Food post come liao!

Here are some of the food we ate during our previous trip!

So on the first day the TV was showing a buffet special feature and I saw this…

Super luxurious hotel buffet, unlimited foie gras and caviar with wagyu steak and many other delicacies for 6000 yen… (about $80). T__T.

After watching this I got a little 心理不平衡 (emotionally unbalanced) because we couldn’t go to eat and was in the mood for luxury right in the comfort of our own home.

So… Hokkaido fair it is.

Hokkaido fair at Tobu Ikebukuro, lux until cannot! Wagyu steak, abalone, Ikura, uni… But the price was also quite lux XD.

Mountains of karashi mentaiko.

A castle made of Ikura…


Our lunch bento!! In Japan you can eat hotel-grade food in your pajamas. On your own bed if you like haha.

3 different kinds of giant ebi with scallop, uni, ikura, plus extra abalone topping. Can you think of a more luxurious seafood bento?

The danna’s roast wagyu bento with giant scallop.

When Josh and Carolyn visited Japan, I brought them to the fair for more bento!!

This time the beef bento comes with Wagyu hamburg also.

Seafood bowl was kani and uni!!



And and and!!! I want to talk about this Snow Milk thing. Have you guys tried before??

Junya loves milk so the danna saw this and bought a bottle for him. He had one sip and there were sparkles in his eye lol. He said “meccha oishii” (super yummy). And I got a shock because he rarely has any big reaction to even some of the yummiest food. He just eats them with a straight face. So I had a sip too (to Junya’s protest) and omg you guys are gonna think I’m totally overreacting again but I really thought it was the most delicious milk I’ve ever tried.

And to think that I thought Meiji Hokkaido Milk was the most delicious. I guess tastebuds do get spoilt, and mine are of quite high CP now HAHHAHA.

However though, this is not pure milk, but milk infused with amazake, a sweet rice wine (non-alcoholic). I have tried amazake before and didn’t particularly like it. I just didn’t expect this surprising combi could result in such explosive wonder.

Curious and want to try?

Meidiya in Liang Court totally sells it. I was like OMGOMGOMG when I saw this lol. It’s just that it is selling at a whooping $7.40 (even in Japan it is already crazy expensive at 400 yen) for a tiny bottle that confirm leaves you craving for more.

And if you look carefully it is actually a different brand too! And is frozen. I bought 7 bottles (wanted to give a few to Qiu but she told me Josh got for her from Japan and she didn’t like it omg I lost faith in this girl lol) and had one. Hmmm, I’m not sure if it is the brand or if freezing it lowered the quality, somehow it seems like there were some sediment in the bottle and made it less smooth to consume.

Anyway, now you know about Snow Milk.

Back to bento!! Some other bento we ate during the trip:

Cod fish bento. I loooove the ume furikake here.

Unagi bento. This was soooo good!

Tofu with minced meat and a shishitou. Didn’t like the sweet gravvy. Making a mental note that all ankake-type (thick, starchy sauce) are probably sweetish.



I blogged about this before but I just want to remind you guys again to not miss this out in combini. Half boiled egg onigiri (there are a few versions, some with whole egg wrapped inside the rice ball, some has half an egg visible from outside. This one is with minced chicken rice).

Just check out the egg omg.



Supper is Donbei Kitsune Udon with sakura kamaboko <3



Head over to BAKE cheese tart. Maximum need to queue 5 minutes only. I hear SG still need to line up for about an hour?

It’s totally worth the queue. Anyway, 5 minutes only ma HAHA.



We were hosting a few groups of people this trip so Ichiran was a mandatory stop. This is the Harajuku branch, 90% tourists haha. Also Junya’s first Ichiran visit.

And Sakura’s.

Japanese probably won’t wait this long to get into an Ichiran because there are many better places and they think it is too touristy nowadays. But I do think that it is one of my favorites still!

This is Kaijin (海神, literally God of Sea) Ramen, a clear fish-based seafood ramen. It is pork-free so it is many Muslim customer’s choice of ramen. In Japan it’s super popular among ladies (the guys tend to go for heavier soup base), it has a very yasashii aji (subtle and mild healthy taste) and I absolutely love how magnificent their hamaguri clams are. Slurp.


Do you know Abura Soba (oil noodle)? It’s weird because Abura Soba is actually not soba but Ramen, and is soupless. It’s like the Japanese equivalent of 干捞面 (kolo mee), you eat it with a special sauce and a small bowl of clear soup on the side.



Carolyn’s first time to 76CAFE! (sorry Junjun I picked this picture)

Scrumptious lunch!

Classic Karaage Rice.

Shogayaki and Hoikoro (回鍋肉) set lunch. Love the simple home-cooked taste!! Gonna try to steal the recipe and duplicate at home 😛

Special Halloween dessert plate!!



The usual for our family.

Mentaiko dashimaki.



Both Motsunabe and Mizutaki is a Hakata specialty (from Fukuoka). This chicken soup is so love <333



The only yakiniku we had this trip. Somehow I didn’t really feel like so much yakiniku recently. Omg what happened to me T__T.



Guys, take note of this place if you don’t want to break your wallet for Michelin’s or queue up 1 hour at Tsukiji.

The name is “Uogashi Nippon Ichi”, not “Standing Sushi Bar” ok haha. Anyway it’s sort of like a cheap sushi bar with prices ranging from 80 yen to 300 yen and adapted sushi versions (like mayo topping/aburi…) that make real sushi masters cringe but the quality is nowhere near inferior. We love it because you can just pop in anytime and order whatever you want from the bar, eat pay and leave, all super casual. It’s so casual it’s almost like a drive-through snack.

Junya’s first time at standing sushi bar.

Not tall enough to reach that’s why have to use a stool lolol. So thoughtful of the shop!!!

Avocado mayo. So much mayo but I’m not complaining. <3

Kimo – some fish gut thing, tasted like jelly!

Koboreru Negi toro– Overflowing fatty tuna with spring onion.

This thing looks… weird?! How does this exist in a sushi shop?!

The danna ordered this “Nakaochi Yaki” for Junya because it is a rice dish and easy to eat with spoon. It is minced tuna with tons of mayo and sweet soy sauce – torched.

Usually I am no a fan of anything sweet in my savory food but this one was so good that I ordered one extra for myself.

Our favorite Engawa – aburi and non-aburi version.

No need to go to Gotemba liao. The Aburi Engawa here is equally mind blowing.



I am so so happy that we are flying out from Changi instead of KLIA this year because

1. Changi is awesome. Nobody can disagree on that.

2.  We get to choose JAL flights that land at Haneda instead of Narita (which is a pain to travel to and fro).

3. You get to eat all these at Haneda right before you fly home, near your departure gate. Your last chance to feast before you return to Japan again:

Wagyu steak.

Sushi (from the same Uogashi Nippon Ichi sushi bar, except you pay a little extra cuz it’s airport ma).

Famous Tsukemen!

Yaki soba and Oden omg this was so so good!!! It’s 00:38 now and I WANT TO EAT THIS RIGHT NOW T___T.

The danna made Ebi Fry from chopstick wrapper to entertain his son again haha.


Ok that’s all. Cannot take it I need a might night snack. Update again soon!!