Our family travel every 1-2 weeks between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo right now.

Here’s how our travel life looks like:


Since we spend a good amount on road when we travel back and forth KL and SG, I wanted to get a good toddler car seat for Junya as the previous one we had was so bad that after full installation it was still highly unstable.

And I have decided to go for Chicco Nextfit, a convertible carseat, suitable for 0~36KG, so it pretty much is all you need for a newborn until he is able to sit without one.

Chicco Nextfit Convertible Carseat

Junya sits really comfortable in it! The drive to Singapore is 4 hours, he usually entertains himself with a couple of videos, or takes a long nap.

What I love about Nextfit is that it is very easy to install accurately and securely. Our previous car seat had very limited instruction, even after watching the installation guide on Youtube over and over and over again I still didn’t think we did it correctly.

Nextfit comes with a RideRight bubble level that accurately indicates correct seat angle in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes, so you really can’t go wrong!

Also the SuperCinch latch tightener gives a super tight and secure vehicle fit with a fraction of the effort! It’s hard for me to explain in text, do watch this video to understand how it works!

Papa and son bonding <3

(I know a few readers commented that I am not supposed to place the carseat in front, forward-facing. It was a one-off positioning when we moved from KL to SG for the first time, as there was no other way our furniture would fit with the seat at the back.)

Love the cup holder at the side!! Junya can have easy access to his water bottle all the time!


Chicco Next2me Bedside Crib

Another Chicco’s product that I absolutely adore is the Next2me baby cot. I have chosen to co-sleep with Junya from the beginning and it worked out really well, for the peace of both baby and mama. For Sakura of course there was no hesitation.

Howeverrrrrr sometimes even king-size bed can get too crowded for a family of four lol. Even if Junya sleeps separately on another bed, I still craved for a bigger space. That’s when Chicco Next2me bedside crib comes to rescue.

The wonder of this crib is that… it is a crib.

During day time when I need to work in the living room and want to keep an eye on Sakura at the same time, she sleeps in the cot next to my working desk.

But the crib is also a mini adjacent bed to our adult bed.

It is easily attached to any bed, just roll down and fold in one side of the bed, and you have a mini bed right next to you!!

Previously I blogged about how the danna DIY our god-size bed:

Now… we have a god-size+ bed lolol.

Now our entire bedroom is pretty much made of… beds lol. Super awesome.

It is great because I won’t worry about waking her up when I roll about in the bed, and the both of us sleep much better too! I think it’s a super genius innovation!

Not only that, it is also compact enough to bring it for traveling, meaning you and your baby can sleep next to each other wherever you go!!

I showed the danna this video before we picked up the crib, and he was very impressed. I was too haha. Watch it!!


Chicco also has a wide range of baby products, from feeding, toys, stroller to products for mommies.

This cute little nursing cushion is very useful too!

check out chicco.com.my for more products and info!