Yes yes yes, I don’t say you also know liao.

But but but!I just realized from my 12th Anniversary post that, not surprisingly, my reader’s most favorite kind of blog posts are about Japan (second is about Cheesiepetit, that one is quite a shocker! So many of you are interested in how I handle soiled diapers?!).

Since I also receive many emails every now and then asking me specific questions regarding traveling in Japan, and my Ultimate 100FAQ About Japan is quite outdated by now, I thought it would be nice if I could sort all my postings about Japan into specific categories.

Which is why I created a category called ❤︎I Love Japan❤︎, which is… what’s new, right? Lol.

And then there are a few sub-categories that makes search of each topic easier. And you can find them on the left side bar under “Various Cheese”.

I’ll do brief introduction on each category!


#Tokyolife is not so much on traveling tips, but my everyday life as a half-traveler half floor-potato (sometimes our apartment is so small I don’t even get a couch to watch TV lol) in Tokyo. It’s about the most mundane things I see, taste and experience that make me wanna go back to my favorite city on earth again and again and again and again.

I hope that people can see Tokyo from another angle which does not always include Shibuya crossing, cosplayers, random Mario Cart drivers and Tokyo Tower.


Although Tokyo Tower is always good to have.



Hakone is always special to us because of the magic tree that gave me two babies haha.

We are going back again this trip too!!



I first went to Hokkaido in 2010 for homestay, and saw so much snow for the first time in my life.

Want to do this again!



Hakone is actually located in Kanagawa Prefecture, but here’s the rest you need to know.

Have you been to the Doraemon Museum?



I have been to Osaka and Kyoto a few times but not enough to make me a travel expert yet. Lonely Planet will be your better buddy!


But still feel free to browse the pictures of cute characters in Universal Studio Japan and drool over some Takoyaki!



This category is mainly on Nagasaki actually. But there’s a post on Kumamoto and also Saga prefecture so I thought I’d just group them together.

Rose festival at Huis Ten Bosch. Going back to Nagasaki again this trip so there will be more to come!!



My virgin trip to Japan was my homestay in Nagano. You can argue that tis trip has changed my life.

gakko13 by you.

So so so so so much fond memories <3



I went to Nagoya for my third homestay. Also the first time I saw Sakura in full bloom. I then became infatuated with cherry blossom so much that I named my daughter Sakura.

My gyaru days were in its full bloom too XD.



I think this will be your favorite. But don’t read late night when hungry.

Im just doing you a favor. This is not the yummiest… yet.



There are only two posts on Okinawa. I got engaged (sort of?!) there so it’s also a special place for me. Basically my point is… no place is not special in Japan!!!!! XD

I LOVE OKINAWA!!! Hopefully can contribute more posts to this category soon ^^


Omiyage & Shopping

I created this category to remind myself to continue to support Japan’s economy. 😀

Nowadays I empty juice racks instead XD.



Pink until you faint.

Hopefully next year I get to bring Sakura to sakura. ^^



Support. Support Tohoku ❤︎

There’s still Aomori, Akita and Yamagata. Wait for me!!!!


Traveling with Baby

Places to eat, where to get diapers, which nursing room is most kick-ass, what to do when both your kids are crying and people give you the stares…

I am still finding answers to the last.


Why Japan Is Awesome

If you even need more reasons. 🙂