If you are a mother who are nursing yet want to look less like a shapeless paper bag, this post might be sort of useful for you. However if you are not, this post is just gonna sound weird as hell. Because you throughout this post you’re gonna be like Wtf am I reading? And why am I staring at her bust the whole time?! AND GOD FORBID WHY AM I PICTURING HER UNDRESSING?! and it’s gonna make the both of us uncomfortable. Because today I am basically talking about my mooies (and yours) and how to expose them. Literally. Anyway you have been warned.

So I have received many comments and emails from fellow #Pokemom asking for tips to dress up fashionably while breastfeeding. To be honest, I have not done any fashion-related post for a long looooong time because the only thing I am wearing now is my baby. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Then again, now that I think about it, for close to 3 years, I have not properly dressed of a normal woman’s own free will, to wear whatever and however I like, ever since I got pregnant with Junya. It started with preggo clothes, then breastfeeding friendly clothes, then preggo clothes again, then now back to breastfeeding clothes. I can even hear my closet sigh in resignation.

Junya was breastfed for 15 months and now Sakura is coming to 6 months, so that gives me almost close to 2 years of experience to experiment with different outfits that ease breastfeeding on the go, especially when we travel so much.

Some readers were very puzzled at how on earth I feed my baby wearing those outfits I posted on my blog/social media. Most of them told me that the only things they could wear were loose T shirts and front-button shirts. In the beginning, I too was one of those new mothers who went shopping for maternity/nursing outfits that look like only people who want to look unattractive on purpose would wear. Now that I know better, I know that I can wear whatever I want. (Well, almost.)

So here is a list of coordinate styles that breastfeeding mothers can wear without needing to desperately find toilets or nursing room just to undress. These are proper, tried-and-tested nursing coordinates (though some with a bit of cheat) I have experimented, all “Aruki Oppai” (feed-on-the-go while wearing your baby, literally “walking boobs”) style.

There are generally three styles for boob access: lift up, and pull down and from the front. There’s also through the side but very limited outfits have that access.

I usually use a nursing cape thrown over for coverage but it could be quite hot for the baby especially when you are outdoor. Sometimes if the exposure (of boobs) is minimal, the sunshade hood of the baby carrier is enough to cover a feeding session!

1. T-shirt
Boob access difficulty: ★★★★☆

T shirts seem like a safe choice. They are fine. Except that when you need to feed while baby-wearing, it is a bit of a pain. You will have to lift your T shirt up and pull it through the carrier up over your bosoms. Usually your T shirt ends up wrinkled and if you are wearing it tucked-in, errr… good luck. ALSO, If your T shirt is slim-cut, you can’t fit your baby underneath, but have to pull it all the way up and that makes you quite exposed. Basically… forget about T shirts.

2. Front-button
Boob access difficulty: ★★★☆☆

This one makes the most sense and pretty much is the default “nursing coordinate” but it is actually my least favorite. I almost never wear any front-button tops, and the reason is that it takes time for access. When I expose to feed I like to do it quickly and discreetly. To unbutton you need both hands and during urgent times especially when baby is screaming of hunger, it’s gonna frustrate the both of you while you desperately fiddle your shirt buttons in panic. Not to mention the fuss having to button back your shirt after feeding.

3. Cropped top
Boob access difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

It’s funny because cropped tops were hidden in the deepest of my closet when I was pregnant, but now it’s all on VIP front seats lol. Cropped tops are easy especially when you are baby-wearing, since the carrier usually is strapped around your waist. I generally won’t wear any top that goes beyond my waist that get stuck between the carrier.

4. Wide-bottom top
Boob access difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

I love wide-bottom tops because I can just shove the baby in from bottom and feed without using an extra nursing cape. Loose knit tops and light-flowy material blouses work the same.

5. Off shoulder/wide neckline
Boob access difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

This is the easiest!! Usually tops with elastic neckline are the best. Basically just pull top-down to pop your boobies out lol. The only thing is that since it is so exposed, you will need a nursing cape to cover.

6. Pinafore/dungaree dress
Boob access difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Challenging but possible. It looks too complicated for nursing but actually given the right combination it’s totally doable. First you choose looser pinafores that allow plenty of room for movement, then pair with either a wide-neckline top or a cropped top for easy access.

This picture gives quite a clear idea on how it works!

7. One piece/dresses
Boob access difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

How on earth?!

For the longest time I shunned all one piece dresses because there’s simply no way you could lift the whole dress up to feed your baby. The only way to do it is if your dress has a V neckline, or at least a wide/elastic neckline. You dig your boobies out and feed lol. You are probably still scratching your head and wondering how the heck it works and now you are feeling weird because you just scrolled up again and pictured me digging my boobies out from that dress. Awkward. My bad. Anyway it helps if your bust is not too… magnificent. It’s easy for me lolol.

8. Two piece/Layering 1
Boob access difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Breastfeeding outfits should be as simple as possible, why complicate things with wearing more clothes!!! But I like challenges and increase game level difficulty wor HAHAH. And layered dresses now very in-trend ma. Pity to give up altogether…

Just like pinafore, it’s actually pretty easy! The trick is the same, which is to wear a short-ish cropped top inside. When you need to feed you just pull the inner top up and the outer dress downwards. It helps if the dress is stretchable.

And I love to wear this because it creates an “opening” while you are still covered pretty much from all sides!

9. Two piece/Layering 2
Boob access difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Now I have ONE magnificent boob. HAHA.

I just recently found out about this style and I regret not knowing it earlier! Basically you wear a tube dress/maxi dress with wide neckline and then throw a loose cropped top over. The top serves as a nursing cape. Awesome.

10. Romper
Boob access difficulty:★★★★★

Difficult, unless it is a tube romper or has V neckline, even so you are going to super regret it because if you are wearing your baby, you basically can’t go to the toilet.

11. Maxi dress (with narrow neckline)
Boob access difficulty: Impossible

Just… cannot.

I gave up wearing my favorite maxi dresses since I had Sakura. Ironically it was my favorite during pregnancy. Now they are hidden in the deepest of closet.A kind reader suggested getting a tailor to sew an opening on the side with zipper, it’s a great idea but… . I’ll just tahan another half a year or so la.

Others useful pieces
12. Nursing Cape

If you have one you basically can wear anything. Just… depends on how long you want to let your baby scream while you prepare her food. XD

13. Camisole

Camisoles are super useful especially when you are nursing baby underneath your shirt. It gives you an extra layer of protection. You lift your top up and pull down your camisole so in this way you are all unexposed.

But anyway, nobody looks perfect all the time. The moment you make the decision to breastfeed your baby, just be prepared to look forever 衣冠不整 (disheveled)… until your boobies gain new freedom again. That’s the life of a nursing mother.

That’s all for today’s #Pokemom lesson!
I know, I know. All you lactacting ladies are like Mamamilla!! That was awesome!! And the non-lactating ladies (and guys) be like, dafug did I just read?

I bet my boobies have never been stared so many times in one single post. This is weird. But you are welcome.