Quick post!!

Honestly I cannot remember when was the last time I did a coordinate post. Or even properly take a coordinate picture, becauseeee…

1. My coordinate is forever same-ish no matter what I wear since I have a grey baby carrier strapped onto me almost the whole time.

2. When you have to fit 3 pax worth of autumn clothes into a single luggage, it doesn’t give you the choice to look fresh and different every day anymore…

3. Priority. My priorities are to prevent my toddler from jumping off a train platform and to solve a hungry baby situation, rather than, you know, finding good locations/angles for perfect #ootd shots.

But I try. It is Japan. You cannot afford to look like you have no fashion dignity lol. And instead of #ootd of myself it is now family coordinate.

Coordinate 1

White one piece with checkered outer from About A Girl, available at Isetan Scotts, Singapore. No shoes because it was our first day in Japan and I didn’t haven’t done any shopping XD.


Coordinate 2

Sleeveless knit top + halter dress from Pageboy. Sakura’s dress from Baby Gap.

Coordinate 3

Dress: Je, Shoes: Journal Standard


Coordinate 4

Knit cardigan: relume, knit top: Archives, bag: Givenchy, Belt: Muji, Necklace: Santa Monica

Sakura’s cute overall from a baby bazaar in Ikebukuro!

Coordinate 5

Everybody beigey tone day.

Mama -Top: GAP, Skirt: About A Girl, Flats: GAP

Sakura – Sophie La Girafe

Junya – Top: some 300 yen top from Nishimatsuya, shoes from Asics

Family #ootd is hard XD

Coordinate 6

White Tee: GAP (stolen from the danna because I was starting to run out of things to wear)

Romper: About A Girl, Hairband: WEGO, Necklace: is actually Sakura’s teething toy.

Shiba Inu Tote bag: wasabi



Coordinate 7

Skirt: About A Girl, sneakers: Converse


Coordinate 8

MODE kind of day.

Top: Evris, halter suede dress: Pageboy


Coordinate 9

Top: PLAY, hairband & backpack: BAPE

Junya always likes to hide behind me and do the emo look-away #ootd shots XD


About A Girl

If you love Japanese casual wear, there are some good finds if you look through About A Girl, available at Isetan Scotts’ department store on ladies floor. Girly, flowy and sometimes loose + oversized. Totally in the mood for those now.


BAPE Singapore

Shopping date with Junya. He is wearing Hello Kitty X Baby Milo haha.

New shopping from BAPE’s at Mandarin Gallery!

Been eyeing that canvas tote bag for a looong time. Got a smaller matching two-way sling bag for Junya. And a love-at-first-sight camo high cut slip-on.

Even though it’s a bit mafan to wear (considering I could hardly bend down while baby-wearing) but it’s too cool not to have T_T.

College knit in beige (a very rare find in BAPE! Looooove!) and rib knit wide pants with camo pockets, for my December trip to Japan. Can’t wait!!



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