Happy New Year everyone!!!

And hello hello Singaporeans!

This is us invading your precious land and i’m going to spawn cute babies all over your beautiful country lolol.

No la. Actually i have been so stressed out by the whole relocation thing.

In Kuala Lumpur, we finally have our own beautiful apartment that allows the existence of Champon and made friends with a grand total of one awesome neighbor, I finally found the perfect school for Junya and he’s just settling down to a wider social circle, and all these will have to come to an abrupt change.

Because the danna has to work in Singapore. And none of us wanted to separate from each others especially now THERE ARE FOUR OF US omg.

Everything happened so quickly. We rented a small apartment and packed some stuff and just moved over here. Champon had to stay with my mom for now because it just doesn’t make sense to import him over since we will be back to KL quite often and then he will be alone in Singapore. I wish Singapore has dependant pass for dogs. I feel a little guilty.

I hope i won’t offend citizens from either country with this entry but i have always feel ambivalent about moving to Singapore. Sometimes i get super envious at things we don’t have that Singapore does (“Cheesie, we have Hokkaido Milk in our supermarkets!”), but i get too comfortable in KL to be thinking about all the moving hassle too. And it also means that i may have to give up most of my job opportunities.

The danna said when he first moved to Malaysia, he had a culture shock of course, but he also accepted that the culture and manners are very different from Japan so he didn’t expect anything much. It wasn’t until he came to Singapore and was profoundly shocked at how vastly different things are, between KL and Singapore, when the two countries are just a drive away.

All things considered, Singapore is waaaay closer to what he had experienced in Japan all his life, with all the subway systems, safety, high quality Japanese food, cleanliness and work efficiency. It was incomparable to Malaysia.

My dream is to live in Japan. Too many people asked why i haven’t moved away to Japan. Ideally i would, but now that i have a child and another on the way, our utmost priority is to provide the best comfort, environment, opportunity and future for our children, and right now that arrow seems to be pointing at Singapore.

It was a new challenge for our family. I have friends here, i could even work here if i try hard enough, and Junya can go to a school here. It wasn’t all that life-changing difficult. If things didn’t work out for us, we can always tapao and 滚回 Malaysia hahhaha. Or earn shitload of SGDSDGSGDSGD and retire in Japan. We are sooooo fortunate that we have all these options. I feel incredibly lucky.

So here’s to our new adventure.

Papa moved his bike and also surfboard although i don’t think he will ever get to surf in Singapore. Papa and his surfboard is like JunJun and his Gelatoni lolol.

Ichigo that papa brought back from Japan.


What. Is. Going. On?

Since SGD is also 3X MYR, does that mean that i am paying 9 TIMES the price of what i originally would have? Or not. Hahhaa ok obviously don’t know how math works.

But anyway, the first week of my Singapore life goes like this:

= When i see stuff like this:



= When i see the price tag.

Are you kidding me? 3 cucumbers for RM30 and one pack of taukeh for RM12??????????


= When it dawned on me that for the amount i spend buying Japanese goods in Singapore, i may as well live in Japan and save a lot more money. It just sucks to love Japan too much and live in Singapore surviving on Malaysian credit cards.


We tried to go economical until we start to earn proper money, especially when it comes to food, but (i am very very very sorry to say this but) i really really cannot get used to the hawker food here T____T. Why the laksa tastes like 80% curry mee in coconut milk and 20% asam laksa wan? Why the Yu Pian Tang is like fish fillets swimming in warm water wan T____T. The Japanese fine dining is probably the same quality as in Japan but the price is also 5X T________T.

One day we went to have hawker food in Orchard (i guess it’s like Jalan Alor liddis with touristy price tag), and there were a total of 8 of us.

We ordered big sized fried rice ($18), big sized prawn omelet ($24) and some other dishes. After dividing 8 portions this was what i got.


And the fried turnip thing tasted like dessert T____T.

After that i just decided that i would buy grocery and cook and stock up shitloads of Nissin Cups. T_T.


Then one day i discovered Yayoiken. $13 or something for this set.


I was so happy i almost cried lolol.

Finished every single thing except the Daikon Oroshi because it was very tangy.

The danna’s set for $19.

Thank you Singapore for having Yayoiken!!!

Then yesterday i also tried Ootoya omg i didn’t know you guys have Ootoya and the taste was just like Japan T_____T.

I feel almost embarrassed because i always raved about how amazing Ootoya is every time i have it in Japan. Now i’m super paiseh because you all are probably like, errrr, well, we eat it like, until sian liao.

Then we had crab at Satay by the Bay with Qiu and her family! It was good but i still don’t like all the laksa-flavored food hahhaa.

Celebrating Xmas!

And Qiuqiu’s Xmas party!!!

Wa wa wa she prepared all these food herself!!! Ok la qualified good party host hahhaha.

Stuff that other friends brought!! Everyone was freaking out a 大肚婆 stand on the chair to take this picture hahah.

Play date with Meredith!!! Soooo happy JunJun gets regular dates now 😀

Yes Junya that’s how you be a gentleman.

And check out how he eats cheese like a boss LOLOL. 不愧是我的儿子。

My baby <3

Sophie and Miyake were also there!!!

ALLLL the pink stuff for daughters!!!!!

Group shot with an uninvited furry guest and a very rude boy who was sleeping lol.



Number 76 Singapore!

Yes yes yes so this is the reason we are all here!!!!

SOooooo exciting!!!


So it was officially opened on 1st January 2016!!

JunJun was the first customer hahahha.

I will be joining the reception party tomorrow with some of the blogger friends, and will update more on the new salon in town!!!

If you wanna make your booking here you can go to: http://sg.number76.com/

They have super awesome Grand Opening Promotions so don’t miss out!


Finally, thank you Singapore for having me and my family. I will earn a lot a lot SGD and also spend a lot a lot SGD on your Japanese food. Hahhaha.