Over the past few years, many eyebrow embroidery services approached for sponsorship but I turned all of them down because…

Just like hair, brows are part of fashion, and there should be no permanent alteration done to it that stays for life. Even semi-permanent embroidery stays for years. But fashion changes all the time, and you won’t want a hair perm that for 5 years, no matter how good it looks. And brows are the same! I remember the trends went from the HK female artist super defined arched brows to the Gyaru super bleached brows to the K-pop straight brows (which everyone is totally overdoing by the way, and which would have been such a fashion disaster 10 years ago). In between there were also the thick and soft brows, messy brows, dyed brows, etc. What’s next? Invisible brows, probably! (You’d never know!)

So instead of opting a convenient way out (yes it’s nice that you wake up with drawn brows for the rest of your life… or not), I would prefer to invest in really good brow tools and spend a good few minutes in the morning for an awesome set of brows, according to current trends or my mood ^^

So today it is all focus is on the brows!

Benefit’s latest brow collection:

Comes in the prettiest box too! Totally giving me all the “joy factor”! #KonMari #SparkJoy

It’s hard to imagine one needs that many kinds of products just for brows, but apparently you do!


Before that, do you have any brow problems?

I do. I have a broken brow -_-. My left brow is “broken” at the arch, because I did have an impromptu brow tattoo by a hair stylist many years ago, it was too archy and I regretted it so much I went an laser it off. Now I am left with a broken arch lol. #youngandstupid #lessonlearnt.

So my problems are:

  1. I need a very defined brow pencil that can fill in the gap.
  2. By the end of the day the gap will show again so I need a really lasting brow pencil.

And here’s how Benefit’s new brow make up items solve my problems. They have a great collection and here are my own personal favorite:


1. Precisely, My Brow Pencil

This ultra-fine pencil fills in the blank with natural, hair-like strokes. Pencils are still my favorite because it gives you a lot of control. I use this to cover the gaps of my uneven brows. Comes with a spoolie-brush on the other tip for softening and blending!


2. Goof Proof Brow Pencil

This one is a daily essential. It glides on so smoothly, giving you natural and soft brows in an instant!! I also love the angled tip that lets you fill in quickly with the wide tip and define at the same time with the pointed end. Needs almost no practice with this super easy to use brow pencil!


3. 3D-Browtones

If trimming and defining your brows is akin that of a good hair cut, then the 3D-Browtones is the hair dye! This is the highlighting gel that gives your brows that 3D effect. It also softens harshly drawn brows!

4. Ready, Set, Brow!

Think of it like a styling product for your brows. This invisible shaping and setting gel holds brow hairs in place & locks on make up so brows don’t disappear even after a whole day out!

5. High Brow

If you fancy that glow, you can apply High Brow, the creamy brow highlighting pencil in linen pink just under your brows following the arch for brighter, younger looking eyes.


And done!!

Before and after:


The new Benefit Brow Collection will be available on Sephora.my and Sephora Retail stores from 23 June onwards. Stay tuned and log on to: