Tokyo Life 2016: Shopping & Omiyage!

A post on shopping and souvenirs in Tokyo!!

Having stayed in Singapore for a short period of time put many things in perspective.

First of all, when in Tokyo doing groceries:


Remember the $22 broccoli in Singapore? Well I can feed a whole farm of bunnies here.

My grocery!!! I can even splurge on one of the most atas ranges and YET still at least half the price cheaper than Japanese groceries in Singapore.

Ibarakiss Ichigo from Ibaraki Prefecture for like $8, grapes for like $3, super premium Mexican avocado for $4 and also some super sweet fruit tomato for $4, which Singapore sells at $12. Siaooooooo.

Funasshi Ichigo Milk for JunJun.

This is Yumenoka Ichigo from Nagasaki Prefecture. I got it from Nagasaki Airport for like ¥580 ($7) It’s currently one of the most popular affordable ichigo! Even the premium fruit shops in Tokyo. AND IT IS SUPER YUMMY. Comes with super cute stickers too. WORTH IT.

Ichigo KitKat, Amao  edition. That and my Tonkatsu Curry lunch.

I swear I was gonna eat all the ichigo until i explode lolol. Come back to KL or SG i’ll never be able to allow myself to splurge on something so ridiculously priced T_T.

This snack ichigo box is from Lawson downstairs!!!! OMG if convenient stores all sell ichigo T___T. It’s more pricy than usual (¥276) since it is combini, but WORTH IT!!! Hahhaha. Everything is worth it.


Next there’s my shopping from Don Quijote. It opens through wee hours in the morning so sometimes the danna come back from work, he can watch Junya and i go shopping. Or i just go for a quick shopping with Junya sleeping in the stroller. But I won’t be able to carry that much T___T.

Some new Lip Tint Pack thing. You apply it on your lips like a lip mask and peel it off when it dries up, and the color lasts a long time!! Not bad!

The crazed Bayu (horse oil). This one is suitable for both pregnant mama and babies!

Baby toothpaste for JunJun.

Well I heard that the haze was back so just to get prepared!

Easter version KitKat!

Some new food boom in Japan, Tiger Nuts. Apparently like super nutritious but totally not nice wan. Taste like some messed up coconut bits. -_-

Some new beauty drink… Oxygen water??? Hahha don’t care. Just buy and try!

Other assorted snacks and souvenirs!!

Mentaiko Cream Udon Ramen snack, produced by the famous udon shop Tsurutontan. The name very misleading hor. Got udon then got ramen hahahha.

Papa’s present for me and JunJun. Gudetama Cream Sandwich Cookie! See how happy he is!!!

Sanrio Rement Set!!!!!!!! I couldn’t decide how many to get and very scared to get the same ones so I just bought the whole box set la hahahha. Inside got all complete 8 items!


Omiyage from Kyushu and other prefectures!

We traveled to Kyushu this time so we bought some Kyushu Limited Edition omiyage too!

Marutai Ramen PRETZ!!!  Only available in Kyushu!

Sasebo Burger (Nagasaki) snack!!!

Hiyoko Giant Pocky! Also Kyushu edition.


New Gotochi Kitty Collection!

So many!!!!!!!!

During our trip to Kyushu, we had one free day in Nagasaki, so the danna decided to drive me to Saga Prefecture, just because I have not been there before.

He knows that I wanted to conquer all 47 prefectures, and Saga would be a new one for me.

Butttttttt Saga Prefecture, despite being sooooo famous for its awesome beef, is, actually, very, very VERY kampung hahhaha. I mean it’s not a bad thing! It’s quiet, serene and beautiful with lots of seasides and fresh seafood, but there was no souvenir shops to be seen @.@.

The closest thing we saw that resembles a gift shop sells dried fish lolol. The danna had to google and search for Omiyage shop, drove around town and made a few calls, just so I could collect my Saga Prefecture Gotochi Kitty.

I was really quite touched that he took my obsession so seriously. T___T. Thank you for marrying me. T____T.

In the end we did get it from the Highway R&R (which is always the best bet!!), even though it was at the border of Nagasaki and Saga. I would have been so devastated to visit a new prefecture and not get my Gotochi Kitty!

Nagasaki has lots!!! I already have many but these are to the Nagasaki collection.

We visited Hakone and Gotenba later on too! I just realized that Gotenba is in Shizuoka Prefecture and I don’t have any Shizuoka Kitties. So the danna got these for me too. Love the Mt Fuji Ocha Kitty!

Lastly this one does not state the location, but Melonpan is actually a famous food in Ebina (Kanagawa Prefecture), and I got it from the Melonpan Bakery at Ebina Rest Area itself!

(By the way, Ebina Rest Area is probably the BEST R&R i’ve ever been to, with the most crazy amazing toilet system i’ve seen probably in the entire Japan.)

Airport Souvenir!

Wa-Ichigo KitKat. For those of you who don’t know, “Wa” means Japanese. Like, Washoku (Japanese cuisine), Wafu (Japanese taste), Wafuku (Japanese clothing). “Wa” is one of my favorite kanji ever because it also means “Peace and harmony”.

