fruit and vegetable enzyme, 7300mg of dietary fiber, 100 billion of lactic acid bacteria, and 300mg of collagen.

We all know what that means!! Everyone knows enzyme is the latest slimming and diet craze in Japan, and the fiber and good bacteria help guard your intestines, while the collagen gives you beautiful skin.

Also, 1 serving is only 58kcal!!

Another special ingredient of Green Premium Smoothie is the potain from Hokkaido Potato. It gives you a full-stomach feeling and helps reduce calorie intake, perfect for people who tends to over eat! XD



Acai Premium Smoothie

The second flavor is Acai & Banana. Sounds like a real yummy smoothie!!

Same thing, add 1-2 table spoon of powder and then mix!!

This time around i am more adventurous so i mixed it with Hokkaido milk.

I love this!!! (There’s some bits that’s not completely dissolved since i didn’t use a shaker, but i actually prefer it this way cuz it is as if you can bite into the acai berry bits!)

To be honest i much prefer this flavor in milk, because it gives a very rich and smooth texture, also it tastes extra fruity, like a berry milk shake.

1 serving of this is only 63kcal!

It also contains 210 kinds of fruits and vegetable enzyme, Acai polyphenol, 6700mg of dietary fiber, 50 billion lactic acid bacteria, and 1000mg collagen.

I am sure you are now very familiar with acai, as it has been the health and beauty boom since a while ago. It is 5 times more powerful than blueberries, and helps improve your blood flow.

It sounds like both the flavors are equally attractive, but i’m sure you will have your own preference based on taste and also functionality, so here’s a chart to help you decide!

Although they are quite similar, but i think Green focuses on dietary, detoxing and slimming, while Acai would perform better on beauty and anti-aging!

Or just get both XD!

The smoothie boom is so popular that it’s also loved by Hollywood stars, as featured in some of the Japanese magazines!

Go to or Selected Watsons Malaysia Store to purchase it!

It is priced at RM68 per pack and you can probably make 10-20 drinks out of it. Definitely cheaper than your regular Starbucks, plus more healthy benefits. Also!!! It is even cheaper than you buying it in Japan now because retail price in Japan is 1980 yen (RM72 now).