We are back to Singapore!

We made Sakura’s passport so that our whole family can travel together again.

It is likely that our family will be running 3 countries a month for now on, hopping between Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Every month.

Say what?! @.@

That was my first response when the danna told me that.

The danna has to go back to Japan every month for work and to be honest I feel very intimidated to be handling two kids all by myself. Especially in Singapore where I am still not very familiar with, plus no immediate help available if something happens (in KL I can still call my mom to come stay with me for a short while or get my neighbor BFF to help out).

I didn’t want to follow him to Japan initially because I didn’t want him cancelling important meetings just so he could take care of the 3 of us. But he didn’t want me to stress over this all by myself either. So he insisted from now on our family should always be together. Everywhere. The four of us.

“That’s crazy, but ok we will try!”

I told him.

So yea. First stop, Singapore.

Also, frankly, traveling so much sounds fun and exciting, but it is also depressing at the same time. Because we are not the jet-setters on a vacation. We are the nomads wandering.

We need to pack and unpack for the family 4 times a month, we need 3 sets of everything (times four people), we need to get used to 3 different living environments.

My heart sank the moment we returned to our apartment in Singapore. We haven’t gone back in more than a month, there was a musky smell and my nose started to itch, there were cockroaches under the bathroom sink T____T. We had to move all the extra furniture over and our house looked like a disaster.

And then Junya was too excited to see his new old toys so he dived straight into his flash cards and Sylvanian family collections and now our house looked like another catastrophe has just hit the disaster area.

Welcome to my life in Singapore.

It was depressing because I have juuuust KonMaried my whole house in KL. The living area, study room, kitchen are all done. I love staying in our house in KL. Now this apartment in Singapore, while it is at the best and most convenient location ever, it is very very old. It does not spark any joy whasoever to me T___T.


We have to do this.

I decided to also KonMari our house in Singapore.

Thank you Qiu who sent her angelic daughter over so Junya can have a playmate while I speed-tidy the house.

Starting from the wardrobe, as usual.

I discarded all my unwanted pregnancy outfits yet our super old and inconvenient closet was not enough to store all the clothings for four. Since we travel so much, I decided to Mini-KonMari my luggage case into a closet.

Mama’s closet.

Sakura’s mini closet fits just nice in a basket. Keeping the diapers and wet wipes outside for convenient retrieval and also cuz they are in cute pink and totally spark joy lol.

Junya’s drawer.


Next is our bed. The danna decided to customize a God-size bed for our family. This is the sleeping arrangement:

Junya is Sally the Duck and Sakura is the green frog lolol. Junya sleeps facing the wall so he doesn’t fall off, and he can’t sleep in the middle because he would somersault kick-punch Sakura in his dreams. LINE bear papa makes a barrier. I sleep next to Sakura so I can easily nurse her.

And… how did he DIY a god size bed?

Using the containers we store stuff when we were moving, and a spare single bed we kept. Awesome.

Next it was the kitchen. The kitchen sparked the least joy T___T. There were baby roaches and  a gecko got mysteriously trapped inside a cookie jar. I have no idea how he even got inside -_-.

I had to dispose all the expired dried food and to sort out those we have to consume pretty immediately.

Much better!

The KonMari kitchen rarely has any item on the counter top, so still can be improved!!

Supplement drawer. You never know how much supplements you have until you put them all together XD

Snack drawer. Junya’s favorite spot.

Junya is not going to school in Singapore (yet), so it makes things a little bit more difficult because I don’t get that few hours window to concentrate on cleaning/working anymore. I had to just do a little at a time, and when you finished chore A, chore B, C and D is piling up and when you finally get to work on B, chore A needs your attention again FML T___T.

Not to mention the pauses in between when one kid says he is hungry and another wants to be carried…

And your heaven arrives when this finally happens…

Which allows me to type this entry at one go. AWESOME.

And you are welcome. You owe it to Junya and Sakura.

Finally the house also looks like this at night (just to return to its hit-by-disaster state again the very next morning lolol welcome to Life with A Toddler).

But I guess motherhood is just full of irony. It feels like heaven when they are both asleep so you get some time to finally do stuff.

But when they are both awake and on good terms with each other…

it is yet another kind of heaven.




[Parenting Shoutout]

Babyzen YOYO+

Having two kids means that you also need almost everything double. Except maybe two sets of boobs lol. Doesn’t sound very attractive to me XD.

Anyway one of the first thing I had to consider was… a new stroller. Junya’s stroller is not meant for infant so I would have to get a new one. And then that’s when I discovered Babyzen YOYO+.


After watching this video… sold!

Left: Sakura’s YOYO+ stroller in hot pink! Right: Junya’s big brother stroller and behind: papa’s stroller HAHAH.

The biggest dilemma of choosing a stroller is: light but filmsy or heavy but sturdy, or somewhere in between?

Junya’s stroller is the lightest everrrrrr (2.9KG) but once you hang something heavy on it, it will just topple over. YOYO looks very steady and sturdy in real life but it’s actually just about 6KG! Like the video, it folds into quite a small size and it’s even cabin friendly, so it’s perfect for our family who travel so much.

The second dilemma is, first car (for infant), second car (for toddler), or BOTH?

YOYO+ is for both infant and toddler, to convert you just need to change the fabric.

Brought her out few days ago to event for the first time!! It was a breeze in her YOYO+ and so so easy to navigate. I was showing off to Qiu and said my Sakura sleeps on first class flat bed lolol.

She slept soundly in it!

For now it makes not just a stroller but a super awesome day bed for Sakura!

We have a cot so I usually put her in a cot. But sometimes when she comes back from an outing sleeping, I’d just let her nap on her YOYO+ next to me while I work. Pretty awesome :D.

The brand new YOYO+ is now available in Malaysia for sale! ^^



So my life as a full time cow has just begun. Again.

I pretty much have not touched a glass of champagne for 3 years now, since the day I found out I was pregnant with Junya, until the day I gave up breastfeeding, which was the day I found out I was pregnant with Sakura. Which means still no alcohol lol.

But I never regretted, and I am happy to do it all over again. And I am very glad I have Pigeon’s through this journey all these years.

Junya’s first bottle, and I have never used any other brands until now. He took the bottle happily and never did have any problems going back to the breasts so I can say that I am really happy with it!

Newly added gadget in our house: the Pigeon Sterilizer! 6 bottles at one go and the design is really fuss-free and smart!

I didn’t start Sakura on the bottles yet though, because this time I have more free time at home (shortly after Junya’s birth I had to go back to work immediately), but I do pump every day to keep up with the milk supply. #kiasu

I love the Pigeon electric breast pump!! It is so so small that you can fit it into your handbag, and it can also be battery operated so it’s perfect for traveling! I also love how it has a timer so you know how long you have pumped.

And keeping stock… Just for the rainy days.

I didn’t want to keep too much though because we travel so much and can’t possible bring frozen breastmilk everywhere lol, but throwing away seems too wasteful, so the danna was like, why don’t you give it to Junya?


I never thought of that.

Big brother finished it happily XD.

Thank you Pigeon Singapore!!!