So yea. This KitKat, is, Japanese ichigo.

Lastly, Royce Nama Choco limited edition in Strawberry and Grand Marnier!


That’s allll! ^^







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25 responses to “Tokyo Life 2016: Shopping & Omiyage!”

  1. H says:

    Now I feel like collecting Gotochi Kitty too. But I’ll need to visit Japan regularly. Sighs.

  2. K says:

    $4 FOR AN AVOCADO??? As a Californian who can get 20 organic, big avocados for $5 USD, I feel really gutted by the price haha.

  3. Vivien says:

    Hi Cheesie, i’m really not impressed with you comparing stuff like that. How can you compare grocery bought from the most expensive part of singapore with the place of origin. This is just way not cool. Have you instead been to our local supermarket like fairprice, giant or even sheng shiong? Then you can complaining that singapore is expensive. This just doesnt make sense and very misleading. Isetan didnt put a knife to your neck to get you to buy expensive ichigo. You did it yourself and takes two hands to clap. Want buy dont complain. Wan complain dont buy! Simple as that!
    I’m actually your avid reader. But ever since you are in singapore, the way you are complaining is simply not cool. Earning sgd and staying in sg but converting to myr everytime is just not logical. Unless you are earning sgd then bringing back all in myr then i understand. What for times 3 all that time when you are living here and spending sgd here. Sorry to me it just does not make sense.

    • H says:

      Yes I second your thought. I enjoy reading Cheesie’s posts in general. But the way she complains about groceries in SG is just… Your comment puts things very well.

      Isetan is known for its expensive, imported jap food products. It’s kinda ridiculous to compare IMPORTED products (SG) with LOCAL produce (JPN).

      Ps. I’m not a hater. Cheesie has her right to post, but readers are also entitled to state their views, no?

    • cheesie says:

      Hi Vivien, thanks for your comment. I apologize for what I have written and that I have offended you by comparing prices to other countries. I will reflect on that and will be careful not to say such a thing in the future. Very sorry about it. I do love Singapore and I really enjoy my stay there.

      • Vivien says:

        Hi Cheesie, i read your instagram post. I didnt ask you go back lol. As always, singapore and singaporeans welcome all foreigners. Im just stating my opinion and definitely not hating on you.

    • Rita says:

      Singapore itself whether buying imports or not is more expensive than many places. It’s also a well known fact that singapore is a very expensive place to visit let alone live. Yes she’s buying imports, yes they’re more expensive. But what they charge for imports is not normal for imported goods. Because it’s almost 300-400% mark up. So yeah I’d complain too

    • Faith Lockheart says:

      Really. Just really?
      You know, there are so many other things to be unimpressed about, for example, the bombing that just happened in Brussels, where people died and got seriously injured.

      And in your tiny little mind, you get offended by Cheesie’s blog post.
      Perhaps English might not be your forte? (I don’t mean any offense, but because of that you might have misunderstood her writings.)

      Was she complaining? Absolutely by godly not.
      Was she comparing it to local produce? Hell no.
      Was she talking about local produce? NO.

      It was merely her being shocked about the inflated prices of JAPANESE products IN Singapore.
      Was she blaming Singapore for the prices? No.

      I feel sorry for you to get so worked up for something like that.
      It might do good if you relax, breathe, and perhaps travel the world to learn that, there are way bigger things than this non-offensive post. Which was again, a lovely read.

      • Faith Lockheart says:

        By the way, my comment was meant for Miss Vivien.
        By golly, let’s not get our knickers in a knot.

        Fair day!

  4. Vivi says:

    Who gets offended over groceries???

  5. Cecilia says:

    Yes it doesn’t make sense and illogical but you know what? It’s Cheesie’s blog and she can write whatever she wants and I will still enjoy reading it! If don’t like, don’t read, if don’t agree, don’t even need to get offended

    Love your updates Cheesie!

  6. cam says:

    hi cheesie! 😀 can i ask where you usually shop in tokyo? are the prices at eg.isetan and takashimaya shinjuku the same too? if not, can u recommend some? thanks a lot! <3

  7. Chillax lah! says:

    I dont even usually comment but had to, in case the world thinks Singaporeans are nut jobs! Japanese groceries ARE expensive in Singapore. That is a fact. It is just like saying housing and cars are not affordable in SG. Dont say that they are, they arent by most countries’ standards. G and Vivien need to undo their granny panties which are in a knot and stop complaining about others simply writing a blog about their life in SG. Cheesie was stating an experience. That is it. Even if there was an element of complaining in there… WHO CARES?!?!?! It’s not like she insulted anyone and hurt our national pride (I am Singpoream) With that said, Cheesie, I reject ur apology. There is none to be made. The Singaporeans who got offended, go chill out okay. Remember, unknot those granny panties 😉 peace “.”V

  8. annie says:

    i think it’s ridiculous complaining abt the cost of living in singapore too, most singaporeans don’t even buy the japanese goods she mentioned. but that isn’t the point, if u aren’t happy with the cost, then don’t go buy it in singapore ! and make a blog post about it…

  9. P says:

    Why so harsh to cheesie when she is merely just saying how she felt. Such a nice person dont deserve such treatment. Sometime we would likewise say the same thing too for example when we travel to other country definitely have the tendency to compare “wah so expensive one ah?! back in Our country/place xxx cheaper leh” tell me who dont do that. Why get so butthurt and offended over such tiny things like this. As a singaporean i dont even find it offending at all, Fact to be told COST OF LIVING IN SG IS EXPENSIVE. Rejecting your apology and you’ll always be welcome here. Be nice. ^_^

  10. Confused soul says:

    I think it’s funny how Cheesie has to apologise just because she compared the prices of Singaporean groceries and Japanese groceries. Why are Singaporeans even offended by the statement? It seems ridiculous to even defend you own country’s jacked up prices of imported goods where it does not benefit the citizens of Singaporeans at all. Her blog post was more of an enlightenment than an insult to Singaporeans. Isn’t it better to know that the difference in prices of Japanese goods in Singapore and Japanese goods from Japan itself so you at least know the difference in prices and the mark up percentage so you know what you are getting yourself into.

    The even more interesting question to ponder about:
    How can one even have an argument about groceries at the first place?

  11. ayn says:

    actually it is true. how can you compare apple to oranges? yes you can compare japan price to singapore coz they are both developed country. but computing from sgd to myr that’s ridiculous. when i was in hongkong probably 7years ago everything was cheap the hkd money was so close to philippine peso. but when i travelled last year, i was like everything is so expensive in hongkong! then i realized that 1peso in my country 7yrs ago is still 1peso meaning we never improved. our country never improved, i had been in malaysia and your currency is low, it is almost close to philippine peso, our 100php is 8.64 myr thats 2.15 us dollars. that’s how low your currency is. so what u can do is tell ur country to improve like singapore. or better yet, you try to earn more before migrating to another country

  12. Sonia says:


    Always stop there when I drive. I love the fried fish stall and that longgggggggg french fries. I love the shops outside better as there is always new things outside!

    Don’t worry about the prices. Most of my friends that first move here nearly have heart attacks, hyperventilates, cold sweats and I hear a lot of gulps when I am with them shopping. Until a few months later and they have had some savings and they travel to other parts of Asia, the smile – SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!!! Now I sweat when I go to Europe and parts of US!

  13. S says:

    Ohy, mai bo liao la. Whats there to be offended about? She is comparing the same goods that she buy in different currency, whats wrong with that? Don’t u all do that when u travel abroad? Unless u have never gone shopping overseas before. U should have seen all those Sinkies who go “Cheap cheap cheap” at overseas outlet mall. Thank your Ah Gong LKY for strong currency ok, esp on his death anniversay day. Dont bo dai ji go chide ppl for saying SG is ex. She is a blogger, n thats whats she does, to give her honest opinion on experiences.

  14. Huai Bin says:

    I have the Wa-Ichigo Kit Kats too! 🙂

    Got it at the airport for 1620 yen for a box of 10. Super happy. It was so expensive in Kit Kat Chocolatory (but they have all kinds of Kit Kats you can’t buy outside like Butter and Passion Fruit + Chilli).

    I’ve never seen the Amao Stawberry Kit Kats though. I….I want them…urgh Cheesie, your post made me so happy and so unfulfilled at the same time. I love reading about Japanese snacks and seeing the photos.

    Morinoga is a huge brand in Japan eh? Your kid’s milk I mean, I’ve seen that brand a lot of times in Japan.

    Udon snack produced by famous udon shop? I want! T_T

    HAHAHAH! I love Gudetama the lazy egg too. I got so many Gudetama stuff from Japan. It’s cute.

    The Gudetama neck pillow is very nice. Tempting…

  15. Morgan says:

    wow….295 yen for broccoli??? damn expensive! it´s like 2,50 euros. we can get broccoli for around 1 euro here in Germany xDDD

  16. Fifi says:

    Hi Cheesie , i know you apologized and all, but I do feel it is unfair. My sg friend living in Japan now in tokyo had to search hard for sg/my food. It cost SGD 20 for a plate of chicken rice there and SG cost typically $3-4. If she tells people it is super inflated and “siaoooo” how would japanese feel? At least SG gives the option of selling imported JP groceries but it is almost impossible the other way round. And i’m feeling strange cos the one “complaining” is not even japanese….
    It is like a Japanese complaining how ridiculously expensive Sg chicken rice is in Tokyo and become so happy to be in Sg to eat cheap chicken rice.

    • Cheesie says:

      Huh, honestly, I will feel exactly the same. If I’m in Japan and have to pay ¥1500 for a plate of CKT that is not even authentic I’d react exactly the same and be suuuuuuuper happy to be back home and eat a plate of RM5 CKT. In fact I know a couple of Japanese friends from Osaka who looooves chicken rice in KL and complain how expensive chicken rice is in Tokyo (and not as nice) and every time they come back they eat 3 plates each. Which… I think is completely normal? So you are absolutely right and I’m not sure what’s the argument here?

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