Lighting is very important as it changes the entire ambiance of your home.

We are currently living in 3 different homes, and I must say that the lighting makes a huge difference, and it greatly affects the comfort of our living space.

For example, our apartment in Singapore is quite old and the lights’ quality have deteriorated over the years. At some space it is too dark, making it a little eerie to be honest. Our backyard’s lighting actually short-circuited a few weeks ago and now it is totally a non spark-joy area for us at night lol.

Here are some of the reasons why you need quality lighting for your home:

1. You cannot always rely on sunlight. I work from home a lot and sometimes I can only work late at night when cheesiepetits are asleep. It is almost impossible to take nice pictures with bad lighting indoor, especially when the sun is down.

2. Poor quality lights usually are prone to flickering, which makes your home the perfect location for scary movies.

3. Glaring lights are really bad for you. Sometimes if it is overly bright, it could cause you a lot of inconveniences. I spend most of my free time on the laptop, and every night Junya gets his 15 minutes to watch videos on the phone or iPad while we brush his teeth. We had to make sure the lighting is neither too dark nor glaring because we don’t want him to end up having bad eyesight due to our carelessness.

Sakura too are on her back facing the ceiling most of the time, glaring lights would be such a pain!

4. Comfortable lighting that’s neither too bright nor dark will create a soothing ambience at night for the entire family to relax.

If you are thinking of replacing your home lighting or getting new lights for your new home, consider PhilipsLED Lights, as it is a trusted brand made with quality in mind giving you comfortable brightness in your home.

Its two key features are Non Flickering and Non Glare.

Using generic lights might save you some renovation cost, but you cannot trust that they are flicker-free, and you probably will have to replace them more frequently. PhilipsLED lights are also made to reduce glare, so you can rest assured that your children are reading under comfortable lighting with ideal brightness.

Watch the two videos below to find out how bad lighting can cause various problems in your life! The first video totally is how I feel about my backyard right now hahaha.

Could bad lighting cause a break up?


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Do you have any bad lighting experience? Share with me if you have one!