Nah just kidding.

Singapore is still the best because I caught my first wild Pikachu at Changi airport.

Apparently Pikachu thinks he’s a better fit for a pet than the leopard named Ice Cream that we got Junya from the night safari.


Anyway, my #PokeMOMgo life here in Tokyo.

It is a short trip this time, and the danna works every day so I am staying home with @cheesiepetit the whole time.

But I’m not complaining because……

Two overlapped Pokestop with lures sponsored by random trainers, accessible right in the comfort of our apartment.

While @cheesiepetit are napping, I spin and catch alllll I want since there’s no house chore or work to do. Laziest mother ever lolol.

Even when @cheesiepetit are awake I am doing evolving session with lucky egg while watching the tv, since evolving 50 pidgeys is quite a boring chore.

And the two Pokestops are no joke. It keeps spawning awesome pokemons!!!!

How often do you get to catch this dude!

Also all the evolved Pokemons with high CP and the rarer ones.

But it spawns waaaaay too many Horny Cockroach (don’t know what it is called in English, the language of the app is set to Japanese) and is now my high CP pokemon but I don’t want to fight using such an ugly bug!!

After one whole day of monster catching, today I decided that I wanna explore the town a little with @cheesiepetit, since I have not been back to Ikebukuro for quite some time.

The first time I went shopping alone with em both in Tokyo. And the malls are just like a few minutes away hahaha.

Totally zero confidence to go anywhere further than that alone. I think I need to evolve myself into the next generation #pokeMOM. Now not enough candy yet lolol.

Actually it wasn’t too bad. Until you meet a staircase. And your toddler is asleep. #Gameover.

By the way you know you are addicted to PokemonGo if you start seeing and thinking everything in PokemonGo terms. Suddenly a leafy plant in front of our apartment looks like Oddish.  And when Qiu sent me a picture of the new ride she got for Meredith, I thought I saw a new generation Pikachu+Mew hybrid.

No meh?? With the flipped out door as its ear.


Anyway!!! If you plan to visit Japan and wanna catch some Pokemons, remember to get a pocket wifi with unlimited data and long battery life!!!

I’m using Ninja Wifi!

With my PokemonGo app on all the time, and blogging on my laptop now, it is still super speedy with its high speed 4G-LTE!!

It also lasts a whole day when I am out (and after my phone died multiple times).

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “CHEESIE01” when you make your order to get 10% off!!

You can click the Ninja Wifi on the right banner to make your order!

That’s all! Enjoy catching em all in Japan! 😛






Skin Care Shoutout:

Curel Moisture Gel Lotion

As you know I travel between 3 countries now with my family, and right now everywhere is summer haha. Summer is coming to an end in Japan but the heat still can get pretty bad.

Junya sweats A LOT and I’m not even kidding. When he wakes up from a nap the pillow would have a big wet patch drenched in his sweat even in full-blast aircon room. Many months ago he had a mysterious rash that the paed suspected to be heat rash all over his body and it made him really cranky, and it broke my heart because I didn’t know what to do.

I wish I knew Curel Moisture Gel Lotion earlier because it is the FIRST in the sensitive skincare market that claims to resolve sweat-irritated sensitive skin, as it contains sweat care formula that protects skin from sweat and heat rash.

The texture is AMAZING. It is said to be light in texture, non-sticky and moisturizing, but to me it feels like… like cooling water jelly. Seriously it feels soooooo nice on your skin especially when the weather is hot.

Now I apply it everyday for Junya (and myself) after bath or before going out to play (and start to sweat).

So far the heat rash has been a one-off incident and after using Curel has has remain rash-free, back to his super smooth enviable baby skin, and that makes me immensely happier as a mother! A quick application & massage into skin is all it takes for peace of mind.

Happily playing outdoor!

Sakura might also be prone to sensitive skin as her baby acne was reaaaally bad the first month. Next time I can use it on her as well because it is it is suitable for even babies above 6 months old. Prevention is better than cure!

Curel Moisture Gel Lotion retails for $24.80 are now available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore. Redeem your Curel Moisture Gel Lotion sample now from !